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My favorite is when they “risk their lives” for a bag of potato chips instead of opting for home delivery.

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I’m guessing we are not getting the humble, Christian, goat herder types either.

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And if you hire someone to do a job at your house and they send a crew of illegals SEND THEM AWAY! Don’t fucking hire them!

A lot of people think hiring them is “having a big heart” or “helping the poor” We have tons here where I live cleaning houses and they make 30-50 an hour.

They don’t report the income and get welfare, send kids to schools, medical, etc. making it cost a fortune for those of us that have to pay for them.

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I always wondered why the government didn’t act on illegals when they were reported.

I know now it is because they didn’t want to.

It would be nice if Trump had all the recent illegals removed PLUS the ones here already.

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Wow! Had some weird heart/high BP issues and went to er. The first thing they did was a d-dimer to check for clots. None found.

Did a heart monitor and recheck with heart Dr. He said could be something I’m allergic to. Allergic to shedders??

Your post makes me wonder if they are putting the vaccine elsewhere too. Not just shedding but food, air? Hmm How do we even begin to check that?

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And Biden and Mayorkas are in Phoenix to visit the border!

I saw AF1 as we left the airport.

Dang! Could have filmed him falling again!

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Cool. Just drove by air force one in Phoenix sky harbor.

Maybe this is the sky event. Hehe

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It’s going to get extra bumpy? I already need new shocks. I lived in a border town for a while. It was horrible then. People would steal your landscaping and holiday decorations. Trannies walking around downtown dressed as prostitutes. Drugs being sold on every corner. Every policeman and politician corrupt as fuck. Hordes of welfare Mexicans crossing once a month to spend their checks and then going back. It got just too disgusting.

Can’t imagine what it is like now.

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So…..Buy more guns and ammo??


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She sells 35 dollar candles as a side hustle. I wonder what shape they are. What do they smell like?

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Right there with you. Never again.

Grandkids will be vaxxed over my dead body.

by bgny
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He said “They rigged the election in 2020” not “We allowed them to rig the 2020 election”

Rats! I think the white hats actually DID allow that. I was hoping he admitted it.

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No shit. I I were king of the world I would but all these “Stand with Ukraine” idiots on a ship and float them off to Ukraine.

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Without all the rape and murder, of course.

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Fauci lies people die.

He’s an evil bitch.

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