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Good morning fellow Anons. I hope y’all, listen to yesterday’s (Sunday) X22Report. It’s going to get rough real quick. In this report, Dave lays out the next few months ahead. The big frustrating piece besides pushing us to war as Trump’s case/s near actual court, Hunter may be getting off free of the current gun charges to piss more people off, and winning his suit against the IRS for disclosing his private info, which by current law is his real right. Sooo that outta shake more Sheeple awake. And then more Ruckus around the globe, as the Cabal brings up the pressure and fight!

Big few week ahead per Dave. So breathe deep today, as I think a small extra Cabal typhoon will rock us/Anons here in the Storm! Certainly for more Sheeple Wake-Up calls. So please listen, always stay prepped, tighten the seat belt, and as we Digital Soldiers do, spread the word.

God bless you all Anons. Together, Where We Go One We Go All.