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I don't think he got New York either but I think he got California

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When Trump wins they will activate all their terror cells that have been pouring over the border, every city is going to be a fiery but mostly peaceful terror scene.

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Cool man, this is the video I was referencing about the seven seals this is a good one. https://www.youtube.com/live/k_UDht_KOEc?si=HDGbcOZl5c3X8MN4

I haven't checked out the one you linked yet I'll probably watch that today, thanks.

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But he is exposing their lies and evil, and to people outside our echo chamber. Grow up and stop with the progressive purity tests.

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They'll all be activated after Trump wins in 2024. This dude Archaix on YouTube thinks it's the second seal of Revelation. Covid was the first.

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Yes exactly, I guess I went off topic a bit. You don't have to be partisan to see this war is bullshit, I opposed George Bush's Iraq scam too. NATO can suck a dick Mr. Nonbinarythinker

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Our government and culture has been hijacked, we are rooting against the hijackers.

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He has a huge platform where he opposes the deep state, he's called out election fraud and the shots. You want to just let him get eaten because he's been a naughty boy?

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Sorry I should have said white liberal women as someone else here corrected me. I don't go around using that word on actual handicapped people and no I won't give it up you can pry it from my cold retarded hands.


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Bullshit, they would love to say that American militia attacked the military. They would be tripping over each other to report it.

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Ah ok, on the side of morality yes I have to agree with you.

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Adultery is not illegal. It could make her a target for blackmail possibly.

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