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They also cause erectile dysfunction.

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Yes, felt it in south Jersey. Train services in the area have been suspended.

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I can't see any of the replies without an account. What they are saying?

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I am doing 7 drops of Fenbenz and .5mg of IVM. She is a 8lb cat.

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I hope she pulls through.

Our kitty is dealing with oral squamous cell carcinoma and we got her on 4 days on fenbenz then 3 days off. On off days she gets ivermectin. The growth under her chin seems to not have grown since treating.

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I take Progesterone cream for a boost in T. Never had libido issues, but it is supposed to help with that as well.

Also supplement with, taurine and tongkat Ali root.

I train in martial arts (karate & MMA) 2-3 times a week and workout at home and work 4-5 days a week. I was sick last month, not sure if coof or flu, but still have mild cold symptoms. I can attest that my energy and motivation levels are not the same.

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They are using the Germany past convoy as an example. This one is happening on Feb 3rd.

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I used to walk along under the El with my mother every week to go to the McPherson Square Library from Tioga Street in the 80s and early 90s. The most dangerous thing for me was walking on top of all those damn bilco doors. Sure you had hookers at certain corners and as kids would see the vials with colored caps laying around (2-for-fives), but you would rarley see a zombie.

In the mid 2000s you had a bunch of hipsters move into areas of Fishtown and Kensington which looked promising as commerence boomed. However, with those hipsters came progressive policies.

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I am finding it to be:

"I got it and it does not work"

"Seems like the people who are vaxxed, get sick more often"

If the majority started to believe that it causes heart issues, strokes, and "turbo cancer", I would think there would be panic in the streets. But then again, sheep do have a purpose in this world, usually wool and raw muttin...

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No need for the edit, I should have mentioned for replies rather than just lurking.

Solid point.

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