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I used to pride myself in generally being on top of the narrative, and having a general idea of where things are headed to not be black pilled, despite the constant drumming of “just two more weeks” and so on.

Now, not from a lack of trying or not paying as much attention, I’ve completely lost the plot on what the fuck is going on. Where we’re headed, what’s next, what’s the plan, and how much worse can it/does it have to get?

I’ve had my ear to the ground, in tune with all this since 2015, back when The_Donald was under 10,000 subs on Reddit. I’m not only burnt out, I’m driving on bald tires at this point

Does anyone have a good summary of the plot I’ve lost track of with Trump, Q, and the rest of the Patriots and White Hats, that is realistic, isn’t doomfagging, and can’t be boiled down to simply “God wins”?