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Their version of 'job creation'. They destroy positive means of employment and incentivize negative.

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Limited contact with the zombies I love is saving our relationships for the future. They all know my perspective and I'm the crazy one for not trusting the all knowing propaganda black box (aka tel a vision) meaning I'm the conspiracy dude. Dr Z will be missed, but everyone needs to measure how they interact with their zombie loved ones on an individual basis.

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Even the libtard normies have no come back and they were the ones that instigated the whole thing. Are they still holding for "precious" time will tell?

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I caught the back half of it while I was driving last night. What I caught (and what we have known a long time) is that it is all rigged top to bottom, which is why everyone shits on the overwhelming evidence; Ds and Rs are in on it together and have been for a long time. If the awake (aka us) don't make more noise and file suits over the next 60 days we will lose 2022 as well even with the massive red wave. Also, he said he does not listen to the content we follow so he can stay clean for expert witness testimony at both state and federal level, which I thought was interesting. I'll come back to this and update after I listen to the whole thing.

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WWG1WGA. I love America. Remember those that sacrificed. Thst is all.

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Clown show incoming... 3... 2... 1... popcorn 🍿

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Abusive central banking caused this. We are feeling the heat on necessities due to the same. The bottom 80% of this country will not be able to weather a prolonged version of this. Precipice incoming.

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Looks like Hydra took over. Better call Captain America, wait, whut? We are definitely watching a movie.

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Play stupid games; win stupid prizes. Truth be told they couldn't coordinate themselves out of a wet paper bag. They wouldn't have been able to pull off the summer of love without the shutdowns, police told to stand down and DAs told to release and not press charges. Further analysis is unnecessary.

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Little Q with no trip code asks Big Q w/ trip code to establish coms. Sounds like an Op to me... PsyOp for sure. Don't' think this one was for us, but could be wrong.

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