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Ashli Babbitt - Unless someone comes clean about orchestrating a false flag event, everyone involved is going to be issued real murder charges.

... Makes you wonder who's REALLY being held in those prison cells. Especially since no one was charged with insurrection...

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Shhh, that's the truth that we all know.

But now, those involved have to choose between coming clean about coordinating a false flag event, or face real charges for a fake murder to keep the charade going...

Hilarious. 🍿🍿🍿

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Just wait till the class action lawsuits start...

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You say "fuck it" and show them anyway.

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I saw an article today about how the Pilots' Union President is blaming the disruption on computer networks and totally not on the vaccine mandate you guys.

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As Dave would say: Isn't it interesting how this is all happening at the same time? Let's talk about your health.

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And to think... I never would've stumbled upon the Q movement if the fake news had just kept their fucking mouths shut.

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Nothing Can Stop What Is Dan

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Such as the President not being eligible to be criminally charged while in office. Also such as the President being able to pardon anyone including himself.

...and this would almost sound reasonable until you remember who's pushing for this. This would all but guarantee President Pelosi.

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  • Laugh as the MSM have to defend everything he says and does.
by BeKind
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Even Trump agrees, it's working.

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Okay, I hear you but... Then what was Fauci funding in Wuhan? Why would there be gain of function research into something that doesn't exist?

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Wrap your head around this: The vaccine works, but you don't need it.

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