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Is that the “Seventh floor is no more!” Group?

We need to deal with floors 1-6 now.

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This is interesting to me. I work outdoors at a horse ranch. Some days it really feels like the sun is different. Like the rays are burning whatever they hit more than other days. It is not cloud layers or humidity. Since I am out every day I notice the difference.
There was about a two week period where I couldn’t be in the sun. It was horrible. The plants in the garden started dying and quit setting fruit. Then it just quit. I could go back out in the sun and the plants came back. It’s like something was really different for those two weeks.

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Been thinking a lot about the real estate market. They’ve made buying a house easier so a lot of neighborhoods that were affordable on one income for a middle class are now extremely dangerous and undesirable.

This makes most families a two income situation where we are all trying to afford a home in an area that is peaceful, clean and quiet. It also destroyed a lot of families.

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Veterans are supposed to get preferential treatment for government jobs. I’m willing to bet they don’t hire them for this job.

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Showed this to my wife, the vegan.

She said “ Have you SEEN the movie “Caveman”?

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Wow! A real photo of someone.

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Hahahaha! We NEED our own film company!

NCSWIC films!

I’ll donate to your startup!

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The good news is that Zelenko protocol works on most virus.

We may never get even the flu again.


Fuck you, deep state!

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In reality, she looks like ET she’s got so many neck wrinkles.

Must be the photo she uses for dating websites.

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They will have to now rig areas outside major dem controlled cities if they want to cheat enough to win. It costs a lot of money to run a large cabal. They are already laundering Ukraine money to the extreme.

How will they do this?


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So it it a password.

Let’s use it on the released Wikileaks stuff.

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What did the guy in the one hour video say?

My theory: vaccines have been killing and harming people for decades. Trump and the patriots want people to stop taking them. By promoting this vaccine he wants to show the world what vaccine damage actually does and more importantly, what vaccines are doing. My theory also includes most of the vaccines have been replaced with something harmless. But enough damage must be done for people to really get the point.

Many, MANY future people will be saved by rejecting vaccines in general and allowing the body’s immune system to do its job fortified with good nutrition and simple cures.

Now I Just need a theory on Trumps pushing the Russia bad, Ukraine getting harmed thing.

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How can you save their lives? Are the arteries blocked? Would shocking with the paddles help? The heart shuts down if it cannot pump the blood around the body.

We need a work around to save these people. A zelenko type protocol for emergency actions for jab induced heart attacks.

Do you cut open the body and carefully slit the artery on the side lengthwise and pull out the clot or the 6 foot fibrous mass?

Is there a Dr in the house?

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And Ukraine needed to happen.

Normies would be too comfortable to even notice the cabal.

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