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It won’t be hard. The trick is to do it properly. You make it a national emergency and do the paperwork to make it possible for the military to be deployed to the border. Then you use the extra-constitutional powers of a national emergency to force every sheriff and police department in America to hand over every single illegal they find.

It’s going to happen. The largest deportation operation in history is coming. They had to get everyone on board, including Dems in sanctuary cities. And they have. What are black democrats in Chicago going to do when the buses show up and start taking illegals out by the thousands? Are they going to riot and protest Trump? No. They are going to celebrate in the streets.

Every single day it becomes more clear why it had to be this way, why Trump says this will make it easier “to do what needs to be done.” Because democrats had to feel the pain in their own backyards. Typically. Illegal migration had to become a personal pain felt by all the voters in these sanctuary cities. And now it is.

Shits gonna get fucking real.

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What a damn legend and an incredible asset to have on our side. Dude is single handedly altering the course of the entire planet. His name is going to ring in US history books for eternity right along side Trump and Adm Rogers. He’s cementing his legacy more every year.

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They are so damn ass blasted that their attempt to vax pass the entire country failed. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. There is a reason that they attempted to ratchet up the pressure month after month after month. We were supposed to take these things at 90+ percent. It would have then made it impossible to refuse these new ones, because it would turn our phone apps red and we wouldn’t be able to travel and do all sorts of shit.

These naive arrogant WEF billionaires really did think they could make us all do it. Sitting in their big meetings with fancy meals and private jets. Calling themselves elite. They do not understand the psychologically of us at all. Their own tactics ensured their failure. The harder they pushed, the more pressure they applied, only confirmed our suspicions and hardened our resolve. The American spirit of “fuck you, make me” is still alive in enough people.

This is why they are so so desperate to replace us with hordes of immigrants with lower IQ and more submissive tendencies. They want a population that will absorb propaganda and fall for rewards as absurd as free coffee, lottery tickets, and 100$ bill to take their newest clot shot.

The fucking balls on these people. To think that all of us would fall for these tricks. Of course some did, but the notion that all of us would is flat insulting. They really do think that everyone outside their little club is a complete imbecile.

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Not surprising. Ukraine didn’t have air superiority for 99% of the fighting. They got trained by NATO, but those tactics only work with the air under control. What is the first thing the US does in a war? Bomb the anti-air, comms, and airfields and begin taking total control of the airspace. Our entire fighting strategy relies on not only owning the skies, but having air support available on standby 24/7.

Every single one of these talking heads at the Pentagon is either a moron, or a liar. Mcrystal, Austin, Milley all made so many cocky statements about how certain victory was, how brave Ukraine was, how important it was to give them vehicles and ammo. It was bullshit from day one.

Without WW3 level intervention by NATO, Ukraine has been at the mercy of Russia since day one. The only reason the entire country hasn’t been taken is because Russia doesn’t want it. And anyone who knows how NATO doctrine works would have understood that immediately.

This current group of fuckheads in the Pentagon is going to be judged extremely poorly by history. Once Biden is out and the propaganda mill is unraveled, the abject failures of the last 3 years are going to be impossible to hide.

Milley particularly is going to be considered one of the biggest failures to ever do the job, and is extremely lucky if he isn’t charged with treason.

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The paper ballots are needed to backup the conversion of red to blue votes. The 2 systems work together. You can’t have the electronic data saying there is 10 million blue votes and only have 6 million blue ballot slips.

This is how they are going to secure 2024. Without the algorithm, the ballots aren’t enough. It requires both running at the same time. Especially if you get into a scenario where it’s an overwhelming victory. It was bad enough in 2020 that Trump broke the damn algorithm. Now imagine what it’s going to look like without it completely.

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What the fuck am I looking at? Look how close that is.

Is this video of AF1 refueling a F18? It’s either that, or another F18 doing it. But look how close it is. The wing would be in the way. Why would they refuel so close, it’s a dangerous operation.

Pretty sure that fuel boom is coming off the passenger jet they are flying in. Which means either AF1 has the ability to refuel fighter jets, or Trumps plane does. Either one is mind blowing.

Did anyone else know AF1 has a refuel boom on it? I can’t recall that ever being discussed or released as unclassified info.

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This is useless info that can’t be corroborated in any way. Of course it’s possible. They didn’t spend 500 million dollars on Gitmo to close it. They made it bigger and added a courthouse. At this time, the GWOT is over and there are roughly 35 jihadis left. Down from hundreds.

Using that info, it’s obvious that there is some perceived need for high level trials and detention by military courts. Logically, you would expect the place to be shrinking and getting budget cuts. If one courthouse was enough for the entire GWOT, that means they expect something else to occur that is larger than the gwot. A hospital, new cell blocks, new admin areas, new press areas, new SCIF areas, this is very important data. They didn’t build all that shit on a whim. There was a perceived need. People sat around and discussed what they needed to build for the estimated numbers that would be incoming.

This lady may be right. But she does a shit job at giving us something to corroborate it.

If they have already started tribunals, we won’t know unless they want us to. They can bury that shit under a mountain of classification.

I am waiting for people to disappear or to die of “natural causes” in a way that can’t be coincidence. That will likely be the only way we will be able to tell until 2024. For example if Pelosi, Bush, Schiff were to all die in a single year. Prominent people involved in the core of the treason falling off the face of the earth or dying. A bunch of them.

I don’t expect any of the fun to start publicly until 2024, after Trump wins in a landslide. For the optics. There can be no question that the public is behind him.

Of course it’s possible tribunals are already occurring. I just don’t expect any real confirmation of it yet.

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Lol for real. This looks like a fuckup.

My buddy had his first night standing duty chief in port on a sub, and someone unclipped the line off the flag and replaced it with one that was way too short and no one noticed.

So, his first time doing colors, with the damn CO standing there watching, the doofus trying to raise it could only get it up the pole like a foot. Jesus Christ it was a sick burn. We never figured out who set him up, but he leaned a lesson that day. When taking over as duty chief always make sure you got the colors and stuff ready to go and it’s not all jacked up.

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Listen to his voice. He’s not shocked. He knows more. He knows it all.

Holy fuck the absolute destruction of the establishment that is going to result from the inevitable exposure of the rigging. Every politician, judge, law enforcement agency, social media company, and legacy media outlet has said for 3 years it was the most secure election in history.

This is the Wuhan lab, clot shot, and Ukraine effect happening again. It starts with outright denial. Then very very slowly the inevitable truth leaks out. Slowly. They first attempt to hedge and spin. Maybe the virus came from Wuhan lab accident. The clot shot is only 75% effective. Ukraine just has to have a good counter offensive.

Slowly, reality busts through the lies. The DOE confirms the virus came from Wuhan. Under oath Pfizer admits they never tested for transmission. Doctors admit lockdowns were useless. The media admits Ukraine is in desperate straits and having to recruit 50 year olds.

And then it breaks and they give up. Ukraine is being pushed to go for a peace treaty and they aren’t getting the land back. Lockdowns were useless and caused more damage than worth. New covid shot uptake is only 12%. Everyone assumes the leak came from Wuhan.

Election theft is next. They will resist this truth more than all the others. But it’s coming. It’s inevitable. It’s going to be very slow. But it’s coming. It had to be this way.

The establishment is going to be forced to eat the biggest shit sandwich in the last 200 years, and we are going to be around to point and laugh.

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Eventually, Elon’s name is going to be included in the same paragraphs as Trump, Rogers and Flynn. He is a needed asset in the psy-op. He is considered a genius by the normies. Someone with impeccable intelligence, drive and judgment.

It’s a sly trick. If Elon publicly acknowledges something as true, that allows normies to then also accept that idea. He is capable of shifting the Overton window by himself. His very public gradual awakening is dragging along all the normies.

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No wonder they try to keep this shit so damn secret.

They look like a bunch of larping old faggots.

Next time some idiot says his grandpa is a mason and it’s just like a VFW meeting, im gonna tell him his grandpa is clearly a closeted homosexual.

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The thing is, ivermectin is still a pharmaceutical. That’s how easily brainwashed these people are. It’s not like we are saying that praying and crystals are going to solve covid. We are just advocating for a different pharma drug. And yet these people act like we are suggesting bloodletting.

The smartest thing they did with the vax was make it political and present it as the natural choice of the intellectual elite. You instantly have an entire group of people willing to line up for the jab without any research, and who will actively resist any negative evidence. They want to take it loudly and proudly, to ensure that they’re desired in group can see that they are one of them. That’s why so many of them post their shots on social media, and disparage ivermectin on social media. They need people to see it.

It’s akin to having a degree. It’s validation. Look at me I got the shots and I making fun of those idiot redneck ivermectin users! I am one of the smart people!

It’s hard to feel sorry for these people. They wanted to force us into a medical experiment, get us fired, or lock us in our homes. And now they are backpedaling as fast as possible to pretend none of that ever happened.

Dying suddenly is too good for them. They won’t even realize they were wrong before they check out.

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It’s a win, and it’s not. Big picture, this was not their plan. The goal was vax passports, digital control, 99% acceptance, and a never ending series of mandatory vaccines anytime they chose. Forcing it on the military was an easy way to immediately get the numbers up, and remove persons prone to resistance or critical thinking.

They failed. Society as a whole resisted in far greater numbers than they accounted for. This includes the military. Society is also resisting the DEI agenda far more than they expected, and this includes the military. The clot shot and bullshit DEI has been killing their recruiting for 3 years in a row now. They are getting desperate.

Attempting to get discharged members back in is an obvious response to their abysmal recruiting numbers. Just like their newest all white male army ad. We can expect this to continue. They will do everything they can to reverse the image they have created for themselves in the past 3 years. It’s just an image.

If I had gotten discharged badly I would apply to get that corrected. An honorable discharge from a good job in the military carries as much weight as a college degree, sometimes more. My company prefers tech rate veterans over college grads. We are not the only ones. Of course I wouldn’t be signing back up.

A real win would be firing of every single flag officer who was on board with the policies that they are now reversing. A public apology to anyone they kicked out over this dumb shit. Accountability.

It’s better than nothing. My brothers can now get their correct honorable discharge. They have had to publicly beg for them to come back. This obviously was not their plan, and they don’t want to be doing it. But it doesn’t mean they have changed.

There is a purge coming in the pentagon. Just like everything else, the people had to be shown the truth. How bad the officer class has become. How out of step with both the military and the public. Baby steps.

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He’s not a senile demented fool. He knows Q group is real. He knows every single thing they have tried since 2016 to stop Trump has failed, and he knows why. He knows Biden is getting so bad that soon they won’t even be able to let him in public. He knows congressman keep retiring or not running out of the blue. He knows Ukraine is over and there is nothing he can do about it.

He knows that everything he has done in his entire career is culminating in this, he’s a gopher for a total moron with severe dementia that just callled Xi a dictator and ruined the entire point of the trip that he set up.

He knows nothing can stop what is coming.

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The story of this island isn’t over. There are too many holes in the dam for the cabal to protect them all forever. It may not be a week, or a year, but sometime during Trump presidency the hammer is going to drop. And Trump is going to smile for the cameras when it happens.

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But never NA. He chose his tags for a purpose. Like Night76. To send a message.

Why would Biden willingly chose Not Applicable for every single flight of his entire presidency, while Kamala flies AF2.

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Never in my live have I seen so many peoples heads and necks appear to be fucked up in some way or another. Seems like once a month we get a new picture of video of some lizard person having neck skin that’s looks fucked up, a face that appears to be melting off, or skin around the eyes that looks like latex hanging off of a face underneath it.

I would just assume it’s all masks and bad AI, but it’s getting to be so many different people it doesn’t even make sense. I could buy faking Biden, but why this guy? CEOs die in helicopter crashes all the time. No need to fake him, it wouldn’t be suspicious if he died of all sorts of reasons.

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Fat fucking lot of good it does AFTER vaccination.

Best case, a kid doesn’t need any more vaccines than we got in the early 80s. The autism line seems to have come a generation after us, when the # of shots doubled then tripled. At this point, it’s fucking absurd how many shots they want to give you. Why?

What health crisis did my generation have that means our kids need to have 3-4x the shots I did?

We are on our own. Doctors have been giving this poison their entire lives. They will never willingly put 2 and 2 together. They will never answer the simple question. Why don’t the Amish kids have autism? It’s a simple question. It’s the only question that matters. And they won’t answer it.

We are on our own. It’s just the way it is.

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Is this fake or is this enforcement of human trafficking EO? The same goes with the prosecution of that idiot senator Menendez. He’s a dem, and he’s on powerful committee. Why are they targeting him? Was it due to his violating of the Corruption EO?

Not enough of a pattern yet. I’m really waiting to see if more corrupt members of congress are prosecuted. Like it’s a small drip, and not a massive flood.

Supposedly the Biden DOJ dropped human trafficking as a priority, obviously, which makes these big busts even more suspicious. I just don’t see them wanting to go out their way to bust elite sex trafficking rings. That’s their own people.

Time will tell. Either it’s a fluke or it’s not.

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There’s a partnership for the whole thing. DOD funds were given to create the entire thing, like a joint development project. Elon gets credit for it all, but it wasn’t just his idea. It was about national security from the start. It’s not advertised, but if you go back in time there are instances of Kash discussing all the money he gave Elon to develop it.

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They have seen their recruiting numbers, and have seen the quality of the recruits going through training, and now that Israel may need bodies for the meat grinder, they are shitting themselves.

Too late. The officer class and Pentagon have shown their true colors. Enjoy the army you got. Supposedly all you need for a strong military is diversity. Now you have it. You picked a side. You endorsed critical race theory. You said the military was full of white supremacist. Now you have to defend Israel with the people you so desperately attempted to court. Let’s see how well a bunch of mentally ill genderless, gay and transsexual millennials perform in combat.

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No one is saying it out loud but this is all due to EO. It started with computer chips and other obscure chemicals needed to make computer chips. One by one China has been cut off from strategic resources produced in the west. Then it became manufacturing. The huge factory cities are becoming ghost towns because Taiwanese, Japanese, US and European corporations are moving their manufacturing to India, Vietnam, Thailand. Within a few years, most Apple products will no longer be manufactured in China. Foxconn is moving out. And Apple is just the face of manufacturing. It’s not just them. It’s everyone.

It’s cataclysmic for China. We are going to watch in real time as the gains of the last 40 years are erased. It’s over. They are no longer the factory of the world.

It’s war. 5th gen war. Did they really think they could get away with unleashing a WMD on the US? Well, they can’t. Just because we aren’t shooting bullets at them, doesn’t mean we aren’t attempting to cut their hearts out. Famine, starvation, destruction of the middle class, that is coming for China.

They may as well have shot mustard gas, or anthrax, or smallpox into the U.S. A biological weapon is a biological weapon. The CIA may deny it, but everyone else has assessed it came from a Wuhan lab. That cannot be allowed without consequences.

And that doesn’t even get into them tripping over another EO with foreign election interference. How many ballots do you think got printed in China and shipped over? Has anyone ever explained why immediately after the election the Port of Long Beach turned into a parking lot? Is it a coincidence there was a Q post years ago with nothing but an image of that port?

China. Ukraine. Israel. We knew they were in the crosshairs. And now look what’s happening.

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It’s not hope. It’s observation. It’s little things that simply cannot be explained. Not a single time that Biden has flown somewhere in the 747 has it been call signed AF1. It’s always NA. And yet when Kamala flies she goes get the AF2 tag. In our lifetime, no President has ever not had the AF1 callsign, unless you count Trump choosing Night76 for his evening flight on Jan 6 to the Texas military base.

Biden has extended the national emergency declared by EO in 2018 for foreign election interference 3 times now. It’s still in effect. Does that make any sense?

5 years ago Q made a post about national emergency broadcast on our phones. 5 years later we get a test on our phones, it was 1 day off. 10/3 was the post 10/4 was the test. That defies any possibility of a coincidence. None of us in our lifetime have had a ebs nationwide test on our phones. So the first time it does happen it just happens to be the day after Q posted about it 5 years prior?

Why did they spend 500 million at Gitmo and build a second courthouse? War on terror is over. There is only 35 dudes left down there. What war or event is the military anticipating that they are going to have so many prisoners that a second courthouse, a new cell block, and a new hospital is going to be needed? Why a hospital? Because if you are planning on locking up a shitload of corrupt old geriatric politicians, you gonna need a hospital.

I could go on for pages. Why does Trump consistently still use Q phrases? Why has he never disavowed Q when asked? Why does he throw up air Q hand signals at his rallies? Why does Kash make references to Q all the time?

I have a unique experience in the strategic weapon side of the military, the nuclear triad community. I have participated in war games and seen how the planning works. The idea that they would turn over nuclear weapons to Joe Biden after that shit show of an election is far more preposterous to me than the idea of Q. There is no fucking way that they turned them over to the Biden admin. He may have assumed administrative control over much of the federal government, but there is no way they handed over nuclear weaponry to him. Which to me, explains perfectly why he never flies with the AF1 callsign. Cause it’s not AF1 when he is onboard, because that would imply he has decision making control of nuclear weapons.

It’s only a year or so left until we get all the answers we need. I’m absolutely confident that when the story is told the truth is going to reflect that in the entire background of the Biden admin there was a shift in continuity of government, and he has not held control of the nuclear football for a single day. The rest of the details I may be right or wrong on, but I will be proven correct that they used proof of foreign interference to executive COG plans that kept the nuclear football either in 3rd party hands or in Trumps hands.

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A few brief frames showing only the white ghost moving. And of course it’s 17 seconds.

When this is over you won’t be able to find a single person who will admit they didn’t see the signs of the operation. No one is going to want to admit they ignored the most complex military operation in at least our lifetimes because Brian Stelter told them it was a conspiracy theory. Eventually, you will also not be able to find a single person who will admit they voted for Biden. The media will overnight jump ship and pretend they knew about it the whole time.

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