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But let’s be honest, Trump has already secured your vote. The DNC aren’t going to give RFK Jr. the nomination, so you’re voting Trump over whichever Deep State puppet they wheel out for 2024 no matter what. Whether it be Biden or a new batter.

So wouldn’t it make strategic sense for Trump to try to appeal to a broader body of voters? Wouldn’t it make sense to try to appeal to the fence-sitters and Centrists who are soured on the DNC/Biden, but not fully sold on MAGA?

Trump’s base will get their red meat from Trump rallies and Truth Social. Trump will appease to his base in the pro-Trump echo chambers, but while on left-leaning echo chambers like MSM outlet NBC, it makes sense for Trump to tone down the “retribution” talk, and to cater his message for a different audience. He is trying to secure more voters.

So for those of you freaking out over Trump’s answers about Operation Warp Speed, abortions, and the transgender issue, you have to recognize Trump’s position. Trump has already secured enough public support to win 2024, barring whatever voter fraud scheme they have cooked up. All he has to do is not fuck it up, so why would he give the Left any media talking points to smear him for? Trump was dodging bullets and NBC attempts to get a sound bite so they could say he’s “transphobic” “anti-vaxxer” “anti-choice”.

He is just appeasing the MSM demons until we get to Election Day.

As for his bragging about the vaccines… this is the only thing I can’t explain. Trump has always been anti-mandate, but he refuses to openly denounce the vaccines. Which is a problem, and which is why it’s imperative that RFK Jr. join the administration in some capacity so we can put him in charge of Pharma and bioweapon production, because to this point, Trump is either clueless, or is pretending to be clueless, when it comes to the vaccines and Deep State bioweapons production.

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