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I'm old enough to get this joke. That was a top-tier cable news fail.

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I'm aware. Yes I did, doesn't matter. Go fuck yourself.

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Why are you here shilling every comment for whoever the fuck "Chip Roy" is?

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Trump for 4, Kari Lake tapped as successor.

I dont base this on "conservative celebrity", rather on the way she speaks. It's very direct with a hint of salt and isnt afraid to say "it" same as him. She is being coached and what she says is concise and deliberate and I can see that all the way here in Michigan. Especially with how Arizona is playing out, it seems teed up or scripted.

She will be the next populous leader.

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Ivermectin isn't as bioavailable transdermally to humans as livestock. It wont hurt you, but ingestion is the best method for absorption. -a pharmacist

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You could say the same for Depakote. As a pharmacist and former patient, that drug is insane. The weight gain and disassociation was incredible.

I am no longer practicing, had to walk away in 2020 after 18 years in the field. I couldn't do it anymore in good conscience. Between years of dealing with mass opiate addiction and then the covid cult sponsored by the machine it was enough.

I'm glad to see people like you still in the trenches. Stay blessed and continue to heal people.

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Same in Michigan

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I know you guys eat a lot of crayons, but it's hardly a comparison to the Presidential Seal.

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