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BREAKING NOW:⚠️ Reports emerging that a fiber line servicing the 911 trunk system may have been DELIBERATELY cut...


9 STATES now effected..

BREAKING UPDATE: ⚠️ 911 Lines NOW DOWN in New England and Minnesota..


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Stranger Things, NOS4AT2, Dark Tower, Doors

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An overlooked aspect of this is that it will end generational wealth building. You won't be able to pass anything down to your children because you won't own anything. For any money you might accumulate the inheritance tax will be 100%

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IMO this thing was staged to give DeSantis a boost in the polls against Trump. Dog and pony show they were all part of.

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she has said Q was a psyop to placate us. fyi

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If you really worry about this buy one of these

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Thought you could use a break from Israel.

SIRIUS /Federal Territory/, October 4. /TASS/. The world is gradually getting rid of isolated dictatorships that try to force others into economic servitude, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

"The world is gradually getting rid of the dictatorship of a financial and economic model aimed at driving into debt and servitude, turning into economic colonies and depriving entire regions of the world of resources for development," Putin said. Few people, he said, want such a future. "Therefore, building a multipolar world order that is more democratic, honest and fair for the majority of humanity is simply inevitable, historically necessary," he said.

Putin stated that it also includes creating strong economic foundations for such a global system. Furthermore, modern technologies open new options for both people and businesses alike, allowing the government to establish and support public and financial institutions that reflect the changing reality of a multipolar world, as well as develop more convenient and secure international payment systems.

Countries managing global currencies are at the top of a "financial pyramid" and this is not in line with interests of the majority, he added. "I strongly expect that despite all the current complications at the international stage, we will eventually achieve a certain consensus, not being confined to only interests of countries that head, so to say, this financial pyramid at present. This is actually clear because these are apparently their national currencies. However, this does not correspond to today’s interests of the overwhelming majority of mankind," the Russian President said.

It is very important to elaborate common approaches as regards cyber-threats because these are common problems, the President added, referring to the problem of cybercrimes.

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Self defense is not a good enough reason.

It's the ONLY reason, dumbass.

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I think the quotes are significant too. Could this be triggering named operations?

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