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I live in the most lefty state there is, in a very lefty city. I am a combat vet. I am on steroids and covered in tattoos. I never wear a mask. Never. I am the only one in the grocery store not masked. Thankfully, the employees here really don’t give a shit.

Just being around all of them with their USELESS cloth masks on. Stupid fucking mindless sheep. They will wear these masks the rest of their lives just so they dont stick out in a crowd.

I’m done tolerating their mental illness. My rage radiates off me visibly in public. No one, not one single person has ever asked me to wear a mask. Most of them avoid looking at me entirely. The ones who do, never hold eye contact with me.

I am mentally daring them to say something every single time. They don’t say shit.

They only fuck with people that they believe will tolerate it.

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Could be a billion reasons. Maybe he’s got lung cancer. Maybe he was planning on it but the pressure from activist investors was too much. I suspect without Trump their actual long term outlook is bleak, and that they have been hemorrhaging users for years with no real long term plans to correct it. Just like Disney, they can’t change course now anyway, because the entire company has been infected with communists.

Glad I don’t have any money in tied up in that disaster.

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If it wasn’t a sudden move, they would have announced it during earnings call last year. You are missing what I am saying completely. If this was planned, the announcement would be that Jack is stepping down in a year, as the new CEO steps in.

Instead, the announcement is that Jack is leaving immediately, to be replaced by this person. That’s why their stock took a dump. It doesn’t matter if people inside Twitter knew. That’s not the point. The point is that institutional investors weren’t told. This is incredibly odd for a mega Corp.

If you were an institutional investor, wouldn’t you be furious? Of course you would. That’s the point I’m making. They do these things in a certain way to keep their friends from getting wrecked in the markets. In this case, which is unusual, they didn’t tell the banks.

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Apparently they didn’t tell the analysts or institutional investors ahead of time, look at the trading. This was a surprise to Wall Street.

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This is the big clue that something is happening that is out of their control. CEOs never leave mega corps without a planned public transition to ensure the stock price doesn’t dive. Head hunting a replacement at this level is usually a public affair, and takes a very long time. Percentages equal billions, and loss due to uncertainty over leadership wipes out fortunes.

What happened at Enron after Jeff Skilling bailed unexpectedly? It crashed under the weight of its own illegal actions.

Something is afoot. We (of course) are being lied to.

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They get paid more by foreigners. At every level of government this is happening. Think about it. The sheriff in fucking Arizona was installed by Soros. This rot isn’t just on Capitol Hill. It goes all the way down to governors, secretary of states, even county sheriffs like in Arizona.

So when you see these insane policies that seem to make no sense for the US taxpayer, you are looking at it wrong. They feel no need to satisfy the taxpayer, that’s not who is paying them. They are merely following orders from their actual bosses.

They are getting rich for pushing the lockdowns and mask mandates and the destruction of public education because that’s where the paychecks are coming from. It’s not just stupidity, they are being paid to do it.

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He’s absolutely right. It was an attempted attack on MBS life, by members of his own family, with assistance from that guy Keshogi and I’m assuming our own corrupt agencies. Somehow the plot was foiled during the gun transaction and they killed paddock to clean up. Multiple shooters then targeted the crowd and gas tanks to create confusion in an attempt to escape.

There is video of an Arabic man being escorted out of a casino as this is happening by deputies armed with AR-15s. There is also video of blackhawks armed flying around, which is not any federal agency aside from military. Law enforcement does not have mil spec blackhawks.

If you follow the timeline, the entire Saudi family was purged with assistance from US contractors softly after Vegas. And Keshogi was hacked to pieces by the saudis and then quickly memory holed.

Everything is tied together. It’s a global problem, hence the 80% private portion of all this.

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Because 99% of the time active sonar is not in use. Only passive. Any transmissions are a counter detection threat. So you only go active in very specific instances. It’s rare.

The fact that they did fire the sonar chief, for something that would usually be a navigation problem, makes me believe there is more to the story.

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Totally possible it could have been mechanical failure. There is a logic to assuming spatial disorientation in this case though. Every single minute that guy flew without a clear horizon and visible earth below him, while flying VFR, was a minute he dodged spatial disorientation. It was inevitable. He was not instrument rated, so he would not be able to reset his inner ear by using the instruments.

It’s a essentially an emergency when amateur pilots only flying VFR enter IMC conditions. You have minutes to live.

The most suspicious thing is that he would even attempt this. He should have known better, and he had fuck you money, so why rush the flight? It’s so stupid and dangerous, it seems like a coverup.

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It does matter. If you can’t see the ground you aren’t flying VFR. Even if he could see lights, you still can’t see the ground and you can’t see the horizon. The average lifespan of a non instrument pilot transitioning from VFR into IMC is 11 minutes. I’m pretty sure it is the number one cause of fatal crashes in non commercial aircraft.

He had no business being in that cockpit past dusk. Suicidal.

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He wasn’t instrument rated and he flew VFR into IMC. How long do you usually survive when you do that?

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Nah. It was super easy for him to have crashed where he crashed. Super super easy. He crossed into open water at dusk without IFR. Then he got spatially disoriented and hucked it. The projected crash even suggested that he had rudder control issues on one side, the side that had a cast on his foot.

Not saying the entire thing wasn’t fake. But he flew VFR when he should have been flying IFR and that kills plenty of people.


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It’s odd how clear his vision is, and yet he still considers himself a lefty. He is so close to the truth. He still thinks there is another way to do socialism/communism, that the current democrats are just doing it wrong. If only they would do it differently.

What’s it gonna take to snap this guy into reality?

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Most likely all the data is being packaged for court cases that we can see with our own eyes, or it’s being used in court cases we may never even know exist being done in FISA court.

My take is that the audits are just follow up icing on the cake. They physical ballots themselves are a means to an end, which is covering for the algorithm. They had to fake enough of them to cover for the ever increasingly wacky algo as Trump landslided even harder than predicated.

The foreign interference aspect tosses our conventional way of thinking out the window. Who has jurisdiction over that? Wouldn’t that be a FISA/Military job? Are the people who assisted with the election theft normal criminals? Or are they actually military traitors, enemy combatants participating in electronic warfare against the US?

As much as it sucks, if all of this shit of shit true, it’s not surprising at all that we don’t see shit in the terms of progress. The goal would be to reverse the corruption and remove the traitors with the minimum negative effect on the civilian population. Minimize shock economically and culturally.

We all expected seal team six to fast rope in and arrest all of congress. But what if it’s much softer than that? What if it appears organic as the corruption is silently excised? It’s very very interesting how many corrupt are “retiring”, before Durham even really gets going.

I’m still convinced 100% that there is some shit going down we aren’t being told. Too many unexplained illogical things occurring. 37 terrorists left in Gitmo since the war on terror ended. Just 37. So why did they just spend 4 years and 500 million making it into an island version of Leavenworth or Marion? It went from a barebones dusty military op, and is now a huge penal system with courthouses, multiple cell blocks, hospital and other facilities.

Why did they rebuild Marion in fucking Cuba for 37 towelheads.

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I believe he is directly named in the continuity of government EO as a manager. So if shit was actually kicking off, on paper he may know quite a bit more than he is saying.

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Corona was spy satellite shit. On the public side Trump tweeted out a screenshot of an Iran missile pad from one of these keyhole satellites. It was actually big news at the time because it was the first public showing of what resolution they are capable of.

The same day the Q references to corona offline were made. Assuming space force shut them down and took their shit.

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They should be flipping out. Biden has appointed zero new ambassadors. Seriously. It’s not discussed in the media but it’s also not a total secret. They have just been pretending if no one talks about it no one will notice.

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Crypto. The hidden wealth is going to have to go somewhere, and crypto is the fastest way to move huge sums out of the system. There is a reason the crypto market seems to be on a never ending bull run. And it’s just getting started.

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Evergrande is a result of the same type of corruption that has infected the US, but it’s not the same people. The Chinese people have the CCP ultra rich elites, we have communist European monarchy and silicone valley billionaire commies. Both are parasites that will do anything to retain control and wealth.

The CCP elites basically faked the transition of China into a first world nation and faked its middle class the last 20 years. They were so vain and so desperate and so impatient that they squeezed 100 years of organic growth into 20, propped up by building shit that didn’t need to be built.

30 fucking percent of their gross domestic product is tied to construction. 30 fucking percent. And even bigger percentage of the people’s wealth is held in the form of this property. 401ks are not how the Chinese build wealth or save resources, they do it with property. Hundreds of millions of people, more than our entire population, are relying on their property to feed themselves in the future.

Now the music is beginning to slow, and the great escape is beginning for the CCP elites. The cataclysm that is going to take place in China domestically is going to be a site to behold. Think about how fucking big the workforce and production of China is. The amount of shit they product internally. How many actual plumbers and roofers and steelworkers and concrete worked and truck drivers there are. How many plants produce supplies for the building and construction industry.

30% of the internal production is tied to a real estate market that built 120 million excess units that no one who has money wants to live in, and is too expensive to be afforded by the poor.

The more people try to sell these investments, the lower they will make the price, which will drive the prices down dramatically. They are losing all of that GDP from building this fake shit, and they are also going to lose all of the fake wealth they have built up in these investments.

They getting fucked so hard.

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At some point yes, the indictment leads to arrest. But for white collars shit like this, usually it’s handled through the lawyers unless your roger stone. The target doesn’t always end up in jail, although technically they have been charged and arrested. It’s a messy system with lots of variables.

People could have been indicted by a grand jury and not know it for years as further investigation continues.

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Some prosecutor took some preliminary info of crime to an empaneled grand jury and this grand jury found there it met the burden of proof for being officially charged with the crimes.

It’s a jury that doesn’t decide guilt or innocence, they decide if there is enough to arrest. This helps with large cases in two ways. Being indicted for crimes is a good way to get the lower people to roll. It also opens up surveillance options for far more aggressive surveillance, including attorney client privilege records involved.

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Bush senior and then Bush junior are the biggest players in all of this. Some of the most powerful men on earth. It’s shocking how well Bush 2 was able to play a bumbling idiot while at the same time becoming a partner in Vanguard, meaning the Bush family was invited to sit at the table with Rockefeller and Rothschild.

9-11 happened during Bush 2, he gave his CIA head the highest medal a civilian can get for allowing it, they wrote the “patriot act” with the future in mind. That is no coincidence. The Patriot act wasn’t meant to capture Islamic terrorists. It was meant to use against us, patriots, in the future. Likely in year 4-5 of lockdowns they had in mind for covid. These are the games they play, they put it right out in the open. The voting machines business deals with European oligarchs began under Bush as well, handing over the presidency to the CIA and his buddies at Carlyle Group and Vanguard. It was a slow process, getting these things into enough states, these people do at least have very solid long term planning.

Of all the corruption, the Bush family rises above. The Clinton Foundation is pennies compared to the power and wealth the Bushes were given. A piece of fucking Vanguard man.

Can you imagine how badly that family fucked over all of us to be given that? Everyone else gets handouts, a million here a million there. The Bush family is dealing in hundreds of billions if you actually look at the holdings.

Total bullshit that Bezos is the richest American. Bush family has far more wealth. It’s just not out in the open.

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What can they do? This is the absolute fucking genius of the Q project. The cabal is fucked both ways.

The government can do nothing about 4 years of Q leaks, because to investigate and arrest someone would grant legitimacy to Q. They have had to sit there for 4 years and watch in real time all of the secrets of decades of corruption get spilled out onto a fucking Chan. And they couldn’t do a thing about it. What if they did try to arrest someone for leaking classified info? What would happen in that courtroom?

So simple yet so effective. Leak directly to the people, and allow it to spread organically. The smart ones will quickly see how logical all of the leaks fit together with what we know about corruption, and explain it to others. They are relying on human natural curiosity to solve puzzles and put things together, instead of force feeding bullshit through a TV box.

It was beyond effective. In 4 years the Q zeitgeist completely rearranged the political and cultural landscape. They had 4 years to wake up enough people to how bad it is, so they would be ready for what’s to come.

More than half the country is now waiting for essentially the entire government to be thrown into gitmo for treason. We are begging for it. This was their end goal. It’s not a military coup by a fascist, if the citizens are begging for it. It’s a triumphant return of a patriot and freedom fighter. Optics.

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It’s how it should be. Farmers and normal people from all across the US coming into Washington a few times a year to handle business was the original state of affairs. They had real jobs at home to get back to. Now these lazy fucks do it full time for 175k with full pension and medical for life after only one term. AND they take millions upon millions of dollars from foreigners washed through a dozen obvious “legitimate” ways.

Think about how obvious their corruption is. They all become millionaires through corruption that’s out in the open. They don’t even hide it. They just don’t take large sacks of cash directly. But they might as well. Look at Nancy Pelosi. That’s just an easy one.

How can anyone believe that there are actual adults in the legal system when this insane corruption is just sitting there out in the open. They pass some idiotic unconstitutional bill that protects a privileged class from inside trading laws? Why? Why has that insanity been allowed to exist for decades?

The Supreme Court is beyond saving. What the fuck do they actually do? All they do is take cases that don’t mean shit so the insane corruption can continue to flow through DC. Even the “based” ones are beyond saving. This shit is a century in the making. Logically ask yourself how it’s possible all of these politicians end up with money from foreign countries in their bank accounts and no one has done a single thing about it in decades.

Can you imagine what the founding fathers would have thought of this behavior? They would hang everyone, immediately, for treason.

We are seeing in real time how countries fall to corruption. Federal law enforcement is already as corrupt as the Mexican police. Easily. How long until local law enforcement gets into the extortion game as easily as the FBI? How long until you have to bribe for business licenses? Zoning permits?

Shits so bad. Durham better come through.

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They still haven’t figured out the silent majority is real. This is good. We want them to learn nothing from this. The longer the commies expose themselves the easier it is to defeat them.

Doesn’t hurt that they have been filling all of their ranks with idiotic low IQ diversity hires. Much easier to destroy the enemy when they are operating at the level of a junior high student.

Reddit is a meme now. They destroyed themselves.

Think back to when Obama did an AMA on Reddit, how big that site was. It was the front page of the internet for many people. Legit it was a huge cultural presence. Now it’s an afterthought.

The longer they stay stupid the better.

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