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... only the blood of Jesus

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The left will desperately keep trying to do something, but everything just falls flat on its face and makes them look worse...

I really enjoy watching it play out.

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He would not only be betraying Trump, which I cannot see in any way, shape, or form, but he would be alienating himself from everything he has ever built...

The bud light thing was a good opportunity if you look at it from the larger perspective... he did budweiser a huge favor and probably earned himself enormous favors in return..

Bud light was similar to distressed real estate in a hot area... think San Francisco

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This is about the survival of the free world and the warfare it comes with... Probably the highest service honor imaginable right now, second to serving Jesus.

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Agreed... but this isn't about who's qualified and who's not... this about MAGA and the power of its punch.

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At this point, does anyone even give a shit about possible skeletons? Nobody even believes any of the deep state media anymore.... besides the dems... which a lot of them are coming around :)

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Money is money... it would have stupid not to... shows he can be diplomatic and also jump on a financial opportunity, albeit an unpopular one.

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Tucker for Press Secretary imo... he can still do his business while serving the WH.

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... or "We're going to need a bigger false flag".

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We are all spiritual beings, and obviously have a spirit...

The question is are you going to follow yourself and/ or the great deceiver on your merry way to eternal separation from Jesus Christ?


Are do you believe in the only name under heaven in which salvation is found, that name being Jesus Christ, the One who created you and died for you so that by faith alone in Him you are made into right standing with God?

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Where to order best Peru flags??? kek....

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They did a good job by making the butterflies out to be the tips of the demon horns

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The short sellers will have to buy as they would keep getting margin called

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