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I think that's exactly what this is. No rich person would take this kind of assignment. And neither would a Patriot. And who is armed and could actually perform these duties if they weren't illegal and against fellow Americans? Patriots. This is a story going nowhere, trying to wake up the normies to the Gestapo in our midst.

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I think Trump had a plant that pretended to whistleblow against him and this person convinced these glowtards that something of interest was in there. It was a trap! Hahahahahahahaha! They broke in and got nothing except bad press and the hatred of 80% of the country. Go Team White Hat!

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Big Mike! Nice list. Normies just can't go there mentally for some reason.

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It just astounds me how many pedophiles are actually out there. WTF? It is NOT normal.

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They didn't get the heads up from the black hats days in advance to create their narrative. They look shell-shocked. They know "their" side didn't set this up. LOL!!!! Delicioso!!

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Dear Lord, please comfort Skeetthejeet in this time of turbulence. Please shine your love an all us pedes in this spiritual battle. We are here for you and know you are here for us.

Hang in there Skeet - I truly believe the best is yet to come. And you will be a witness to it all. Just being on this board shows you have discernment toward truth. You are in the right place. When I am worried or down, I picture Jesus next to me, comforting me on one side and a Pepe on the other side of me. I saw a meme like that and it has stuck in my head.

Here is something that also always comforts me, although it also makes me tear up: https://www.onlythebible.com/Poems/Footprints-in-the-Sand-Poem.html

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The Satanic cabal is trying to ruin our religious institutions and indoctrinate and groom our children. That's a pretty fucking pressing concern. We don't need posts about the same damn topic all up and down the board. We can focus on many things at once.

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Proof the FBI is thoroughly corrupt and politicized. Part of the movie! 🍿

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Not for long! 😂😂😂

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They may be doing this under white hat control. I think this is part of the movie.

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I agree. It's not like Trump didn't know this was going to happen. He probably planned it. He wouldn't have been caught by surprise. Exposing these criminals is important.

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Do you live in an area that has a lot of 5G being transmitted? Like a large metropolitan area? I had it in March 2020 and, yes, the fatigue was crazy. But it only lasted about two weeks. Have you tried taking Ivermectin?

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I don't believe we have to wait until 2024. He has not conceded 2020 and keeps reminding us in his speeches that he won biglier the second time than the first time. Once we have the House and Senate back I think he will return to his elected office.

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I wonder if they purposely drained them to get to something underneath? Just a thought. That is really odd.

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I think a lot of them will be saved. There are cleansing protocols out there. My family is uber-vaxxed and I'm praying for them all.

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I second that motion!

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The sexuality in all those shows blows my mind. I was young watching Friends and Seinfeld and watching reruns today I can't believe how much went over my head!

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