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So, you're just going to memory-hole that Israel initiated "first strike" on Iran when they bombed the Iranian Consulate in Damascus? Are you serious?

If you were intellectually honest, you'd actually be referring to Iran's "attack" as "retaliation". Because that's what it was.

You can't be serious with that tripe.

That's called gaslighting.

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US and Israel are hell-bent on hooking Magog's jaw, aren't they?

Prolly not gonna like it when they finally get their way.......


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Nice to put a face to the Legend.

Been following the dog updates. Every single one. Always had my own image of what the ol-Girl might look like.

Makes me sad to hear she didn't make it. I actually got kinda attached to the FenBen journey and had high hopes it would work out.

R.I.P. Good Girl........

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Articles are "unconstitutional" πŸ‘Œ

I beg to differ. Mayorkas and DHS' very existence in the first place, is unConstitutional.

All options, including immediate, complete disbanding of DHS are 100% Constitutional.

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I hope her dream is the real deal.

I no longer pray to God to save America. I pray that he burn Babylon down.

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How about rushing those ships to the Gulf of Mexico and help us stop our border invasion, you fucking fucks!

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Im not gonna lie, I have no idea.

I just assume all numbers are fake. Even with this price jump, knowing its not the real price still, I at LEAST gather (In my own opinion), that it is a sign of rigging mechanisms being disconnected.

It is not advantageous for ((them)) to let this out of the gate. The interest accrued/owed by these derivatives/commodities guys is enormous everytime it jumps even a bit. Historically, they've been able to smash it down, reign it in and keep it boxed in, just where they like it.

I believe this particular run is against the will of the cabal. Just my own observations.

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From what I've gathered.....

  1. Jamie Dimon is short on silver and the naked shorts are exposed.

  2. The artificial bindings are being released

  3. What appears to be an increase in value, is actually the dollar tanking. Is tanking fast!

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Yes. I trust Wray

Trust Wray to be "Wray"

Trust "Wray" .....that he will bring down the FBI by "being Wray"

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I know that one. Beautiful piece. Nice score!

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Weird. Just a couple of years ago they were demanding that stores close against the will of the People. Now its the opposite?

Luciferians trying to drive people to insanity.

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I agree with you about ratio.

Even though its supposed to be 16:1, I do believe the ultimate plan is to ring it in at 8:1.

If the USDebtClock is accurate, the 5 year projection for gold and silver is just that. An 8:1 pricing.

I believe the debtClock is legit unless/until otherwise proven. JMO

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I guess that depends on what someone's idea of catching up, is.

Truly catching up is when the silver/gold disparity decreases back to where its supposed to be.

It sits between 85-90:1 right now.

Silver is supposed to be at 16:1. So, when it truly adjusts correctly and catches up.........silver should be in the $150 range.

But, everything.......every chart, graph, analysis......its all based on rigged/suppressed numbers. So they are all invalid at their foundation.

The price isn't the real price until true re-valuation kicks in.

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The answer is to tell them to fk off and then repel any attempts to approach you or shake you down about it.

There's no easy, painless way out of this and by now, most Patriots should (unfortunately) be approaching "nothing to lose" status, which should propel you to at LEAST defensive action.

Are Americans really going to allow ((them)) to genocide/enslave us through 'legal' means?

No. Fk them. Fight them. Repel them by any means necessary. Is there an actual green light you need to see to know that we are at war, as it is being waged on us?

This isn't a fk'ing game. This isn't the United States of Kindergarten, and these unelected, fucko luciferians are not our teachers' aids or our authorities on any level. All of our lives are literally at stake with these unchecked psychos, so, assume the wartime posture and act accordingly.

DO NOT comply with the 'orders' and fake laws of satanic, pedophile cannibals under any circumstance.

Fight about it instead.

Complying with tyranny only gets you more tranny.

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On the heels of the ATF director who couldn't disassemble a common Glock. Sheila Jackson and her eclipse goggles, now this........

Are WhiteHats doing this? πŸ˜‚

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He's also been likened to Jehu who elbowed his way into Jezebel (Hillary) and Ahab's(Bill) gig, uninvited and totally unwelcome by the deep staters. He beat that a$$ anyway, though.......

And we all know how Jezebel ended up. A queen.......ultimately dead in a gutter, eaten by dogs. πŸ‘

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