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Seems likely given his nationality and exploding heart. Very high percentage of aussies took the shot. Not good.

That guy is a dead man. And soon.

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It probably is. The entire country is merely a facade for the WEF. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it’s Ukraine. Not really Ukrainians giving orders, but the orders passing from WEF through Ukraine.

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If it was “the right thing” to do, the CDC and FDA would have mandated their entire staff to take the vaccine or be fired. But they didn’t. You stupid bitch.

Reminds me of Chernobyl.

“If it worked, you would be wearing them.”

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Less than that. Much less. Times have changed. The inflation and gas prices and riots and lockdowns and everything else the DS has pulled have gotten to the normies.

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No lab has ever produced the actual virus. The labs that theoretically could provide it, won’t even admit they were working on it.

It’s all a guess. Sure they found coronavirus in people. Wildly different variants. How many coronavirus are out there in any given week? A fucking shitload. Always has been. Always will be.

There is no smoking gun on any of the variants being the virus that was leaked out of the labs. It’s a guess. Sure they can diagnose people with coronavirus. But it’s impossible to say with certainty that a given person sick with coronavirus is sick because of the lab leak.

It’s now you end up with zero flu cases and 250k coronavirus cases. You call every coronavirus covid-19.

The entire thing is a house of cards. Until someone produces the full information on what exactly managed to escape from the lab, it is impossible to say with certainty who it got sick.

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Did you read those? They used PCR test cycles to originally diagnose “covid-19” to then pull and replicate. Lol. PCR tests.

You know how many possible coronavirus variants these could be from? How do they know that coronavirus in that patient was the same one that came out of a lab in Wuhan?

They don’t.

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I never said that.

I said provide proof that covid 19 has been isolated. It’s not a difficult question. Who isolated it. Where. When.

Should be very easy for you. Go ahead.

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Lol. Why would you say something with such conviction that is so easily disproved?

Please provide your source.

Who isolated it? Where? When? Was it peer reviewed?

Go ahead. We will wait.

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Shockingly out of touch. Who do they think they are? Him and Bush left office with the lowest approvals ratings ever, until Biden. Cheney in particular is hated by both sides.

This guy has been in hiding for years. And now comes out to claim 2020 was an honest election? Lol. This is how stupid they think we are. That we didn’t see millions of votes just magically appear at 4am.

They are desperate. They know once the election string starts getting pulled, it takes all of them down. They been rigging this shit for decades. Cheney and Bush are just as guilty as Biden, and they know it.

This is what winning looks like. Dragging all of the scum into the light.

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If they did nothing wrong, they would be shouting from the rooftop that they were innocent.

This is an admission of guilt. Shits gonna get real.

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The assumption that the general public would ever be aware of arrests due to sealed indictments in FISA court is baffling. The ego of the citizens to be sure that would be told, we would know, surely “they” would tell us.

There exists an alternate court system cloaked in absolute secrecy for cases that include defendants outside of US borders. Outside of the federal court system. Outside of the Supreme Court. Those courts simply do not have jurisdiction.

At one point Gitmo was absolutely full of Islamic terrorists yanked off streets globally and thrown into the military judicial system. Hundreds of them. And shockingly, it was never front pages news. Surely they would have told us! All we would hear about is the famous ones. And even then, we wouldn’t hear shit about the actual court proceedings. Cause it’s a fucking secret.

It’s sheer hubris to just assume we would be told of FISA proceedings. A fantasy.

It’s not how the real world works.

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You can see now why the globalists are so intent on destroying the spirit and soul of America. Why we are enemy number one. Why they hate us. Look at how easily the Europeans and Israelis and other countries complied and had vaccine rates of 80+. Other societies immediately lined up for the shots. They eagerly and happily traded the illusion of safety for freedom.

That didn’t happen here. Many of us would rather die than give up freedoms. Many of us had that resolution when the vaccine mandate insanity kicked into high gear. We didn’t give a fuck about our jobs. We didn’t give a fuck about their threats. The only way that shot was going in us was if they tied us or killed us. Not all of us. But enough that it completely ruined their plans.

At this point, the mission was supposed to be done. The US was supposed to be 90% vaxxed. Supposed to be using a tracking app to leave our homes, fly, be in public. The entire globe was supposed to be conquered.

How is that plan going? They still have this idiot garden gnome making vague threats on propaganda outlets. It’s going very badly.

They didn’t have a backup plan. They never thought they would fail so spectacularly. We have already won.

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And here we have a straw man argument in the wild.

Take a good look. This is someone who wasn’t taught what a logical fallacy is. Probably went to primary school in a large urban city. This is why you don’t live in democrat cities. You end up looking like a complete idiot like this guy.

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It’s partly a way to vent my manic thoughts and partly a way to get people to see the world through my eyes. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. We need everyone we can get awake and eyes open.

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These fucking wealthy globalist retards don’t get it yet. The tide has turned. No one takes them seriously except for themselves. Their desperation is obvious.

They have lost control completely of the narrative. No one (almost) is injecting their children with the clot shot. No one is wearing the mask. Jan 6th operation is a complete failure. No one gives a shit about monkey pox. No one gives a shit about fake climate change. Twitter is imploding. Truth Social isn’t. MAGA canidates are crushing everyone. Their voter fraud is now under a thousand microscopes. Putin is taking Ukraine. The FED dollar is being destroyed and removed as global currency. Their Biolabs are eventually going to result in trials for crimes against humanity. China is imploding from the inside and rapidly losing its position to become the worlds 1 power. Their installed US government is so bad that it’s going to destroy democrats for 100 years. The deep state is going to get completely destroyed by Trumps schedule F plan, and they know it. They are losing abortion clinics all over the place. People are fleeing their cities for Red freedom states at an incredible rate. Joe Biden won’t make it 4 years and Kamala is even less popular.

Just wait. The public arrests for child trafficking and foreign election interference haven’t begun to hit the top players yet. They are climbing the ladder right now.

Where is Boris Johnson? Why did he resign in disgrace? No media discussion WHY he just decided to leave office? That alone is a marker. He got caught up in an EO. Which one? Why is Trudeau hiding in Costa Rica? Why is Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan?

Shit is happening at an increasingly accelerated rate. We are watching it with our own eyes. 80% private.

Just because we aren’t being told play by play how and why things are happening, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. It’s right in front of us.

It’s going to get worse for them. Schiff and other politicians are going down. We may not be told told why. We may not be told they are even criminals. I expect extremely significant “retirements” or “resignations” to keep occurring in the government, going higher and higher up the ladder. How many Democrat house members are resigning? Why?

We are winning. Nothing can stop what is coming.

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What if this was a trap to hand over Pelosi to the Chinese for prosecution for war crimes. Is it so hard to believe Pelosi got herself wrapped up in some Taiwanese Biolabs or some other nefarious shit? What a pawn that would be. A sign of respect. It would be proof that Trump and the patriots are willing to go all the way to the top to clean the corruption.

You do it while Biden is president; putting the media in a position where they don’t want to blame anyone. They don’t want to blame Biden. The same as if you want to have Ukraine invaded, or destroy the Fed note as a world currency. You put the crash test dummy up, so the media gets stuck in a loop.

It’s a wild idea. But this whole fucking thing is wild. It’s baffling. I simply cannot accept that this is a routine goodwill mission. No fucking way.

There is far more here than what we are being told. We aren’t even scratching the surface.

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Look at all these fucking dipshits crawling out of the woodwork now that it’s blatantly obvious the vaccines are at best useless. At best. Worst case, just about everyone who took them is going to suffer some sort of chronic injury or death.

I don’t give a fuck about them. Of course now that’s it’s safe to be anti vaccine, anti mandate, people are speaking out. Of course they are.

It only counts if you are willing to stand tall when it’s the most difficult.

I will never forgive them. When our generation had its moment to stand up against these fucking idiotic communists, they backed down. It’s actually humorous to me.

People had to stand tall against Stalin. Lenin. Mao. Ruthless tyrants who machine gunned entire communities into ditches for it. These fucking idiots couldn’t stand up to Justin Fucking Trudeau and a bunch of globalist pussy journalists and social media billionaires. No machine guns. No gallows. No torture. Just an effeminate globalist faggot mandating it.

Don’t care if they all die. Way past that. It’s not heroic or brave to realize 2 years after the fact that you are a complete sucker and poisoned yourself. The time for bravery is past. When we needed them most, they folded to a pussy like Trudeau or Biden. Fuck em.

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It wasn’t hard to avoid the shot. It was quite easy. I just told myself that the only way that’s going in me is if they hold me down at gun point. And that’s it. No compromise. I knew that the madness would not last long. Also, by the time the fucking vaccines came out, the survival rate of greater than 99% had been proved.

So it had already been shown that covid was harmless to most of the population. Why even give a shit about the vaccine?

These people didn’t fear covid or sickness. They feared being different from the crowd. That’s why women and low T effeminate liberal men are the biggest vax pushers. They live like lemmings, and would never be able to risk becoming an outsider. They aren’t built for it.

If another situation arises in which some global moral panic requires her to give up a chunk of freedom, in the same manner in which covid hysteria was provided, she will probably fold again.

She’s not red pilled on the big picture. She’s only red pilled on the vaccine scam.

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I’m waiting for this as well. The size of that hack and the manner in which it was done can only be done by a government. If it wasn’t ours, it was another major world power. Years of work and hundreds or thousands of people. Including physical penetrations of real world locations. This wasn’t all done from a small room in China. This was military in scope.

My gut is that it was an offensive operation in cyber warfare meant to collect evidence for enforcement under a Trump EO. A way to track all and surveil all of the criminals hiding behind the veil of corporations and banks. Just another means of catching them all.

And it also accomplishes the goal of taunting them by its name alone, and the date it was announced publicly lined up with a 45 day timeline from a Trump EO.

It lines up with all the changes Trump authorized in cyber warfare. He changed the way things are done, and authorized offensive operations for the first time basically ever in that field.

Plus the fact that we have heard not a peep since then, makes me believe thats intentional

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This is a big deal. This is a major defeat for the globalist pedophiles.

Tavistock is ground zero for the trans kid thing. It all started there. 4chan has been memeing on Tavistock for a very long time. Way before their poisonous policies spread to the US, people were talking about Tavistock.

Huge fucking win here.

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When they were forced to admit that they hid all the data proving the vaccines are useless, they said it was to prevent “vaccine hesitancy.” Essentially saying we lied and didn’t the job we were supposed to do for the people, because we wanted to sell more vaccines.

Yes they just make shit up, because the news media and social media are in the bag with them. They never have to explain why they come up with these terms. Or why people who don’t take the vaccine, or stupid paxlovid, don’t have these problems.

They say it’s rare. And yet, both Fauci and Biden have gotten covid multiple times. This alone is proof that’s it’s not rare. The opposite is true. If you are vaccinated, it’s nearly a certainty you will get covid. If you take paxlovid, it’s near certain you will get covid again.

Lol Jesus Christ I am so glad I didn’t take these stupid fucking shots.

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Ezra Cohen Watnick is kicking up a shit storm. This stuff is being released against their will. Just like the Pelosi dump showing her family is criminal pedophiles.

Their blackmail material on everyone is being pried out of their hands. Interesting. That would mean we are going to see increasingly damaging info on people.

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That’s the real question.

I got to think this is being forced. They don’t want to build the wall. They don’t want to stop the flow of immigrants. They want to increase it. They want to drown us in immigrants, they don’t care that it’s not polling well, and theoretically they only have 2 more years of power to do it. So in their shoes, giving Trump a win, and slowing down illegal immigrant flow, are both losses.

So there is probably a bigger story behind this than appears right now.

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It wouldn’t surprise me single bit if early use of drugs like ivermectin ad other cheap drugs are the most effective treatment and they have been hiding it from us.

I’m damn sure gonna try if I do get it.

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