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For those keeping track:

  • Registered to vote as a male (assuming this is real).

  • Barack accidentally called her "Michael" twice (and that's just the number of times he's been on video doing this...honestly, has anyone here ever called their spouse the wrong name, of the opposite gender???).

  • Penis flopping around on the Ellen show.

  • Penis flopping around in a video of her exiting a building.

  • Penis clearly visible in multiple pictures.

  • Joan Rivers.

  • No titties.

  • Long, muscular arms.

  • Looks just like a guy named Michael Robinson, who Barack was photographed with back in the day. Same weird thing on the elbow, even.

  • No pregnant pictures.

  • Their daughters look way more like another couples' (I forget who they are, but yall prolly know who I mean).

I mean I know yall dont need convincing, I just wanted to see all the info stacked up.

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My best friend is half black, half white and a Nazi sympathizer. We watch hella WWII documentaries and root for the Germans/Hitler.

Point being that I think/hope that people are starting to not think of the Third Reich as the ultimate racists anymore.

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The FBI can be dissolved by the president.

President Trump didn't dissolve the FBI.

The FBI released that memo about pedophile symbols even though pedophilia is rampant in the Deep State.

...the FBI is mostly good guys?

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Yeah I cringe every time he says Russia wouldnt be in Ukraine if he were president. Russia is pretty much doing God's work lately and Putin continues to say all the right things.

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"This is the day when our government continued to go against us."

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Wow haha...who am I "shilling" for, sunshine?

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"You can rape and murder all the children you want, but stay the fuck out of my president's house!"

(Jp, I know what WANF means)

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Also cuz dooming is greatly discouraged/punished (just calling it like it is...I also agree that it's mostly what you said).

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In his last video he said he made a mistake and that bad things were coming his way. He wouldnt give any further details about why but he said he let Q and his country down.

Someone asked if he hurt a child or something like that and he said no.

He also said he was not suicidal. And died like the next day.

Edit: Just my speculation, but I think it was something about trying to extort money from someone that he had info on, or something similar to that.

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Very happy for you, fren =) Good vibes and strength to you! I've been off of meth and black tar heroin for almost 2 months, I know the struggle.

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Same here. I didnt even know about bitchute or rumble at the time but thankfully a lot of YouTube political news channels stepped up to the plate and I am forever grateful (sound of hope news, David Zhang, Simone Gao, Scott Goulet (sp?), NTD, etc.).

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I stand with Team Trump-Putin-Un-Xi-Modi-Assad.

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