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Doesn’t that sound absolutely insane when you say it out loud?

They rented 5 vehicles to carry the president and his family around.

So the entire time they were there, the entire family was driven around in cars with no armor and no police package. No radios. The fucking President. In a rental car.

And then all of them explode.

This story is impossible. Just the rental part makes zero sense. Then, another incredibly unlikely event, they all catch fire. All of them.

No fucking way. This entire event is too absurd to believe.

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This cannot be right. Aside from armored vehicle for the Pres, the backup SUVs are also special. They have all the law enforcement stuff, radios, lights, sirens, some are also armored. And most usually have stowage racks for long guns and medical supplies.

The SUVs in a motorcade are not rentals.

When have you ever in your life seen a president in a vehicle that’s not armored. Or with rental SUVs.

How could this be? Rentals? They drove the guy around in a plane rental all week?

And then to top it off, as if that’s not weird enough, they get firebombed. New rental SUVs don’t spontaneously combust.

What in the fuck is going on here? I swear someone blew up those cars to make us look at them.

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He’s a dead man walking. The stents bought him time but the heart is a complicated thing. A mass of interwoven muscle that all has to respond correctly and accurately, every single time. It doesn’t tolerate deviation well. It pretty much begins to kill you immediately if things go wrong.

He should be having these issues in his 60s or 70s. Which would then give him until 80. Having these issues at 43 means he likely dead by 60. If that.

Of course this won’t be recorded as vax related.

They really planned this poison out well. Very difficult to point at. He will die insisting the vax prolonged his life.

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That’s the projected endpoint. The 250th birthday of the US.

Follow Entheos on truth social and read past posts. It’s a group of 5 people with some kind of extremely close relationship with both Trump and the Q op.

They knew on election night 2016 that a miracle was occurring to defeat the election rigging. When none of us knew yet what we were up against, Entheos knew there was an operation occurring.

It will give you peace of mind. They make a good point. We haven’t see many of the hammers being dropped yet, such as the Election interference EO. We are seeing things happen one at a time. FTX exploding wasn’t coincidence.

We are still living in a national emergency declared in 2018 and continue by the Biden admin. It’s not over.

You know how long investigations take. How long court proceedings take. Think of how many people are guilty. Every single head of fbi for decades. Every single sec of state. CIA heads. Ex presidents. Even if it’s military courts, there is still due process.

Second courtroom at Gitmo opens mid 2023. They haven’t even started yet.

Trust me. Go read Entheos post history. It’s spooky.

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Q post 100. Who is the Queen of England? How long in power? With power comes corruption. What happened to Diana? What did she find out? Why was she running? Who did she entrust to help her flee?

She found out he was both gay and a pedophile and she attempted to flee with that very wealthy very not gay Islamic guy. Probably not a coincidence she found his religious objection to homosexuality comforting.

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You see the problem here? That can only be solved by the military?

The guys who are elected, are powerless. These deep state slime never answer hard questions. Ever. And the people we elect, are powerless to do anything about it. We the people cannot vote ourselves out of this. The Supreme Court is useless. They have allowed this to happen.

In theory, if you work for government, and you get called in front of a Senator or even a panel of house members, you should be fearful. Fearful you may lose your job at best. Or be prosecuted at worst. The senate is supposed to be the most powerful people in the country. They are fucking senators.

But clearly, they aren’t the most powerful. These stooges shit all over them every single time and nothing ever happens. What are they gonna do? Prosecute themselves? Never.

The only people that swing a bigger stick than these DOJ scum are the military. It had to be this way. Let’s all pray they don’t fuck it up.

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Now we see why we didn’t get the storm tweet we were waiting for in 2020. It was bait. He made them delirious with panic to ban him before he could make that tweet, which wouldn’t have solved anything, because the DS still owned it. Instead he made peaceful tweets that still got him banned because they were expecting the storm tweet.

He made them look like the communist assholes that they are. We already knew. But normies didn’t.

Even better, think of this timing with this new special counsel for Jan 6. His tweets from that timeline are back up. The ones where he asked everyone to be peaceful and observe law and order. They wanted these gone so they could rewrite history. Which they have been trying with all their assets to do since then. Now that you can see everything he said, their gaslighting appears even more absurd. He didn’t tell the public to do a single thing violent or bad. It’s the complete opposite.

How are they going to get him for fomenting insurrection, when his main public voice did the complete opposite?

Godamn can you imagine the irritation and scurrying going on in DC right now? As soon as they announce special counsel looking into Jan 6, this shit happens and blows up their entire narrative. What are they gonna do? Use these tweets as evidence? Blow them up on big white boards in hearings? They will have to attempt this SC while at the same time trying to hide all of his tweets from that time period.

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Not much to see. It’s like watching Russiagate all over again. They have no real reason to do it, didn’t say they had any evidence, just used the typical buzzwords that they always do. In the interest of the public, preserving democracy, blah blah blah.

It was over before it started. Just like Mueller. They absolutely cannot dig too deep because it will come out that Trump requested national guard to preserve order and Pelosi denied it. Then it will also come out why the magnetic locking doors were opened from the inside. Or why there is video of DC police opening the gates and inviting people in.

They did such a fucking shitty job staging and hiding it, that they won’t really be able to do anything. Trump told people to wear go pros and record everything, and they did.

What they can do is use it as a weapon in the media, and that’s what they will do. It’s a narrative device, not a law enforcement one. So predictable. Stand by for the anonymous sources, that will start very very soon.

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Of course they are. If they weren’t, they would be ignoring him. They are scared he wins. Again. They know what the real polling data is. It’s no different than 2016.

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Of course it’s Trump. Did you watch the press conference? Garland said specifically since Trump has announced his candidacy, its in the best interest of the public that they investigate Jan 6. It’s merely another continuation of Jan 6. Desperation to somehow some way prevent him from running.

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It’s so obvious. CNN is already doing it. They have an analyst on to discuss why Garland chose that particular prosecutor. Anything but discussing why Trump is filling arenas or why he is a sure shot to destroy whatever shitty Dem candidate they come up with. Especially if it’s Biden lol.

Watch. Won’t be but a few weeks until they start having “anonymous” insiders giving them information that turns out to be totally false.

Problem is no one is watching. NYT and WAPO should also be publishing articles soon on fake leaks.

A carbon copy of Mueller.

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This isn’t real. It’s EXACTLY like Mueller. They need something bad to talk about on the legacy media. They don’t want to show Trump rallies with 50k people. So they create this. But the problem is, just like Mueller, they can’t dig to deep or it will expose Pelosi. So the actual investigation is gonna find nothing.

What will happen is two more years of “anonymous” sources telling false shit to media outlets so they have a narrative.

Two more years of “walls are closing in.”

They are scared. This looks pathetic and they know it. Grasping at straws.

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I thought about that but it seems unlikely if it was, they would only be doing it over Phoenix. They would have needed them over PA and GA as well, basically a bunch of places that use the same methods to cheat.

Is it just a coincidence that Maricopa is the county called out in 2018 Q drops? And that’s the one place we saw the plane? And if it was black hats, why would they leave transponder on? And why in a military tagged aircraft? And why leak clues about the county on an anonymous message board, which would then cause people like you and me to watch carefully?

Cant rule out anything, but I can’t picture why black hats would tell everyone to look at exactly the right place to see them flying a spy plane around. And then leave their transponder on for all the world to see.

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In a spy plane spinning circles over the entire county for the entire week sucking up every cell call, text message and email via various different methods. Likely also using high res cameras and FLIR as well.

The question isn’t where were they. The question is when do they do something about it. They didn’t turn off their transponder. Which tells you something. They didn’t mind us seeing them. Same as during the week of the audit and I assume the 2020 election as well.

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Gitmo is not on US soil for a reason. It’s not a federal prison. If the DOJ and FBI begin rounding us up, we wouldn’t be going there. We would end up in the federal court system, headed for Leavenworth or Lewisburg or another federal pen.

For a US citizen to end up there, would require some sort of foreign involvement. For example if you went to Syria and blew shit up and got caught. Or it requires treason, which would also be involving a foreign enemy and is usually reserved for government officials. Like taking money from Ukraine or China to rig an election.

Not saying we won’t be rounded up at some point by the FBI. You know they want to. But if they did, it wouldn’t be in the Gitmo court system. That place is an island both literally and figuratively. It exists in its own legal bubble outside the regular government. That is why no one has been able to close it.

It’s almost like the military knew the federal government court system is irredeemably corrupt and wanted to create its own Justice system. Which is exactly what it did.

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Every outlandish thing he has said since the mid 2000s has come true. If they fix the voting system in the next 2 years, this presidential run will absolutely be the big deal he claims it to be.

The entire country will be red if they fix the voting. Likely even CA and NY would be red. An election unlike the country has ever seen.

We have come this far and seen so many insane prophecies come true. So many incredibly unlikely events have occurred.

For fucks sake, what if someone told you in 2020 that Elon Musk would by Twitter, and they would allow it to happen, and he would fire all of the communists. Would you have believed that?

The list of incredibly unusual and insane sounding things that have been happening is a mile long. I don’t see why that would stop now.

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It’s so typical Trump though. He always does that about everything.

His other prophecies have turned out to the true, even if it’s years later. When did he first start discussing Obama birth certificate? How many years passed before Q explained all of it and we found out holy shit it’s true? When did he tell the Germans that they would be held hostage with their energy supply, and how many years later until it happened?

He told us everything. He said they would kill our domestic energy supply, and they did. He said Biden would immediately drive us into a recession, and he did. He said they would open the borders as soon as they could, and he did. He said they would drop ballots at 4 am, and they did.

If they clean up the voter system before 2024, this latest speech will be true. He will win with more votes than anyone in history. It will be a blowout that most people don’t even think would be possible. Just imagine if every single Republican vote is accurately counted in 2024, if the election fraud is exposed and punished in the next 2 years.

The backlash against the democrat party will be unimaginable. It would be an election that completely changes the course of our history. Unprecedented.

I follow Entheos on Truth Social. Everyone should. Its a group of 5 people. In 2016 during the election they knew that there was an operation occurring to save the republic. No one knew. We didn’t know what was actually occurring with our elections. Not a slight bit. Entheos knew. Go read their posts going back as far as you can. They may as well own a time machine for the amount of prophecies they made that went true. They knew Italy would fall. They knew Ukraine invasion would occur.

Q told us. Post 3387 Listen very carefully (again). Note past (2) YEARS. Note next (6) YEARS. You were told what was going to happen. You were told what battles we face. Strategic. Pre_planned. Patriots in control.

I just don’t think all of a sudden Trump is going to be saying things that don’t turn out true. We just don’t see the big picture yet. Everyone always laughs at the stuff he says. And then 3 years later, the Nordstream pipeline is blown up by the UK, they get caught via IPhone back, and the PM retires in 6 weeks.

If you had said that the UK and US would work together to blow up those pipelines just a year or two ago, it would have sounded utterly insane. And then it happened.

This is likely a similar scenario.

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When you see those clusters there those are training flights. Typically you will see three clusters from Texas to north Florida of blackhawks and T38 jets for flight schools.

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Retards gonna retard. You should bet him 1000 dollars he gets it again within 6 months.

Welcome to ADE. We tried to warn people. It’s a vaxdemic, and planned that way. The only way to make covid last 10 years was to give everyone ADE.

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I really want to believe that. It is very possible that a shitload of military got Friday and Monday off for 96 hour liberty.

But holidays in the military are conditional. Rare. Luck. Most of us will only get 1/2 or 1/3 Christmas days off. I spent 4 in a row underwater. It’s just the way it is. It’s not a job. It’s a lifestyle. You get used it.

They don’t lower security for holidays. Ever. If you have duty, you work. VD weekend doesn’t explain the sentry aircraft disappearing. The P8s are the clue. They are sentries. The surveillance cameras of the country. Every single day for longer than a year we have had P8s all over the fucking place. Particularly Florida and the east coast up to Chesapeake bay. All day. Most of the night.

I haven’t see any since Thursday night. Where the hell are they? We would never just leave the door wide open for days at a time. If a crew is on the duty rotation, they work. Rain, snow, Veterans Day, Christmas it doesn’t matter. Our enemies aren’t stupid. They see this too, and more. They are watching via satellite just like we watch them. Why would we all of a sudden pull all of our security guards? I struggle to believe that.

If everything returns to normal Tuesday morning and flight count shoots back up to 300 and we see P8s everywhere, that would be a sign that it was a huge 96 hour liberty for most of the military. Look for the return of P8 activity on eastern seaboard. That will be a clue.

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It’s not a plane, it goes into orbit. It’s a drone like satellite. A mini unmanned space shuttle. Likely uses liquid fuel and deplorable solar panels for energy. It’s launched up there on a rocket.

Just like a satellite, it wouldn’t need much energy once it’s in orbit. Just enough for repositioning. It has done progressively longer and longer missions. 2 years doesn’t seem illogical when you consider how long satellites last. Probably only limit to its mission time is how much times you move it around and deplete it’s fuel.

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Looks like they are back on. Tankers now visible. 2 Doomsday planes up. Not normal. Usually TACAMO are done one ocean at a time.

Still not seeing P8 or Blackhawk activity. The Blackhawks I could excuse maybe for the vet day weekend. The P8s doesn’t seem logical. We should be seeing them. If we needed ASW surveillance for the last year in certain locations, it’s not logical that all of a sudden we wouldn’t.

Sigh I wish I knew what the hell is going on. I am out of good ideas to explain the oddities of this weekend.

Where the fuck are all the P8s?

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They have actually managed to keep the mission of this thing secret. No one knows exactly what the hell it’s doing up there for such extended periods.

Most obvious guess would be satellite hunter, second guess would be that it holds nuclear warheads and can be put in geosynchronous orbit over our enemies. No missile launch, no warning, the ability to just drop a warhead at any time with extremely short time to arrival.

Basically if this was to hold nukes, it would provide another level of redundancy in the mutual assured destruction paradigm. Even if you get the land based missiles, the plane dropped bombs, and the SSBN network, this guy would still be out there as a threat.

It’s gotta be one of those two things. Hunt and kill enemy satellites, or nuclear weapon delivery.

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Yes. Even on weekend nights the active count was in the 150 range for at least a year or two. Like clockwork.

This is extremely unusual.

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Yes it does. Even accounting for a potential long weekend. I don’t buy that we needed P8 sub hunters up and down the east coast for the last year or more every single day, and now everyone is on vacation. Its just not how that works.

This is less aircraft than you will see Christmas morning. Veterans Day weekend doesnt explain this. Holidays are a privilege not to be expected, but appreciated when you do get them.

Where the fuck did all the P8s go? And all the tankers? I can’t buy vacation. Not for ALL of them.

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