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Yeah let me know if you get an answer.

Sometimes people get a bit too liberal with titles.

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I may not agree with everything he says or wants to do but this is a very good thing.

The antifa-pedo Venn diagram has a bigger center than Venn diagrams are supposed to have.

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Thank you.

These are serious words.

Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving.

This is a song I feel like I should share with everyone. The lyrics could be interpreted many ways and Im really interested in the connections people make.

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I get your sentiment and agree, most aren’t stupid just brainwashed. Some weren’t for whatever reason.

The difference is while cola and alcohol and fried food is bad, no one was claiming it was good or would save lives. That’s the big difference.

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It’s always half truths (AKA LIES) with you people.

He claimed today would be the greatest day in american history.

Go back and read what he said.

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Already see all the “we have to move on from Trump” shills posting.

They’re really really wasting their time.


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No one has ever referenced Trump as the “savior” except the media and lefties when they mock us for supporting him.

This post is sus. You wanna just sit there and not do anything? Ok. About 100 million people are gonna vote for Trump in 2024.


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Well he literally is making a statement in just a few hours.

Like the top comment says, he has to know what he’s doing.

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I don’t know I’m not part of the “blame all the Jews” crowd.

It’s a lot more nuanced than that.

If people wanna be myopic it’s their problem.

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Biden isn’t Jewish though.

So not EVERY time.

A lot of the time.

Don’t get myopic though.

Keep thinking big picture.

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I didn’t even mean to use the word clown. Honk honk indeed.

Growing up I had a lot of disdain for clowns, not fear, just disdain. Now it all makes sense.

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I don’t care if people call me crazy.

Jesus is real. God is real.

Edit: I’m not even religious I just started reading the Bible. Just some context for people still on the fence.

Edit 2: Remember that feeling when you realized your old political beliefs were based on lies and deception?

This is like that, but instead of politics, it’s your soul.

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Exactly. Not only is that extremely hypocritical as they deny EVERY election they don’t win on a national level BUT people aren’t denying all elections or even a few. Just 2020.

Noticed while typing they did the same with “anti vaxxers”. Most aren’t anti proven, working vaccines. Most of us have gotten shots in the past. But being against this one (shitty) “vaccine” makes you an anti vaxxer which also means you “deny science”.

What a fucking clown maze these evil assholes have set up.

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May sound weird but even seeing that made me feel gross.

This evil mf has so many names. Damn.

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More of an asterisk than a star.

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