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yup. But this pic is fake news, last time I checked. Someone matched it up to the rightful owner, which presents as less neferious as one might think

There are plenty of others pics of Hunter with minors naked however, so fine with me

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Haiti is good for the harvesting people. Kiddies in particular.

It'll be a Un mission the creeps up. On ice until they need the media to change the subject. Then voila!! Haiti in peril. Send in the American led UN to captu... save the chiiiLDrEn

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this is the big debate. No one actually knows but is clearly a possibility

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Chaos on the way. Looking big pic, everything will be a hit on Trump and the supporters. Buckle up. It's us they really want. And kiddie porn is bad for business. Gotta keep that hush hush from the normies. I believe the storm is moving in. We aren't there yet. FF are going to come. It's sickening

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It's exactly what it is. Watch it come back later. It's Trump hit. A narrative beginning.

Orange man and his followers are Nazis. Listen to Ye. Now remeber Charlottesville...so on and so on.

Same m/o they always use. In this case, Kanye was there door in. Add Milos involvement and you have a Uniparty hit job.

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lol It depends. Not normally, but I'm softening up. Wife calls me dick-head but I'm working on a sweeter nick name

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Ye will be changing his name shortly. To irrelevent

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I read it as a list. It says buy more food, water and bullets

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The part I was watching, AJ ended up making Kanye look bad. Purposefully, I'd think. Making AJ the person of character. Kanye acting a fool, Aj rolling his eyes.

This is the beginning of a Uniparty narrative.

It will label US (u, me) all Nazis. Know how I know? Think mirror. Projection. Everything they accuse us of they are balls deep into. EVERYTHING. Ukraine +

It is all so obvious. Close to 'get the fuck out, this aint real'.

This crazy underworld is a whole lesson on how much we've been dumbed down and direrspected.

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Oh ya. Absolute dumpster fire.

Timing is funny. This is an absolute hit job on DJT. No?

For all that were wondering about 'YE'. Now you know.

Dinner. AJ. MSM hit on Trump.


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Is this the guy they walked out during the big Chyna-ise commie meeting a month or two back? For everyone to witness?

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Not fake. No way. I'll bet the mail guy who came up with the "must've been a left-over prop from Law and Order" should get a prize for thinking on the fly. Convenient how that happens. Must've grabbed it from the 'pedo props' department?

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This is really sick sheit. As if they haven't bothered to read the information.

Ivermectin and QANON. The problems with society from their view?

Who supports Rolling Stone? Why does anyone read it?

Without Twatter and Fakebook there'd be no Rolling Stone.

They get the rope

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Just happened up in Maine. Last week or week before. 10 schools.

Coordinated FF throughout the states? Keep mommy and daddy close to the guvmint helpers?

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