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This post is bullshit. He was never on that plane. Trump only flies in his own, another reason AF1 was completely rebuilt. They met at Mar A Lago and he was asked not to return.

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Yeah, because it's a guy with a mental disorder.

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The caduceus on it's lap is supposed to represent a Johnson. Makes you wonder further on modern medicine.

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So that nurse doesn't wear gloves? This is propaganda.

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Thats going to go nowhere. Devolution is in process and SCOTUS is the lynchpin.

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(moonman with a gun) "It never did..."

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Bingo. She really loves the camera as well. She has been sowing division all year. Everyone on here was looking for hope and they molded a few characters for us. It's a movie.

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No one knew who the fuck she was until the steal was done. I'm not buying the pissed off soccer mom act. It's suspect as hell that she appears on fox all the time during manufactured crises and has a hard on for trying to bury Lin Wood recently. I have had huge red flags in my eyes for her for the entire year. All she does is yell "based" shit on the podium and in front of cameras. No results or receipts. Her job is division, and this proves it.

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Yeah, my portfolio like to yin and yang as well.

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I would suggest holding a share or two of GME as well. This month is gonna finish nutty.

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And how long has MTG been "on the scene"? I've been seeing so many comments posting her tweet about him. I was around for the Richard Jewell thing, and they tried the same shit back then. This is a manufactured rift.

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because he recorded it and the limp-wristed pinko tried to "gotcha" the worlds best defamation lawyer. it was hilarious. I don't think the "journalist" knew who Lin Wood was, other than media spin. he handed his ass to him on a politeness platter, then told him he was going to post it, and the moron KEPT asking really gaslighting questions.

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That's called being a man of God. I talk the same way. Didn't used to, but then I saw way too much evil revolving around adrenochrome and kidfucking. Not sure how long you've been around. Time to get right.

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I trust Lin Wood way more that MTG, someone who you didnt even know existed before 2020. You're flat out lying.

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Because he has the receipts for everything. I have watched that guy get dragged by media for YEARS. All the way back to Richard Jewell in 94. He is always transparent and every single fucking time he is proven right.

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You can stop fucking spamming the same response. Lin Wood was never a criminal defense attorney for Kyle and even if he was, that's a judicial decision not one of an attorney. I smell shill. Go wipe your ass.

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