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As long as you're not planning on collecting ad revenue in EU or commonwealth countries, then you can ignore their abusive ""hate speech"" laws.

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Sorry, but does this person claim to actually speak for God himself?



And doing a search for Easter on her website returns nothing (except text matches on "eastern")...


She's not in the slightest bit interested in Jesus or being a Christian.

This person is mad as a cut snake.

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Pure swamp.

In 2007, Podesta founded Heather Podesta + Partners,[4] which, as of 2012, was the nation's largest woman-owned government relations firm.[5] The firm's lobbying clients include companies in energy, finance, healthcare, retail, real estate, education, transportation, and weapons.[6]

In 2010, the National Law Journal ranked Podesta as one of "Washington's Most Influential Women Lawyers".[7] In 2012, National Journal ranked Podesta as one of "Washington's Most Influential Women"[8] and GQ named her one of the "50 Most Powerful People in Washington".[9] The Hill has repeatedly named her one of its "Top Lobbyists"


They are divorced though.

She married Tony Podesta in 2003; they divorced in 2014.

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Nobody gave a fuck what Hitler did until he arrested a rothschild.

After the Anschluß of Austria to Nazi Germany in March 1938, he was arrested at the airport at Aspern[5] and held by the Nazis.[6] He was released only after lengthy negotiations between the family and the Nazis and upon payment of $21,000,000, believed to have been the largest bail bond in history for any individual.


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In the decades before the 1917 Balfour Declaration, immigrant Jews established bridgehead in Palestine.

This here. Pre WWI where israel as we know it begins.

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Mindgeek knows exactly what they're doing by pushing utter degeneracy onto young people.

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Does he realize that every single time he exhales he's literally emitting C02 into the atmosphere??

There's literally only one answer and he needs to lead by example.

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"The coin was first introduced in Byzantium around 960 A.D. It was minted in what was then called the Eastern Roman Empire, probably in the empire's capital of Constantinople, now known as Istanbul,"

Remove kebab. Deus Vult!

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The suit alleges Disney paid women less than their male counterparts across a wide swath of thee company as far back as 2015. Plaintiffs include workers in Disney parks, hotels, cruises, as well as the movies and TV divisions — including Marvel and Lucasfilm.

how do you have a class action when each of the participants could have wildly disparate causes for the disparity?

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So the world continued to trundle on when it was "White privelege", "BLM" and CIS patriarchy", but as soon as someone says something about the synagogue of satan we're all supposed to clutch our pearls?

Laugh at their ill ease.

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Why should it matter? We were very reliably told that it was only a matter of weeks before glorious Ukraine closed it's inevitable victory over our global enemy Russia.

We should be at the stage of thankyou's and parades.

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No no no, see you missed the part about 4chan being down for an hour or two. Literally nobody was able to find out.

Step one of their evil plan is complete, now we're forced to live in fear for just two more weeks.

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Fucks sakes, the cowards removed it.

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The same people who whine that we're being mean to the homeless are the same people who wont let level headed people actually solve the homeless problem.

Homeless & Public intoxication? Illegal and mandatory dryout clinic.

Homeless & public drug affected? Illegal and mandatory dryout clinic.

Homeless & mentally ill? Mandatory mental health care in an asylum.

After that you're left with the actual homeless who can be helped with jobs and accommodation.

Nobody should have the right to be homeless and a problem to other citizens.

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