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Why is this being discussed all over the world with everyone having the same opinion?

He should have been cuffed and court-martialed immediately and then the people told what happened.

Notice is always the opposite we all sit around and wonder what should be done with him? We have laws!

He should have already been arrested quietly before we ever even heard why.

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Nevermind 70% of Voters at a Precinct were told they had already voted and were denied the right to vote. 70% is kind of high don't you think?

CNN changes numbers on the reported votes and is caught in screen captures yet again. A good citizen posted it right here. Also a picture of shredded ballots they have no idea where those are from!

I guess Steve Bannon and Steve Cortez missed it all. Useless....

Steve I think you need to go sign up to be a Precinct Captain wherever you live.

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Nothing has shifted with those in control actually things are getting worse by the minute

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Are you aware how many were forced through their jobs who could not quit relocate find another job to feed their families to get the jab?

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What about California?

We "watched California"

We watch and see all the time there's just no action from any of this.

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We were all told to watch California. Trump said in his last three interviews this election would be rigged. I could have predicted it too. So what's the fucking point? 17 years on Election fraud and I'm almost finished.

We are watching while many who should be court-martialed are left alone all of these are high crimes. There should be no discussion all over every news show for 3 Days about General Miley, behaving like their opinion matters. He should have been cuffed already and hauled away while the news reviews it. Hillary, Obozo, Jarrett Rice Comey Strozk Page Rosenstein Mueller Sessions Durham Barr Julian Snowden Epstein Ghislaine Schiff Pelosi DiFi Swalwell Omar DWS Awan's Bush NoName Maxine and that is just on Trump's watch. I will not bore you with the rest of the names over the years.

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Cynthia McKinney has worked on Election fraud in the United States since 2005 and human trafficking. What do you know?

Not much by thia statement.

Cynthia McKinney was a patriot before you were learning how to ride a bike, or understood what a patriot is!

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He did come out recently and say it would be rigged and he set up a website prior to the election for those having trouble with voting, removed from poll, erc.

Did you just land here?

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Oh no!

THIS is treason and he should face punishment AND LOSE HIS GOV PENSION

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The CIA and Pentagon used Internet before it was released to the public that is what Al Gore worked on. He did not invent it a he worked on it's release.

the CIA use pagers and cell phones for 30 years before released to the public.

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When Bush and Hillary come out for failed foreign policy and continue to promote it I would say the cats are out of the bag whoever cannot see will not see

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option number to drag it out. I think in another week the Mandate will be over court cases are pending everywhere and the GOP and Congress is now suing the president.

when the Mandate is over you can tell them you are not getting it

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GW put the cabal plan into action right after the PATRIOT ACT!

That document usurped our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Brought us Homeland Security but only puts their hands all over us and makes us throw our water away and watches what we wear on airplanes. $10 an hour workers in baggy pants feeling up our children.

Bush is still known as the worst president ever and I don't understand why anyone would need any of this explained to them twenty years later even when their husband gets the slide ruler out!

You didn't believe him because you have cognitive dissonance. That is what most citizens suffer from ever since the brain fuck of 9/11.

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That's correct it was all CIA power put together by H HW Bush back in the day when they shot Kennedy.

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