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The police in my city tweeted about the convoy and how they were going to monitor it to "keep the people safe". EVERY comment under their tweet was in support of the convoy and telling the Police to leave them alone and to worry about real crime. lol.

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I love how the comment section on the video is open and it says there are 2 comments but it does not show the comments. lol

It's scared.

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What does "Jesus was crucified for our sins" mean?

I thought Jesus died on the cross as a demonstration of unconditional love. Meaning, he could have performed a miracle but didn't because he forgave them because they did not realize what they were doing. "Forgive them for they know not what they do."

I want to understand but I have trouble with the wording in the Bible. I need to hear it in plain English I guess.

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They probably need to go elbow deep to get an accurate reading. lol.

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Nothing I say or do will help. These people are brainwashed. I tried to tell my ex what was going on and she called me crazy and used it to take away visitation to my kids. She lied to the courts and got a court order. Now both my children are vaccinated and I have not seen them in almost two years. I live in Canada, the whole system is corrupt. All I can do is watch. :(

This article isn't about me but it shows what we are dealing with.


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FEAR is our only enemy. Fearful thoughts lead to paranoia and paranoia leads to poor decision-making. Use your instincts. Anything that does not resonate with you, ignore. Force yourself to find the positive in every situation. Soon it will become a habit and nothing will bother you. Meditate regularly and be aware of what thoughts you are having throughout the day. Fear will drag you down a dark path and on to a scary timeline if you let it.

I When I woke up I was in a scary place and this is how I pulled myself through. Think of your emotions as a frequency and do whatever it takes to tune in to the unconditional love frequency. Be silly, laugh, listen to your favorite music. I used to hug a pillow and pretend it was someone I loved just to get that feeling. Slowly my life changed and synchronicities started happening. My life has never been the same.

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My cousin got her 5-year old daughter vaccinated 2 days ago and she tested positive for Covid today. My cousin is a nurse.


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It is happening right now. The world is waking up. Good things happen every day. Don't let the bad stuff suck you in.

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You still have lots of work to do. :)

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Like how the polls showed Clinton had a 90% chance of beating Trump in 2016?

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