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The US Navy stole mine. Mid 90's at Pearl Harbor, I went to check out and picked up my medical record.

Right there on the cover in big, fat, red stamping said: DNA Sample Collected.


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Fren, it is beyond maddening. Im in the same boat with my fam.

I had to look to God for answers. And I kid you not, what came back to me was this: Let the dead bury the dead, I am the God of the Living.

Seems the vax is the Great Separator. I've had to make peace with the fact that my family is GONE. They're not even the same people they used to be.

Makes my guts ill.

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The point is only well made when it is jammed down the throat to the point of vomiting. Anything less, no lesson is learned.

They must suck it up.

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Pelooser, hillary.......they just cant do without their commie-smocks, can they?

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Gays Against Groomers = Gays Distancing Themselves From the Coming Fallout.

There's no such thing as a faggot who isn't also into kids.

Faggotry by default is a corruption of the moral fiber of a person's being. When you're that low in the gutter, you have no standards. No such thing as "Whoa....that's just a bit too far"

"Too far" is not even a concept in the homo lexicon.

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I will be grocery shopping at my local politician's house.

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That's genius. Show the TRUE vote, but before certification. This could possibly wind up saving the day. Maybe Im wrong, but it seems like it has that potential.

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....and there will be no end to the people who think this move equates to, "Ok, problem solved. Everything's good now, lets forget the past and just move forward."

They will go back.

No Amnesty. No Mercy.

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Its not only NOT Jesus, its the A.C.

Wise up!

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That Baphomet paedo peace sign......it is what it is. Heresy.

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You're absolutely right.

You're gonna get down-dooted by hurt feelings, not for lack of Fact.

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I once read an article about oreganol written by a University Phd in Oregon somewhere......

Anyway, the test conducted showed that pneumonia cells just "fall apart" when exposed to oreganol. It destroys tf out of them.

An essential oil diffuser with oreganol is great. Just breathe the mist......sorta like nebulizing.

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I actually thought the same thing

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What do you make of it? Is this a deep fake production to cover for something else?

Or am I just split in the head at this point?

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Yup. To even think that Americans are going to stand for this bullshit for 2 more years is actually stupid.

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No doubt! It does seem to segue with what he said. I'd rather they just be disbanded.

So, FBI relocates to Huntsville, suddenly there are drag queen story readers at the local schools......in Alabama. That bird doesn't fly here and they're already severely pissing off the wrong people.

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Richard Citizen Journalist has been filming D.C. almost daily for nearly 2 years now.

That place is empty af. Everything. The buildings actually look abandoned.

On a side note, the FBI just built their new headquarters in Huntsville, AL. Is D.C. going away, or something?

Im very surprised Alabama is letting feddies continue to creep in like this. Of all states in the Union, Alabama is the LEAST trusting of the fed govt.

Sellout Governors.

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