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I don't understand why people think this is some kind of bombshell. I feel most people would just go "meh."

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Guy with seal is Brian Babin.

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Keep your eyes on August. Something significant will take place, and you will begin to see that what I have been saying all along through My prophets all around the world is true. A plan has been in motion, and it is coming to an explosive place. Many things you will start to see- your enemies' last-ditch efforts to hold this world hostage and try to put it into a global quarantine. But it will not work. They will shout and try to convince the world to stay in their homes, to have their final takeover, to stop your rightful president from taking his power back. If he gets this, then their plans are shattered. What they don't realize is their plans are already shattered, and they will see that very soon. Nothing can stop the change in this Nation or the changes in the nations around the world.


August will be a big month. Major shakedowns will occur. A showdown has taken place, and your enemies lose again, saith the Lord.


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Significant change can happen overnight.

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Q "Trust Meter"

"Trust the plan" 28x

"Trust Sessions" 4x

"Trust Wray" 3x

"Trust Grassley" 2x

"Trust Kansas" 2x

"Trust Huber" 1x

"Trust Horowitz" 1x

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Sooner than he thinks.

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No, think about what Q told us. Military is the only way.

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POTUS is 100% insulated - any discussion suggesting he’s even a target is false.

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Thunder on "Military to rival 'Our Own' "

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