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Username checks out! : -)

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Col. MacGregor I believe will appeal to the logic-only / logistics / reason normies, but he also includes gems like Ukraine is the most corrupt country on earth, Putin tried repeatedly to avoid an armed conflict, the Askov Battalion, Ukraine Nazis, Zelensky parading around pretending to be a tranvestite who will likely retire in a swank estate with all the money he stole, and much more.

Don't get me wrong, I have tremendous respect for Col. MacGregor. He can explain the logistics of all this better than I think I could in a hundred lifetimes. What gets me amped up about this interview is precisely because he is so well informed and an expert on the truth of the logisitcs that potentially those we have been trying to wake up in vain might listen to him. It's the combination of the expert logistics AND the "Q like" info (not that Q doesn't include logistics, but I think anons get my point) that are both included in this interview that makes me think it could be a very effective red-pill to share.

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You aren't alone. I have one family member in particular who responds with hostility. It can be very draining,

I believe much of it comes down to one of the lines from Paul Harvey's "If I were the devil" broad cast where he said, "If I were the devil, I would deify science".

The ones among my friends and family that are most resistant are the ones that have put science on the throne of their lives. The have good relations with the Christians in the family but have an attitude of "that's nice for them, but ...". The problem is there is no logical explanation for what we are trying to wake them up to. It is evil and therefore it completely overturns the apple cart.

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The last few years have solidified a clear dividing line for me between those that think they are God and those who know we are not. There isn't much that doesn't come down to that fundamental difference.

Tucker has mentioned this several times lately and I think it's clear he is more awake than ever.

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Thank you once again prukiss80 for all the hard work you put in to bring us so much valuable information on this site. Because of people like you I really don't need to go anywhere else to keep up with real news. This post by Elon is brilliant. "dis information" - love it!!

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Dan Bongino seems to be more awake today than ever before. Worth the listen IMO if you can. He's really starting to see the evil in what is going on instead of being interested in dem's vs. rep's in some sort of box score.

Last week Glen Beck mentioned that he is looking into how Rockefeller corrupted medicine (and I think he referred to that as evil too).

These things are encouraging because we already know about the evil but when the somewhat awake really start waking up and communicate to their large audiences it lifts my spirits.

Edit: Bongino is reverting back somewhat to box scores (dems), but still seems to have moved from where he was recently.

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Wish I could give this a thousand upvotes.

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I was going to post the exact same thing, but you beat me to it, so I'll just say thank you. I live it every day - "I just don't want to hear about it".

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The last 10 seconds of the video hits the bullsye like a precision laser.

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The entire song in this link, but especially the 2:15 to 2:32 mark to relate to OP's post:


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Thank you. When I first started waking up, I seemed to be constantly running into "It's the Jews, it's the Jews". That almost stopped my awakening until I learned the important (even if sometimes seemingly subtle) differences between that overly blunt accusation and the truth.

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I'm not saying every detail point in that series is 100% accurate, that's why we do independent research and look for corroboration. I can say this though - after having watched the entire series there is very little MSM "news" where I think "I'm confused, that doesn't make any sense". Ukraine (not the oppressed Ukranian people) being exhibit A.

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I love GAW, but sometimes I think some of us could cut with a sharper scalpel with our downvotes. Maybe it was capitalization of "PLENTY", but I understand your point.

God used the line of Abraham for the incarnation of God The Son (I typed that on purpose to counteract "The Chosen TV series" craze lately) to bring salvation to the entire world. The only perfect Man (God-Man) to ever live was Jewish. Without the Jewish race we would all be doomed (I know that after His resurrection there is no longer Jew or Greek). Then again in my estimation BY FAR the harshest criticism and condemnation from Jesus was directed at Jews (e.g., Pharisees, etc.).

Our enemy is Satan, his fallen angel followers, all the evil they commit , the influence they have over fallen humans to commit evil, along with our own sin nature. It seems to me demonic forces focus their evil to pervert God's design. If God had used a different lineage to bring salvation to the world, then those forces would disproportionately influence that lineage to commit evil (or have others fake that lineage and commit evil in their name as in the Khazarians).

Having said all that I do agree that more Jewish people need to wake up to the evil committed and coordinated by fake Jews / Satanists (and whatever % of real Jews go along with it or turn a blind eye to it because of tribe) and aggressively condemn it.

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sun-wolf isn’t being anti-semitic, he is being anti-satanic and those are very different. I hate racism too, but put me down as an anti-satanist all day every day. Watch The Fall of the Cabal - the Sequel (parts 1 through 4) and read Revelation 2:9. Jesus wrote Revelation through John’s hand and He was NOT being anti-semitic in that passage.

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I've had nothing but positive experience from this site:


It was recommended by a chiropractor that I trust as much as anyone I've ever known.

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“Marxist-Satanists”. Good example showing most GAW people are awake to what is REALLY going on in the world. Thank you for that encouragement which goes much deeper and truer than the dusty stale “educated” historian parrot speak.

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Honestly black-pilling at this point in time is a bit confusing to me. The deep state is being forced to go so hard to the absurd that more and more normies are starting to see them for what they are. IDK, kinda' sounds like a plan to me.

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That was fire! Thanks for posting. Spreading this type of encouragement doesn’t make us complacent, it makes us fight even harder!

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