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It doesn't have to be over-thought, the Enemy wants us deaddeaddead, billions and billions of us are planned for extinction.

The Enemy has no need, therefor, to counter a move which results in death to humans, destruction of Society and infrastructure. Any such move by white hats is merely them doing the Enemy's job for them.

White hat moves have to be based on the prospect of positive results, don't you think? If white hats hit trains why would the Enemy want to stop them?

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'Realist' Patriot has entered the Chat...

Yeah I pray you are not correct but we sure have to keep that in mind these days.

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Ohio was preventable, hot box sensors on the tracks alerted the crew dozens of miles earlier that they had wheels/axels on fire. They ignored the first set of alarms .and kept going for miles after they were informed of the danger. When the second set of alarms warned them at the next sensor they decided to hit the brakes, but their wheels had melted some by then and they derailed.

In Texas it was also preventable, a truck got hit at the crossing, the trucker apparently died for his mistake. No tank cars are involved in the Texas wreck, apparently, it is not a hazardous event just tragic.

Don't know what happened in S.C. but Sweety Petey Bootygiger said we'd have problems didn't he?

This War is real and some acts are definitely conducted which are the War. Others are mere accidents, Darwin is still out there too.

And yeah Patriots will be doing things which cause pain and suffering, even death. Not saying that's the case here, but we do know many people will not survive.

It's always been that way. When Washington fled NYC one step ahead of the Brits he wanted to burn it down on the way out, Congress told him no. So he did not burn it, he gave no orders for it to be destroyed. After he fled tho a fire did erupt, many fires it seemed did erupt, a lot of the city was burned down. The Brits blamed us, but no evidence ever condemned Patriots, even tho the Brits hanged many people they accused. A Brit enquiry a few years later failed to indict us in any way, yet the fact remains Patriots probably did know Washington wanted to burn it in order to prevent the Brits from using the city.

Patriots will be doing things, sure. And not everyone will survive, also sure.

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It appears to be a simple collision, truck driver is dead apparently. No tank cars appear to be involved, it does not appear to be a hazardous event.

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Why do you want to keep supporting the Enemy?

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Millions of data sheets exist, people at plants and job sites have them, every company is required by law to have them on site and available at every location which may use them or handle them.

I used to access them daily, and as a safety technician I helped maintain libraries of such things.

Short answer is no, it is impossible for any such agency to magically undo all those millions of documents, all the websites and sheets in people's trucks and toolboxes...

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A contamination of that magnitude is not going to be easy to deal with, there are many effects associated with exposure to the chemicals. Some are immediate and some are long term risks, dead animals and plants are not the end of it.

Groundwater is/will be contaminated, the ground itself will be contaminated. I would not trust any drinking water from wells in the area for instance.

Depending on their precise proximity yeah I'd consider moving, muy pronto. Sue the train company and all associated folks, sure, including Bootygiger and the government but if 'I' lived nearby I'd move.

There will be problems there for a long time, it might become what used to be known as a 'superfund' site, where pollution is such that it cannot be mitigated, it is near impossible to clean it all up in a short time period.

People who live there will see birth defects and all the other health problems for years.


Anyone staying close in to that must be careful where their drinking water comes from, don't eat anything grown in the dirt there, stay upwind, don't buy property on ground lower than the crash area..... I'd move, one way or the other, sue everyone later but move now. There have been many superfund sites around America over the decades and birth defects are known from such things, other maladies and curses - move.


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We made that last firework a little strong, sorry guise.

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That was just the loser-bracket riot, they do a much better riot for the winner's bracket.

by panamax
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Refuse sex with your boyfriend until he gibs you your free stuffs, that might work.

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'Did I miss something?'

Seagoatz you're wondering about landmines off the California coast, yeah you obviously missed something.

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Worst I have heard is a little queasiness in the gut, passed quickly. I take the tabs tho, got my hand slapped for eating paste too many times I guess.

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I haven't been to a doctor, except eye doctor and a dentist, in over 10 years.

Our double damned corrupt government has thoroughly fouled our health care system tho.

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She's a USAF Vet, from before woke-tardness ruined the Service.

God Bless her.

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Better late than never Elon, you have a lot which you need to disavow and repent, but that's a start.

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You might not go to jail but you'll likely be penalized, good luck.

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Y'all are guinea pigs who volunteer to be the Beta testers for that, it is being perfected BY you and learning from you so it can beat you.

Y'all should stop.

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Whoa fella or fellette, it's ok with me if 'you' wanna cop out but never presume to tell me what I do or don't see or understand. I didn't say I knew better than him, I said he owes us answers to many many things.

Pay attention, don't try to move goal posts on me, you invented me claiming I knew better even as I was admitting 'I' didn't know.

That's why WE demand answers, because we don't know.

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Home school, get your kids out of public schools.

As a parent I'd have them vaxxed for those however.

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Trump should be talking to us, to We the People about a lot of things he would do to help us out, to help save America.

Not flinging poo at DeSantis. Instead he should tell us how he intends to fix the fraudulent elections, without which he cannot win. He needs to tell us how he will obtain Justice for the Jan 6th political prisoners. He needs to demonstrate how he will arrest the traitors, end the various tyrannies, build the Wall, walk away from the nazis in Ukraine, so much he must address.

Initiating slap-fights agasinst DeSantis instead of doing these things is juvenile, boorish, ego-driven insanity. Trump loses support with these reddit-level childish dramatic episodes.

IF Trump is serious about running and winning he has a lot to do that he isn't doing even as he seeks publicity with this kinda crap.

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