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Don't trust shit from Facebook.

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What is this, some kind of a script read? The video comes off being orchestrated.

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I agree with the guy but don't forget Tate, extorted money from men as they watched porn live streams. He would hide behind the camera and communicate with the men while pretending to be the girl via direct messages. He would setup meetings with the girls, and get the Johns to send money. They guys is a high level scum bag. I wish he would keep his mouth shut about Trump we don't need him.

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There will never be peace because the machines of death are sold for great profit.

If you make money from these machines you will go to hell.

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Yes! When I'm outside and I smell the woods. It renews me!!!!!

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Thank you Patriot. It has been an honor fighting by your side in the meme war.

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Yea, let the evil satanic bastards fool with numerology.

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The Smithsonian has a large collection of massive human bones. They've been hiding them for years and years.

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They eye of the storm is approaching.

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Coming to a Costco near you.

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