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There were a few recent threads on 4chan where an anon allegedly close to Ye and the cabal said they were terrified of January 6 escalating into a real insurrection. People waking up and coming after them is their greatest fear. It'll be glorious watching it unfold very soon.

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While organized religion contains a kernel of truth, it has been corrupted by the cabal. That's why the Bible calls you a filthy sinner from birth who must live in guilt and fear or the big bad vengeful "god" will punish you with eternal damnation. It was the CNN of its time. You won't find the Creator in any book written by men, only within.

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That was my point. Americans aren't protesting because they have it way better than the Chinese, not because they're cowards.

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No, they just have more oppression and fewer guns.

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Hidden history, another cabal control mechanism, is starting to unravel. From what I've read, they've been in control for tens of thousands of years and have orchestrated the rise and fall of many civilizations. Apparently interesting stuff will be coming out of Antarctica which is currently an off-limits continent reserved to the cabal alone.

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Nope, the cabal has always been in control... until now.

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That's not how you win an information war. Q has said forcing the enemy to spend ammunition and make mistakes is key, these proclamations are part of that.

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The before is supposed to be on the left.

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Fuck being a workaholic, I'd leave. He may be a white hat but he's still an awful boss.

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On the other hand, Q has reiterated we and our families are safe, so I don't think they'll let it get to full Mad Max mode. The situation would be too difficult to control and come back from. The entire point of the plan is to reveal the truth without inciting a civil war or making everyone starve.

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Suddenly he's the sane and measured one while the enemy is getting more hysterical by the day.

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Sorry, this forum is for Q supporters only. If you don't agree with "The only way is the military", "Enjoy the show" and "You elected us to do the heavy lifting", there are other places on the internet where you can vent your frustrations.

Doomers, don't just downvote, leave your comments so I can get you all deported.

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What's disappointing is that people really expected him to reveal devolution and call in the military out of the blue.

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Yep, plenty of supposedly game-changing speeches have turned out to be duds or bait for the cabal. I'm expecting something positive but mundane.

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It really isn't, justice often takes time.

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