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Agreed. She is the only one I still watch because I have for years and I like what she says. I have noticed recently that Stuart Varney (he is on after Maria and sometimes I don’t turn off the TV right away after breakfast when I catch up on financial news) is also talking more redpill info. Started out with minor comments here and there but it’s increasing. I guess they think Maria is less of a threat than Lou was. I miss Lou!

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Why are they asking for “actors” with no prior research experience to participate in a consumer research project? It’s funny though that they require a valid ID!

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And here is the actual emergency use application for the vaccine. Paragraph 2.2 says “ No vaccine or other medical product is FDA approved for prevention of COVID-19” but it also goes on to clarify that there are “treatments” but nothing else approved to “prevent” C19. So if this emergency application says the vaccine is to be used to “prevent” the illness then explain to me again why masks are still being pushed?


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I live in a state that does not have a required mask mandate. However, there are still a few stores that have their signs up saying you must wear a mask to enter, but I never do.

Yesterday while walking down an aisle I saw dad with three young children. The youngest was probably around three and they were all wearing masks and it made me so sad to think how messed up those kids were going to be.

Normally I’m the only person in one of those stores without a mask, but I was greatly encouraged yesterday when I saw 3 others that were not wearing one. I can only imagine what they were thinking as we looked at each other and smiled.

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You don’t have to watch the whole video to do the downvote. Just click the video, downvote and move to the next video, rinse and repeat. It’s part of my morning ritual while drinking my daily caffeine and makes me feel like I have accomplished something first thing every morning.

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One of my concerns from the beginning about an empty warehouse was the sinister ability to cut into a feed and loop it so we see nothing when something happens (yes I watched too many crime shows growing up). Is the man just sitting there or does he move around making it harder to loop a feed with everyone watching? Yes it’s sad he is wearing a mask but I agree it stops facial recognition and the harassment of his family to be used as “leverage”.

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Ditto. My morn starts with going to the Whitehouse YT channel and downvoting all the prior days videos then search for B and do the same thing on all the news site videos that come up. Gives me a sense of accomplishment first thing every morning.

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Because nothing is real anymore. When you can make people see that a simple Q&A is being faked it makes people ask what else is being faked. NOTHING is real anymore and the lack of effort to even provide an error free fake shows they believe we are all stupid and blind. The more people wake up the faster we will be on the other side.

This morning I found and saved the full video on C-Span to show my boyfriend tonight. He had no clue what I was talking about so I watched the video again and now they have covered up the blunder with a banner.


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I think the headline is being misinterpreted by most who are seeing this thread. If you read the articles they say the Indian government is pressing social media to remove posts of those protesting government policy. This is NOT a good thing.

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Been a believer and just a lurker for a while trying to learn (only understanding about 80% of what’s posted here) but never engaged until now. Watched AF1 depart on flight tracker and then it disappeared a few mins ago over the east coast. No longer transponding. Anyone else see that?