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Yeah but just think! If you weren’t taking all that stuff, just imagine how much worse it could of been! Just kidding. It’s like when the three shots say that...

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Did you take an at home test w the swab? I’m reluctant to because of false positives, false negatives…

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I have been sick since we’d before thanksgiving too. Now I’ve had people say..oh it’s not covid…just a bad cold.

Well I haven’t been this sick in 7 years or so.

Zero energy…cycling fevers for 8 days, sleeping 16 hours a day.

Dizzy, mild sore throat, sense of taste but extremely altered, like everything was plastic or metallic tasting. Shivering, aching, weird muscle pain, like at top of calf insertion point. All started with a tiny niggling cough.

I have a pulse oximeter, and my oxygen saturation was at 74% some mornings…which freaked me out (shouldn’t be below 94%)

I started on some leftover albuterol inhalers from 7 years ago ( I never through meds out—to keep from go9ng to the doctor)

I’ve been taking my apple paste, quercitin, black seed oil, vit d, vit c. B 12, zinc 100 mg, epsom salt baths…gargling with antibacterial mouthwash (awful)

And I am just turning a corner now, day 9.

If this ain’t covid (which I truly do not know if it is…since I believed the medicines I’ve been taking would’ve knocked it out much sooner) than what the heck was it?

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Olympic crown…olive leaves…very common logo, also used for Fred perry, Lenox China…

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I think the Benioff fortune (Salesforce) bought Time magazine.

They also donated a ton of money to Stanford med center in Pali Alto, CA.

They suck.

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Thanks—I’ll check it out.

Agreed...the truth will out. Doesn’t matter if it’s called Q or truth. It’s going to be fascinating to figure out what was disinformation, and what moves some of these people involved undertook. Although we may never know.

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Right? Eating food for the mere pleasure and enjoyment of it is also gluttony. That’s like saying exposure to and enjoyment of art is gluttony since it is not necessary, and it is for pleasure. Too much of an asectic. But a great way to rationalize your poor porridge making skills to your other monks. Kek.

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Any person who has a big megaphone AND can put a crack in the program —which may lead to dangerous freedom of thought—is good to me.

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Ahhh....chilled horse paste! I’ve never chilled mine. Just room temp.

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He mentions Marilyn Vance the producer filming the getaway …at that time, Marilyn Vance was a costume designer…that’s not a big deal. But Peter blew some guys brains out and had Marilyn’s car and gun and stuff… it’s crazy. I think this guy is off his rocker.

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Now I’m listening to the river Phoenix story. Saying that flea and john Frusciante need to make a sacrifice on oct 31 (1993) for their to be released Red Hot Chili Peppers album, Blood Sugar Sex Magic. (Released 1991)

They are trying to get him off the phone they are totally fucking w him. It’s awful…

When he was asked to provide email documents to him re Paul pelosi, he had to get a hold of some guy to see if he had them…

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It is obvious that the CPS guy was told to put him on speaker phone so his office mates could listen too. You can hear stifled laughter between them, and total BS from the CPS guy about living up north but hanging out in LA w his cousin…

The CPS guy is like 35-40 tops, this guy on the phone is like 60? 55?

They are making fun of the “crazy guy”. The CPS guy is a full on dem and newsom fan. As per the beginning.

Don’t know what the deal is…he may be telling some part truths, but he is the phone sex CEO of phone sex companies in the eighties. AND he is the reason why medical marijuana is legal in California? Come on…

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I remember when this idea was first floated on Warroom in early 2020. Like feb?

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Yes! I joined during the reddit days too, hence the user name.

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Thats how I found out about it.MSM yammering in about it so much.

I was like “what the heck is this Q stuff?”

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Unless it's Trump's.

Ba Doom HISS.

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They already do. They give the first Hep B shot of three before the baby is discharged. Unless you raise holy hell.

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