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Another tidbit gleaned from a thread on Free Atlantis...evidence that the ancient Egyptians actual had a technology to poor a concrete like substance to make the pyramids, and tall columns, using granite bits. Mind blowing—but never heard of it before. How much history has been hidden from us? On purpose, or just because the universities won’t fund papers that kill the sacred cows...

pics of Pink Granite columns

(More discussion around this date from other users...couldn’t link directly to thread)

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Yup. Less and less time to care about “insults”. But more able to apologize (and eat crow when I’m wrong) and be kind.

Part of why we are in this mess is because we didn’t want to push back on politics, culture wars etc. (This May not have been your personal experience, but it was mine). We went old school and decided to not talk money, religion, politics...so we just keep quiet to offend or insult.

Quiet no more. They have done a great job dumbing down 2.5 generations of kids in school, so they do not know about history...and they can’t read the signs when we are on the wrong path.

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Those veins on the shaft! Hahahahaha.

The little wispy ball hairs! Hahahahaha!

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Are they purposely using “muh…Ukraine!” Colors for the bar graph?

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“Sneezed directly into their hands!”


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Thank you got understanding this.

If anyone is invested in the S&P 500 …pretty much 50% of the country? Huh…I never thought about population percentage invested in 401k, pensions, IRAs, brokerage….maybe it’s WAY more?

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Glad it wasn’t wasted time—sometimes videos/interviews are not as good as hoped to be. Both of these guys are smart-really smart. Maxey may have met Bannon on Wall Street...

I am more in the camp of converging timelines than I used to be. What we are watching is like a symphony, and all the moving pieces are coming together for maximum visibility and exposure. The Elon Musk/Twitter struggle is a component of that.

I’m not sure if “the laptop” is a way to get out the data collected by space force or the NSA...but Hunter did say that the Russians took his laptop when he “overdosed”. This was a videoed convo with a prostitute when they were doing drugs. His back was kind of to the camera on his laptop.

Freeatlantis.com has a lot of good commentary. Andre (founder?) has great stream of consciousness posts about his “take” on happenings, devolution, etc. There are wins all around. But keep your powder dry and be prepared. It will get worse before it gets better, I think.

Eric Metaxas

Writes a lot, is a Catholic, and writes about culture, politics,and religion. He does a lot of public speaking engagements.

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Nice— I need to watch more of Kash’s corner because I think that Kash is certainly one of the three civilians on the Q “team“.

Interesting that Jack Maxey posted something more of Hunters texts on 4chan..., did you see that post?

4 Chan Maxey post

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Interesting retesting re sheriffs. That seems to be the strategy that Jack Maxey is employing re Hunter laptop.

Making it available to local law enforcement on a grand scale. In an interview I watched w him (either Eric Metaxas or Emerald Robinson)

Metaxas and Maxey interview I just found this last night and it is from March 2nd! More detail than I’ve heard before—especially regarding the rumors of Hunter “killing those Chinese girls” and “those girls in Ukraine”.

Emerald and Maxey interview

Maxey says no one wants to be “The First” one to charge. Much like decertification...no one wants to be “The First”. That is astonishing to me.

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same pics as The Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE on the front page of web

Bannon name checks both daily mail.co.uk (as the biggest news site in the world) and zerohedge— not surprising that Maxey’s exclusive interview drops on both today.

Engineered by contacts between Warroom and those two outlets???

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Let’s add CNN to that too.

Tons of infrastructure for America’s Voice News/ RSBN/OAN/

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Woah interesting. The coast there is beautiful Essaouria?? Think they filmed a game of thrones there on the ramparts right at the waters edge.[ramparts port] (https://lp-cms-production.imgix.net/features/2017/08/essaouira-morocco-old-city-b7cb4786320f.jpg?auto=format&fit=crop&q=40&sharp=10&vib=20&ixlib=react-8.6.4)

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Little children and puppies are the the two sources of purest live in the world.

Babies when they are yours anyway...they cry and it is scarier than puppies though.

Puppies!? And beagle puppies?! Monsters.

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I also think that we are past some critical points in the operation. I think that’s why the cache is starting to be released publicly. Without restrictions. the uncensored social media Platforms are tested and stable. Hopefully they can withstand the DOS attacks.

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It is really a great book. Cheerful throughout. Great descriptions of the turbulence of addiction.

Great story about Prince too.

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But we also have to look back at that time and understand the plan and how many people and decisions could of looked stupid to those in the first or second circle removed. The plan had to play out...

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