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so with the decline in birth rates over the last decade, millions of babies murdered through abortion, 4 years of covid 19 and the jab deaths, they are still lying about there being 8 billion people on earth? wake up people!!

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wow, i was thinking the same thing just a few minutes ago when i watched the video.

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why aren't they in Ukraine fighting for their own country? Cowards. and last i heard Russia was mostly white, so why are they fighting their own race with Russians?

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this is why we are here for each other. if it wasn't for the people on this board and Jesus, i wouldn't be able to watch it either.

i then have to take breaks from here and push myself to change the subject in my mind to anything that is lovely and pure and pray like i've never prayed before for strength to continue because if we don't, who will?

i also believe this subject is why Q told us repeatedly to put the Full Armor of God on.

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not sure why you were down voted? everyone on here knows that satanic entities want our children. isn't that what this battle is about, the children? God bless Hetty.

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i wanna know where the commies are going to go if America was dead??? hmmmmmmm.................just curious.

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thanks fren. i watched the video of Eddie Gallagher in the comments, this is something all people need to watch.

Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher goes full bore after Dan Crenshaw

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imagine how many people they could have fed with $67,000. does she even think about how many kids went to bed hungry while she was out having a good time?

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Branco is great!

but i think we are gonna need a Trump train full of Drano.

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i know fren, we need to keep leaning on each other for strength because the hate will drain the life out of you. God bless you, and keep filling your spirit with faith and peace!

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my dad has passed away. but my Aunts, my mothers sister's and sisters-in-law say she was always a narcissist (i just say asshole), even when she was a kid. i could never figure out why my father picked her?

i'm just thankful we had at least one good parent, a lot of kids don't even have that.

i honestly think she worked to not have to be around the kids. she's not a kid friendly person. she sucks as a grandmother as well.

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i doubt it, she's still an asshole and hasn't worked in years. thankfully though, i had a wonderful father.

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'they' don't seem to care how triggered anyone gets when they put the rainbow flag out, now do they? time for patriots to have their demands met.

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it was all part of 'their' plan to get the mothers out of the house. this way the state could raise the children from infancy to adulthood. feminism destroyed the home.

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