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That's what I was most impressed by actually. The way he worded everything. He's obviously very intelligent.

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Right? Aaron Rodgers is suddenly my favorite football player.

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I grew up in the same town as the Healy's... Her step father (Edward Beatie) was a history teacher at the local high school. I took one of his classes and was a total brainwashed democratic idiot by the time I graduated. You guys gotta make sure she doesn't win that race.

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I hope so. You guys gotta make sure Maura Healey doesn't become Governor. That would be tragic.

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Fuck Boston. I can't go see Tool because the garden requires vax.

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Funny thing is, I've never considered vaccinated people as being superior. If anything, I feel superior to them cause I was smart enough to avoid it.

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I call em "mask fags" and up here in the Seacoast area of NH, they are EVERYWHERE! I seriously see people driving with masks on even though no one else is in the car. Last night I saw a woman walking on the sidewalk with a mask on. She was the only person walking! WTF?!?

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I notice them everywhere now too! Every morning I look at my box of Q-tips with a smile.

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I don't know why this made me laugh so much. Take my upvote for good shit!

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I have a couple different ones but the one I leave on all the time is a Meterk, think I only paid like $35 for it. It's pretty basic. Runs on 3 AAA batteries which last about a week with it on almost 24/7. I bring it with me in the car and to work etc. You should hear it go nuts when I drive past the cell towers. Scary stuff.

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When I was at my worst with it, I was a human radar detector. I could feel/hear the radar on the highway from the speed trap before I could even see them. I was living in bizarro world for a while there lol. I can still hear it all the time but I'm not hyper sensitive to it any more. I think a lot of people can hear it and just write it off as tinnitus.

LOL my reader is goin off right now actually... Gotta love neighbors with cell phones.

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I've gone through hell with this crap. I suggest everyone buy an EMF reader that you can leave on all day. You'll be shocked how much EMF hits you on a daily basis. I've lived 3 different places trying to escape it with no luck. Believe it or not, the main issue for me was some old metal fillings I had. The EMF signals were attracted to the metal and it made my teeth start falling apart. Then I started having panic attacks, massive anxiety, vertigo, high blood pressure etc. I got the fillings replaced with ceramic and now finally, several months later, I'm able to tolerate EMF a bit better. I honestly thought I was going crazy there for a while until I figured out what it was that was bothering me.

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I still love the original movie, but I'm conflicted about supporting the new one. The whole Wachowski brothers gone sisters thing threw me for a loop. And the one that directed the new movie is now claiming the Matrix is a 'trans story'... Just tired of it getting shoved in my face every time I turn around these days.

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Why do so many of them have masks on??

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Florida?? I thought none of this shit was going on down there...

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I love Ron Paul. Proudly voted for him when he was running for President back in the day.

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