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can I ask the weight of your dog, and what dosage you're giving once a day or how often?

with what?

started 2 weeks ago?

I have been researching and just started my 3 dogs today as preventative measure although a couple of them have lumps on their hind legs,

my research has me giving them about 1500 miligrams per day each and it should be with fats. I feed them raw meat in the morning so hopefully this is good.

also seems that it's best to start a couple of days before a full or new moon. new moon is sunday so started yesterday and it only goes for 5 days.

for your situation I trust you probably need to dose more often but not sure if more or less per day.

I'l assume you have, but if not check out https://www.fenbendazole.org/fenbendazole-information/fenbendazole-dosage-guide/

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I believe Biden is not directing anyone and because he's incapable deep state actors in the background are doing the ordering and professing dementia Joe gave them orders. by lying that the orders actually came from dementia Joe they are committing treason and exerting authority they don't have...usurping

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Ben Swann did a great job on this report and then he went MIA for a while

strange for sure. I still want to know what happened in that lost time...did cabal get to him or did white hats get to him to relay that there'd be a "pause" he needed to allow to happen?

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I think there's hope, even for Massachusetts! I have a 2nd home in the Springfield area so I'll keep my eyes peeled next time I'm in the area, ha

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what part of MA is this in? maybe I'll take a spin by, ha

and this person doesn't realize they'll be canceled for suggesting "all lives" matter. obviously a white supremacist dog whistle, ha

and how about adding "fetus rights are equal rights"

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I tend to believe that these imperfections are necessary in this info war, regardless of whether done so knowingly or unknowingly. if we look to pure truth spitters like Assange, Bill Binney, William Cooper, Andrew Breitbart, etc, we see what happened to them and they aren't able to continue being a force for truth either because they are mysteriously dead or have been silenced.

in this info war it's hard to now who's a white hat, so I will not be surprised if Flynn falls on either side, but that being stated, folks like Flynn need to make a living while spreading truth which is not without a seemingly significant time commitment.

so in addition to understanding that folks passionate about spreading the truth need to put food on the table, I think they also need to be careful about being too perfect about their information and apparent motives. lest they end up jailed and silenced such as Assange. grifting and clear misunderstandings of certain evil realities might be necessary to save them from the most heavy handed persecution/execution.

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whatever the meeting, Paul Ryan does not look comfy with those arms crossed. probably just doing an interview for the "news" network he represents ...is this tool still with Fox or MSNBC "expert"/contributor type

not sure MJ has actually done anything yet that gets my ire up. he didn't re-up FISA, didn't fund Ukraine, he did initiate impeachment inquiry, ....maybe I'm missing something but I'm still holding out hope he's holding the line while not being overtly extreme in his policies

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sorry I don't check this account very often...all vaccines...the Vaxxed movies are a great start

besides that I'm drawing a blank as to other credible sources but once upon a time (about 8 years ago as my first kid was about to be born) I did significant research and realized vaccines are posions. I got my first born the hep B vax which they pushed in the hospital in his first days outside the womb. the vax we are convinced caused him bad gut issues which the docs of course wanted to blast with meds, we instead went natural with a goat milk formula and after more research I insisted (my wife was putting faith in me but thought I was kooky then) no more vax. we now have 3 kids and aside from that 1 hep B vax they have zero and they are both amazingly healthy and have no allergies, ear infections, ADHD, etc, etc! greatest decision I ever made was to not vax my kids!

in my humble opinion the evidence is overwhelming that vaccines are harmful and a depopulation tool

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keep in mind that this is the ONLY drug pumped into tap water and that 95%+ of your tap water is used for things other than drinking. completely illogical if this was truly a drug they felt was needed for teeth. once one goes down this rabbit hole there is no other conclusion than to assume fluoride is for the purposes of dumbing down society, harming via calcification the pineal gland and too further sicken folks both mentally and physically via cancers, etc

fluoride, vaccines and 9/11 were my initial AH HA moments

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this girl is standing up and attempting to expose what is likely an extension of the cabal's evil child sexual abuse and worse, and you are worried about how she looks ?

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2020 "exposure" wasn't really much of an exposure since Twitter and other forms of social media were highly censored and filled with bots. I think now the sheep on X and whatnot see these stories and they also take their sheep direction from the ratios. with bots gone + the great awakening that's occurring normies/sheep see where most people side and being the good conformists they are now they may side with the idea of election fraud/errors

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agree! maybe the recent death of Matthew "Chandler" Perry seemingly linking to Rachel Chandler was meant to link RC further to Ryan Cohen. all seemingly much too Qioncidental to not be comms

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Ingersoll Lockwood at 1717 Pennsylvania Ave NW (maybe a stretch but 17 letters in this configuration) and it's at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave and 17th !

so many Qoincidences !

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yeh I don't believe in the "Q anon" conspiracy created by the MSM either...only believe in "Q" and "anons" :)

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this just might be one of the intended purposes of MJ's business of funding Israel, to catch these vermin who have their operatives/assets in Iran/mossad, etc

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