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If she’s so popular why would there be a need to push her album? Wouldn’t it basically sell itself? Her “popularity” and “influence” are just another illusion pushed to support a DS narrative.

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Starting at the 28th second it seems like he’s telling us Biden is willing to send American troops to Ukraine if he can’t send money. I listened to it several times, the way he stammers and the change in his body language comes across as being careful to not say too much at that point.

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Interesting date, November 15th. And, it’s interesting it is structured as a loan like President Trump suggested.

I’ve had a hunch for a while now that by the early hours of November 6th, Joe Biden will no longer be President.

Hear me out.

If, as many of us believe , President Trump wins in a landslide, it would be the height of irresponsibility to allow the current Regime remain in control. They will do anything and everything to remain in power, or will go into a destructive overdrive.

My hunch (or fantasy?) is seemingly out of the blue around election time SCOTUS releases a ruling on a 2020 election case declaring President Trump was the duly elected President. President Trump is sworn in early November 6th and completes the current term and seamlessly fills the next term.

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Isn’t there a counter theory President Trump actually did Iran a favor by taking out Soleimani? That’s why Iran’s response was so minimal and intentionally missed the base in Iraq. Soleimani had become too powerful and was defying the Ruling Council. I thought I saw that here a while back. I’ll dig a little too see if I can find it.

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Didn’t she forfeit her right to act like she’s conservative with her unwavering support of RINO Kevin McCarthy? Yes, Johnson is disappointing right now, but he hasn’t even approached the RINO level of McCarthy yet. McCarthy would have given these things away long ago.

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Sounds like a desperation move by RFK Jr. to get attention.

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I’m curious. If 100% of this money has to pass through the U.S. Government bureaucracy, then goes through a U.S. Defense Contractor’s manufacturing process, when will it actually reach Ukraine, or Israel, or Taiwan?

I recall a complaint during Impeachment 1.0 was President Trump’s delay on Ukraine aid back in 2019 jeopardized the bureaucracy’s ability to actually spend it before the fiscal year ended. If it did end before it was spent that money would no longer be available.

They also complained how much of a negative impact that delay had on actually delivering the materials and weapons to Ukraine.

I’m wondering if any of the war materiel this buys will be ready to ship prior to the Inauguration?

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My question isn’t whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy. I hope he’s actually a great guy and plays some positive role in the future.

My question is this: Is General Flynn relevant to bringing down the DS? Post 14 tells us POTUS knows where the bodies are buried, so he doesn’t need someone to provide that information. And, POTUS had a very successful track record battling and winning against the DS while General Flynn was sidelined by lawfare.

I totally get why MAGA and we Anons rallied around General Flynn when he was under assault by our corrupt justice system. No one should be subjected to that type of treatment. And, yes, Q talks about Flynn on multiple occasions, but the reality is Flynn best epitomizes that Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. The DS took Flynn out thinking it would hurt President Trump, and it didn’t matter.

Again, I hope General Flynn gets a chance to prove beyond a doubt to everyone that he’s a great person who has our best interest at heart. I’m just not convinced he’s part of a team with less than 10 people with three being non-military.


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Neither X or Truth Social can replace the conversations you can have here. Too often on those platforms a good original post gets hijacked by totally off topic comments.

Personally, when I see President Trump standing up to a level of lawfare that would crush anyone else, I have all the reassurance in the future I need. He keeps pushing forward, as he says in one of his great speeches, and it leaves no doubt in my mind that Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

But, believing that, greatly diminishes my desire to invest time in trying to figure out how it will all come together. We’re mere month’s from the election and a little over a year away from the timeframe given in post 3387. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still curious how it will happen, but spending countless hours trying to speculate makes no sense at this point.

Believing NCSWIC has also diminished my desire to spend time on other conspiracy theories. If anything, I’m more interested in thinking about how the future looks as we see Agenda 47 in action and hoping I can play some small role in building that future. Maybe, as a mentor and coach helping bring manufacturing jobs back home? Who knows?

I’ll end with including post 3387 and a POTUS video that inspires me.



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No one upset about men being allowed in a Planet Fitness locker room is calling in bomb threats, that’s a leftist tactic. The conservatives have shown there is nothing more effective than their boycotting power.

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Every Democrat also voted against this procedural vote, a common practice in the House where the minority party votes against the procedural votes of the majority.

Democratic leadership and the White House have vocally supported FISA reauthorization and a majority of Democrats would likely ultimately vote to extend FISA when the legislation is brought up for an official vote.

https://abcnews.go.com/amp/Politics/house-fails-pass-procedural-vote-foreign-surveillance-reauthorization/story https://abcnews.go.com/amp/Politics/house-fails-pass-procedural-vote-foreign-surveillance-reauthorization/story?id=109098281

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Maybe the Dems are thinking about life under the 47th President of the United States and they don’t want him to have FISA authority?

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Why isn’t it standard, and mandatory, operating procedure, that ships must be guided by tugboats when passing under bridges? Some corporate shill will complain about costs, but it’s a damn site cheaper than destroying a bridge and killing innocent people who were using the bridge.

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Her hypocrisy is astounding! She went to the mat to keep Kevin McCarthy in the Speaker’s chair. McCarthy would have given the Dems everything they wanted months ago. I’m not saying Johnson is any better than McCarthy, but he isn’t worse.

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You make a lot of valid points.

The core problem facing Americans is we have been governed by people who don’t have our best interest at heart. All of their manufactured and intentionally unresolved issues have a cascade effect on society. Many of them create the reasons (or excuses) for seeking abortion.

Lack of economic opportunity, poor public education system, endless wars, welfare policies that undermine the nuclear family, intentional illegal immigration, the list goes on.

If these problems are resolved the reasons (or excuses) for abortion are greatly reduced and quite possibly, over time, abortion becomes nearly nonexistent.

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When I look at those “ghost buses” Congressman Clay Higgins exposed were transporting undercover feds on J6, I’m thinking it was way more than 20 present.

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“Conservatives” are trying to use strict abortion proposals to keep the Uniparty alive and the “Elites” gravy train rolling. They know actually resolving the issue will put a huge dent in their fundraising. Sadly, abortion is just a tool for the “Elites” from both parties, and like so many issues, they have no desire to solve it.

Just look at the RINO proposing the Federal Government takeover of what is a states rights issue, none other than Lindsey Graham. That should tell us all we need to know. Graham does not care about abortion, he cares about keeping the Uniparty in power.

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There are organizations on both sides of the abortion issue that desperately need to keep it an issue. Like so many critical issues affecting the lives of Americans, there is no desire by our Elites on either side to see them resolved.

These “conservatives” criticizing the guy who led the way to overturning Roe v. Wade, are more worried about fundraising off the issue than they are about seeing it resolved once and for all.

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The female pilot going through an emotional meltdown happened seven years ago, but you would never know it from reading the story. Her story, is more about United allowing someone experiencing emotional distress pilot a plane, than it is about DEI.

There is no doubt DEI leads to bad decisions and bad outcomes, but this article does a poor job making the case. Using a seven year old incident and not divulging that fact detracts from the article’s message and damages the author’s credibility.


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Total agreement, if she had her way McCarthy would still be Speaker and would have given all these things away months ago.

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Too bad the normies will likely fail to see the total hypocrisy here. The group who wants to abolish the Electoral College is complaining about Nebraska following a constitutional process to change the rules on how their electoral votes are awarded. And, it’s the same group who defended unconstitutional changes to election rules in 2020 under the ruse of a health emergency.

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