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Seriously! What other reason could there be for anyone to vote against this? Zero.

I remember the standard of calling all Trump supporters racist, misogynist, or whatever the popular catch phrase the TV told them to say that day. I never forgot and I won't forgive. I pity th' fools! Every Dem I see I'm calling them a pedo in public and loudly and have receipts to back it all up, right here.

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I'm in the middle of the country and was hitting both coasts yesterday morning just fine, SSB only. Interesting FT8 was struggling, that's the one mode that can punch through when SSB doesn't. Thanks for that info! I really need to do more digital modes. My new FTDX-10 does it all and I'm just slackin' on that front.

I posted my comment before I realized it was centered over the Pacific so I was not 100% accurate, but did make 2 contacts in Argentenia, then Chile (5 1-3ish SR, even) in the early morning, that's always fun. 73!

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Yeah, my bullshit detector is going off bigtime.

I've been making solid Ham radio contacts on 20 and 40 meter bands early this morning (before sunrise) and just now. At least for me, both bands are wide open at this exact time.

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Can't omit that Big Booty from the conversation!

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What makes a good movie?

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Wait, wut? So fat shaming is now acceptable, as long as it's aimed at President Trump? OhhhhhhKay.

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Would love to see what the MSM spin doctors produce if this POS "Judge" gets the Kavanaugh treatment of hundreds protesting outside of his house.

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C'mon man, the USPS OIG investigated this. They would never lie to us ๐Ÿคจ

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"But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!"

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I usually don't relish in someone else's misery, yet here I am. Sorry, not sorry, but you made that bed, ya' filthy nappy hag!

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