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Below from last Friday, Lutnick goes on to say that TRUTH will use some of their streaming services but that they will not be their primary partner.

Lutnick also calls Trump the President around half way through the video.


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Yes, it doesn't not seem like any of these new sources are linking the drug use directly to Boris.

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Evidence of cocaine has reportedly been discovered in the toilets nearest Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It comes amid growing concerns about the use of drugs, such as cocaine, and other illegal substances in parliament.

The news also comes after Johnson discussed his new plans to crack down on drug use and distribution across the UK, set to ‘make an example’ out of middle-class offenders.

As reported by The Times, evidence of cocaine was identified in the toilets nearest Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel, as well as the disabled bathroom on the shadow cabinet corridor in Norman Shaw North and the accessible toilet beside the office of Nick Thomas-Symonds, the former shadow home secretary.

A total of 12 locations across Westminster were tested with detection wipes – all but one revealed evidence of cocaine use, including places restricted to those with parliamentary passes, according to the report. Two drug dealers have also been arrested on or around the parliamentary estate over the past year, as well as 13 people being detained for drug possession.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle has pledged to investigate the drug culture in Westminster, with other MPs calling for the possible use of sniffer dogs.

‘The House of Commons has a long history of using sniffer dogs to detect explosives. It may be that we now need to broaden the range of sniffer dogs… to include those which can detect drugs,’ Tory MP Charles Walker said.

One source also claimed to the publication, ‘I have seen an MP openly snorting cocaine at a party. There were journalists present and I warned them that what they were doing was extremely dangerous and they could be exposed but they seemed to get off on the power trip.’



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More News:

Video platform Rumble announced a SPAC deal earlier this week. The CEO confirmed Friday a partnership with a SPAC linked to Donald Trump.

What Happened: Rumble has increased its monthly active users from 1.6 million to 30 million in a one-year time period. That point was highlighted by Cantor Fitzgerald and CF Acquisition Corp VI CEO Howard Lutnick Friday in an interview with Bloomberg.

“It’s a neutral network. These guys have decided they’re going to be neutral down the middle,” Lutnick said of Rumble.

When asked if the company’s growth came from Trump and people moving from other social media platforms censoring the former president, Lutnick said it started that way and helped, but the site has attracted a following from other areas.

Lutnick also told Bloomberg that Truth Social Network, which is going public with Digital World Acquisition , isn’t a competitor but a partner. “The Trump Media Group and DWAC SPAC are using Rumble for distrubition," he said. “I can confirm that they have an arrangement together.” Trump Media Group is paying for distribution with Rumble on a non-exclusive basis.

Why It’s Important: Trump was mentioned in the presentation from the Rumble SPAC deal as one of several celebrities who is on the platform. Trump joined Rumble in June as he continues to face bans on other social media platforms like Meta Platforms , Twitter Inc and Alphabet Inc -owned YouTube.

Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington said earlier this year Trump joined Rumble in addition to his plans to launch his own social media platform. “It is a great way to reach the American people in a time of unprecedented assault on free speech in our country by Big Tech tyrants,” Harrington told Reuters.

DWAC has seen strong interest by investors and traders as a play on Trump and his large following. Other stocks related to the SPAC and Trump media assets have been highly volatile in market trading. The partnership with Trump Media and Rumble also comes after the former missed a November timeline of releasing a beta version of the Truth Social app.


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Possibly. Rumble is the fastest growing video platform and with the help of Trump Media Group could push them to overtake the big platforms.

Here is the news regarding Rumble going public:

  • Tremendous growth from 1.6 million average monthly active users in Q3 2020 to a record 36 million average monthly active users in Q3 2021

  • 44 million monthly active users in August 2021

  • Viewer engagement grew 44x from Q2 2020 to Q3 2021 to 8 billion minutes watched per month1

  • Transaction is expected to provide approximately $400 million in proceeds2 to Rumble, including a fully committed PIPE of $100 million at $10.00 per share and $300 million of cash held in the trust account of CFVI

  • Transaction values Rumble at an enterprise value of $2.1 billion3

  • Rumble Founder and Chief Executive Officer to retain voting control to facilitate execution of Rumble's neutral mission on behalf of all stakeholders


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I think that is a stretch here in the states. Most will step down is ordered to enforce jabs.

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Howard Lutnick is the Chairman and CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald and CFVI.

Still trying to find more sauce on this.

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Was referencing Tang Soo. However, I believe it's the philosophy of the Grand Master that will determine the toughness or effectiveness of the style of the art.

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Perhaps others here can chip in on personal experiences.

For now, he is what a quick search led to:


How to invest in US stocks from Australia (2021)

If you want to buy and sell US shares from Australia, you need to sign up with a stock broker with access to Wall Street. Your cheapest and easiest option is to join an online share trading platform that offers US-listed stocks.

As of 2021, there are at least a dozen online trading platforms in Australia with access to Wall Street's New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. However, there are some big differences in terms of costs and features. Read on to find out more.

Buy US shares in 4 steps Compare brokers making sure it has access to US stocks. Open your account by providing ID. Fund your account by transferring money from your bank account. Search and select the shares you want to invest in and start trading."



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Man with shotgun outside UN taken into custody after hours-long standoff

A standoff between a suicidal man armed with a shotgun and cops outside the United Nations building in Manhattan ended after nearly three hours Thursday, police said.

The unnamed man, who is in his 60s, was pacing on First Avenue between East 42nd and 45th streets late Thursday morning and was believed to be suicidal, cops said.

Disturbing photos from the scene show the man, wearing a red jacket and blue jeans, pointing the firearm under his chin as cops tried to talk him down.

The man was taken into custody around 1:45 p.m., police said.

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Haha, I just noticed this the first time while there last weekend for the Winterfest of Lights.

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I just took a peek and they are all speaking about technical analysis. If you are seeking TDS entertainment be sure to check the comments under yahoo finance.

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Although I would not use it as my exchange, webull has a nice free chart under their 'trade' tab. Type in the symbol 'DWAC' in the top right box. Select the time interval of 5min & add the indicator of RSI. then watch some videos on reading candle chart patterns & RSI indicators. Rayner Teo has some good info out there that is available for free. I used his videos to learn back in 2017 when cryptos were taking off.

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Not sure. There are probably some are bag holders that got caught during the last big spike and purchased shares above $150. Then you have others who are just catching the news this AM that will buy just to the fear of missing out.

Treat it like a casino, only invest in what you are willing to lose.

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Although I believe fuckey is happening, here are the current rules for trading halts:

"Under current rules, a trading halt on an individual security is placed into effect if there is a 10% change in value of a security that is a member of the S&P 500 Index, Russell 1000 Index, or QQQ ETF (exchange-traded fund) within a five-minute time frame, a 30% change in value of a security whose price is equal or greater than $1 per share, or a 50% change in value of a security whose price is less than $1 per share"



Now if the hedgies have insider news, they could benefit from a halt by allowing them time to prepare for a ladder attack to keep the price down like they do so with GME.

On the other hand, a halt can benefit the average investor who would otherwise be subject to buying at an inflated price due to high volatility.

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DWACW the same. Closed with a 33.36% increase.

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Right, they are probably thinking "OMG, I totally wouldn't be standing outside within 6 feet of other people if I weren't fully vacinnamated"

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