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Hang in there...makes me think of that picture of the kitten hanging from a tree by one claw. Such is life.

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Just kinda looks like a retired middle school gym teacher to me

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No conscience. No values. My Dad would have beat us senseless if we'd been caught within a mile of something like this. Where the F are the parents? In there with them?

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Pardon my aging brain...is this just Disney Florida? Or might it extend to Disney Anaheim as well?

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Well said, darlin.....patience and faith. The hard times aren't over yet, but in time they will be. This bad dream will start to wiggle and fade. God bless us all.

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I was raised by a seventh - day grandmother. I've been to every form of protestant church and was baptized Lutheran. But I've found them all suspect and lacking. From the symbolism to the chanting, I always feel they're missing the mark...don't get me started on the catholic church. What I come down to is this: God is everywhere. Christ is in all of us. The church...the REAL church...it's in your heart and soul. Invite Him in, and what you'll discover is, he's been there all along. The Bible tells me so. 😉

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That's the devil in your ear. Get him out. Don't be nice about it. God bless.

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Did your gut warn you about this one? Mine did.

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Ugh that stinks. I don't have many selfish wishes, but one I DO have is to be left the hell alone. You work your whole life to protect the important stuff, keep your kids safe, teach them well, and help them do the same with their kids, only to be screwed at the end by some relative in Seattle who just HAD to know where he inherited his stinky feet and bald spot. Vanity and arrogance attach themselves to everyone. Even innocent bystanders.

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I hear ya...there's probably something to that. I live in the Midwest but I grew up in Los Angeles...people who haven't been there seem to have a bipolar view of it....on one hand they think movie stars are on every street corner...on the other, their view is of trash, gangs, and hopelessness. Reality is somewhere in between. I imagine NYC is similar....somewhere in between. There are good people and fabulous scenes everywhere. One has only to look in the gaps.

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