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I feel bad for his 2 kids who had to decide to take the vent out. We will have his service this Sunday. I'm going to pray that I can keep my mouth shut and not cuase anyone to get more upset

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Here's a black man that should be admired by everyone and especially by other blacks yet ((They)) promote the likes of George Floyd, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton

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This guy will be executed at GITMO and i will live to see it in Jesus name

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Alldaychemist.com from India. I got 90 200mg HCQ and 30 12mg IVM for $114.00. It took about 4 weeks

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Glenbrook hospital in Glenview IL killed my fried last Sunday. He went in with bad flu, his doctor prescribed IVM and the hospital would not give it to him. His kids had to go to court but he died waiting for another court date. They gave him remdisiver which shut his kidneys down and caused his lungs to fill up with fluid so they stuck him on a ventilator for 8 days them told the kids there was nothing else they could do and to have him on a ventilator for any longer wouldn't help.

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I will be willing to bet this faggot is a member of the tribe. Buffalo Grove is like Evanston and Deerfield

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Rahm Emmanuel used to go to some bath house near Foster and Broadway in Chicago with Ohomo. Also ALL bath houses are gay

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I'm not sure if this is 666 but these creatures are definitely Satanic

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Haha. Exactly. We know the playbook

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