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Local here. Within seconds all the media were on about muh 'far right'. They've been pushing that narrative for months now.

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The HAMAS “attack” began on 7th October 2023 at 6.30am local time in Israel.

However Q2337 foresaw an Israeli stand-down on the 4th October 2018.

This is an exact 5-year delta❗️

(operational window for stand-down excluded)

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This is disturbing! It doesn't give South Africa time to win the Rugby World Cup.

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All parts of the great awakening.

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This is fake af. A collection of old videos, none in France.

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At this point I wouldn't even be shocked to hear Hussein was a woman/

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Any Americans her answer this? Biden's accent, to my untrained foreign ears it's not the same when listening to old biden videos and the current videos.

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As a rocket surgeon I can confirm tails are handy on planes.

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Yes. I've been following this since the day it happened. I was on MH17 a few weeks before so had a great interest in it. There was undeniable evidence from very soon after and the coverup started immediately by the usual mockingbirds.

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Aw man, listen to the woman at the end of this video. This one really resonated with me and I believe many other of the frens here.

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Give us this day, out daily Scotty

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He's a bit slow this one. Stopped watching him in '21 when he was pushing the jab.

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