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Don't vote for a party, vote only for good candidates.

Do NOT vote for RINOS, in fact all repubs should be considered RINOs until 'you' know otherwise.

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There probably are not any targets which would warrant a sortie by all their subs armed with all their best toys, Ukraine doesn't have anything. NATO can't have anything deployed....

I doubt it, unless Vlad is trolling, told his Admiral 'Boris go drive all your stuff around, let's watch NATO shiite the bed'.

On the other hand Russia has to honor the threat NATO insists on trying to represent. They have to maintain a certain minimum stance regarding defense of that region, some deployments and sorties are going to happen as usual business.

Our double damned corrupt government is pushing hard for war, Pray for Humanity.

More on these deployments, they are not threatening to anyone who is not engaged in war against Russia over yonder right now, seems like.


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Sure, I was wrong, Trump did apologize.

Your Wife wouldn't accept that as an apology, and Trump did not offer it up it was dragged out, and it wasn't directed to the proper person, Melania.

But fine, I was wrong. NOW what are you gonna be basely contentious about? Trump is still wrong on Oz you know, even if I concede your niggardly point about 'that' being an actual apology...

Attempting weak azz juvenile insults towards me all you got?

I said 'cheating' in regards to another time Trump was wrong, when he messed with Stormy, but I forgive him.

Attempt weak-azz juvenile insult in lieu of offering ideas, it's ok, you gotta do you.


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No he didn't, he played politics, a sincere admission of guilt that was not. Same with Stormy, he paid the fees tho.

The comment was that bad, hard to trust a man who cheats on his marriage, his Family. His apology was to the media, not to Melania or We the People, it was a political mechanism there, not an admission of guilt.

Heck you're trying to say it wasn't deserving of an admission of error now.

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Don't change my words please, read me again and perhaps with less angst, base contentiousness.

'Q' group had a Plan ready to execute in case hillary won, the Plan was readied long before Trump became a viable candidate.

Trump didn't know squat until a certain point in time.

Raise your sights.


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No not at all, it is not 'all for Trump or Bust', absolutely not.

The Plan was made before Trump was a candidate. A back-up Plan was brought forward after Trump became a viable candidate, the Plan was not ever dependent on Trump.

Just as God does not manage every second of Time for those who He uses so too the Plan does not account for every second of Trump's time or his every deed. Trump can and does make a lot of mistakes, like the grab 'em comment for instance.

This is a Spiritual Awakening, not a Trump rally, Trump was the figurehead 'then', he may not be so going forward. Or he may well be, we shall see. If he continues to let his super-Ego motivate him tho he will lose a lot of us, we think for ourselves, we do not follow blindly.

Oz is not 'us', Trump endorsing him is wrong for 'us' and America, Trump made a mistake.

Trump has never said 'I am/was wrong', has he...he should learn to do so.

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Horsefeathers, you are saying that because Trump makes mistakes nothing else is real, because Trump DOES make mistakes.

So, since Trump is wrong on some things then there is no 'Q', no Plan, no expectancy of digging out of this hole... Horsefeathers, with or without Trump.

Did you miss the parts where 'Q' suggests we think for ourselves?

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The antagonist should quote the Cheesemaker saga next time.

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Yeah he messed that up, 4 boxes, soap, ballot, jury and ammo. We are standing before box 4.

The soap box - represented by media, a Free Press - doesn't exist today, it is unusable by many of us because censorships, it long ago quit being that government watchdog it was supposed to be.

The ballot box is also unusable due to government supported corruptions in the programming and other Frauds.

The Jury box is likewise tainted and corrupted, activist judges and DAs prevent Justice from happening, indeed they prevent courts from even operating, they even empty jails and prisons.

So here we stand, looking at our ammo boxes and thinking, 'Damn, I HATE this but if I must then so be it'.


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Yeah except she already has done so, for instance she released some of her Military records to disprove the lies from OZ supporters, asking if Oz would now release his records from his Service in Turkey.

Unlike Oz she has never voted in foreign elections or supported Hate crimes and treason such as smollett represents and Oz embraced the guy/girl. She has never supported obama and Oz embraced both those guys.

If 'you' look into it all there is no contest - Kathy is by far the more Honest candidate.

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Trump also endorsed Pence, Trump also endorses fake vaccines which are known to be poisons. Trump also used to endorse abortions , he endorses divorce. Trump is not perfect, he has many many flaws and his super-yuge-ego is a big one.

He is wrong on Oz, he was wrong when he lied to us about not signing CRs which didn't include Wall money, he was wrong about Bump stocks, he is wrong a lot actually - he is Human, he makes mistakes.

Trump invited the Jan 6th political prisoners to go march knowing it was a Trap, and has left them sitting there rotting, lives destroyed because they believed him.

Oz is not one of us, and I wonder if Trump really understands, sometimes.

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'Sent to (him) by a member of the Dragon family'... yeah the Nazis use Dragon a lot in their names while bashing Jews, dragon this and dragon that, all of them are nazis, all of them terrorists.

He broadcasts the fact he is Lampooning, and yet...

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Using Brave browser, Protonmail VPN, windows, no problems.

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Brave just never worked for me, I use their browser but their engine just didn't work. It simply would not pull up things I knew were 'right there' to be pulled.

Using windows, brave browser , Protonmail VPN and Qwant engine, everything hums along now.

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Qwant pulls it up, DDG pulls it up, what browser/search engines you using?

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Karo and water... sugar and water, lots of things work, if 'your' Baby won't drink 'this' then try 'that'.

That's where we got the term 'sugar-teat' from, it was a false poke, a sugar water mix inside a small skin like a wineskin, so kids could eat without Mama.

Yeah there are plenty of options, if you have a trusted doctor - and most people do not - try them, otherwise there are many simple and honest recipes.

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Correct in a sense, some of them do that, absolutely. 'You' are the product, always, so do what you can to help yourself out a little.

Or don't, your call.


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Yeah, everything is hackable, if you have 'Vault 7' Tools or other such rare abilities yeah, sure.

EVERYTHING can be hacked by those who know how and have the proper Tools and resources, sure.

But for most users it provides a large degree of separation between low level threats and their device. It won't stop the CIA or DS Enemy, it won't stop bill gates or serious foreign actors, but it stops the redditors and trans-kid amateurs.

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I think the 'Plan' was in place prior to Trump, Trump being nominated actually caused the Team to switch to Plan B, Trump, rather than Plan A which was predicated on hillary getting the throne.

Trump allowed them to switch to the preferred but thought impossible plan, Plan A was a different and more forceful rascal I think.

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It won't protect you from people who know what they're doing, no. It 'will' protect you from 95% of the yahoos out there who are amateur hackers tho.

Right now my machine lists me as 2000 miles away from my actual location. Bots and marketing trackers don't see me....

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