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Thanks! I guess we’ll see! 😀

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Perhaps I’m being a bit naive, but here are my thoughts:

If our World is truly freed from Central Banks, all National Debt for every Country will be wiped out. Each Nation could then offer incentives/pay-backs/reparations to its own people…who must accept in person, while proving their nationality. This would provide the incentive to “Go home”.

Those remaining in any Country illegally would be subjected to fines, arrest, deportation…at the expense of their home Nation. 🤷‍♀️

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So former Presidents, in their grave, can be libeled 61 years later? Next we know, King Henry VIII will be outed as a serial wife murderer! Yee gads!!!

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“One minor problem - President Trump is not the holder of any liquor license in New Jersey, and he is not an officer or director of any entity that holds a liquor license in New Jersey - or anywhere in the United States for that matter. Ask me how I know”

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Click the qagg.news link on the sideboard and type Maggie into the search. (Note: some posts refer to Maggie Nixon, but most are referring to Haberman.)

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Cuz, dat ain’t duh Beach…it’s “Down the Shore”!!! IYKYK! 😉

by lsdQ
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This article was from 2021.

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What a deceitful Headline! 🤬Trump Media was one of the victims of this Company, but this implies Trump Media was involved in the fraud! You can’t hate MSM enough!!!

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The X account In2thinair has been talking about this phenomenon for a while:


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One comment on Gaetz’s post:

  1. Create crisis.
  2. Exercise sweeping authoritarian control.

This is why we are seeing this coordinated effort across our Nation.

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Tell your story to LibsofTiktok on X. Her platform is huge.

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And just like that, MSM, in unison, is telling people to sell! They sure like to help the Shorts!!!

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