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Everyone just needs to strike! Just park all trucks, and stop goods from getting delivered. Truckers stay home (if you can and for as long as you can), and no one go to work for as long as we can.

That’s better than people going out to the streets where truckers are spending a ton of money on gas, getting ticketed and put in danger. It’s safer to hunker down at home and hit them in their pocket book.

We do not need the UN troops brought in. The Deep State wants a civil war and I have a feeling that some infiltrators may be trying to turn a good thing bad.

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Im hearing that we have truckers outside of the super bowl but telegram is blocking the information from getting to us.

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It’s too dark and woke.

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COVID?! How do they know that he has COVID?! There is no test for COVID. What in the world?! How in the world do nurses not know the truth about the PCR test? 😣😣Oh, My Gosh! This pisses me off! I’m so sorry!😡😡

I saw the comments below about Nurses. It’s true, there are some stupid nurses and Doctors! They may be smart but have no common sense. Healthcare providers are just as susceptible to being brainwashed as anyone else. Maybe more..

My husband is a Family Nurse Practitioner, my neighbor is a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner, I am a Labor and Delivery nurse, and my other neighbor is a school nurse.

None of us believe this COVID crap‼️ At the hospitals and clinics it’s freakin’crazy seeing “educated doctors and nurses” buy into this crap❗️

It’s the constant brain washing..Definitely not all believe it, but a lot do. When you don’t buy into it, you’re the outcast. The thing is, who cares⁉️ It’s not about following what everyone else thinks. It’s about doing what is right!

I get pissed because people have a right to be taken care of with dignity and have a right to know the truth!😠😠

Why is your sister not listening to your concerns, as well as the many Dr.’s and nurses putting out information about Ivermectin?! Does she not believe that the media lies? 🧐🧐 Your fathers life is precious. Why is she calling the shots?

I’m so sorry…I will pray for him and your entire family. Show her the video of Kerri Mullins saying that the PCR test doesn’t test for anything. It’s on YouTube. With your dad’s Sats being 64% it could be a lot of things. How did they come up with COVID? Have them present you with proof of diagnosis.

Praying for you. God Bless. 🙏🙏😔

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Don’t give in. Hire a lawyer. We have one from America’s Frontline Dr’s. They are wonderful!

We were told months ago that my husband would lose his job. Still praying it doesn’t happen.Haven’t heard anything yet. Stay strong and Make SURE they know that u stand behind what you believe.

I don’t know what this is about but we will pray for you.God Bless!

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If anyone doesn’t believe Lin Wood’s testimony of events concerning Kyle Rittenhouse and Gen. Flynn, I don’t blame you. I do TRUST Lin so far, but I question everyone‼️

I read all of the evidence that Lin has presented and it’s a lot‼️ It is time consuming to read through it all, and there is so much crap coming out right now. Try to stay away from assumptions before reading everything. I know others have recommended the same thing..also try stay away from assuming anything without hearing from Gen. Flynn, Sidney Powell, and so on. This may be the FOG OF WAR….

After watching Kyle Rittenhouse’s interview on Fox yesterday, something seems off, and I have seen several postings stating that he “MAY” be Noah Pozner from the Sandy Hook shootings. People believe he may be a crisis actor.

Once again, we DO NOT KNOW‼️

I find the timing interesting…right around the holidays, Durham, Ghislane Maxwell Trials, the DS decides to pull off all of this crap❗️The only thing is, who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing? It’s as if they want to ruin our Thanksgiving..and Christmas.

Pede’s, we “may” be heading into a Dark Winter.

Just make sure and spend time with family and friends..Don’t ever let this crap get you down and. Remember that we will always be here for each other. God Bless‼️🐸

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For one thing, The New Age, satanic Prayer….Then an explanation for Pegasus…

Those two would be a great start‼️

Like I said, I have supported Gen. Flynn, but I don’t support anyone blindly. If they are a traitor, and are wolves in sheep’s clothing, it is what it is. We have to face it NOW‼️



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Interesting timing on how he is discussing “scammers and a general Milley.”

He also says, “How do you get their reputation back.”

It just stood out to me because of what Gen. Flynn is going through. I am a big fan of Gen. Flynn and really hope he comes out with an apology and explanation. If not, I cannot support him.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! You’ll are the best Pede family ever!

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Where did you hear that it was on a .mil server?

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Think of it this way:

Covid-19 was created in a lab with monkey kidney cells… they combined some caronavirus/monkey kidney cells/and some human DNA!

A bit of a witches brew! Then they had covid-19!

It was patented! (Naturally occurring viruses cannot be patented).

Since it wasn’t natural occurring, and no one was infected with it, there was no way to test someone for it, thus no human cell was ever infected with covid-19 “naturally.”

Plus, the PCR test doesn’t even test for covid-19, so how would they identify these cases and identify covid-19 infections? They can’t. Are people sick? Yes. Is it covid-19? We have no idea what they are sick with.

They wanted to get the bioweapon that they created into everyone.Vaccination was the way.

What they did was scare everyone into wanting a vaccine that had this virus in it.

This is why it has never been isolated in a non-vaccinated person. The vaccinated are getting it injected into them and then spreading it to others. It is contagious.

Normally, when someone is sick and an infection is suspected, blood work is drawn and analyzed under a microscope. This way the microorganism causing the infection can be identified and the proper treatment can be provided.

When this has been done with covid-19, thousands of Dr.’s have reported not being able to identify covid-19.

That’s what they mean by “not being able to isolate it.

Hope that helps. 🐸

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I can’t figure out how people are not realizing what is going on and standing up for what’s right! Especially at this point! It drives me mad! Several of my co-workers, as well as my husband’s, are still buying into this crap!

The sad thing is, they are nurses, doctors, family nurse practitioner’s and PA’s! My husband and I are part of the few remaining that are not getting this crap! Thank God our two boys won’t either.

My husband had to attend a meeting at work. The hospital wanted to see all unvaccinated personnel to discuss why they were refusing vaccination, so they could re-educate them.

There were about 150 people there. Out of those 150 people (roughly), my husband is one of the 5 left that is still refusing vaccination.

That many people have given in to this crap!

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Very true. There are higher risk populations and it’s not to be racist. Why is everything racist?! I’m Hispanic. I’ll give him mine. 😂 Since I’m a coconut and should be able to just walk in and get whatever I want, right? 😂

Immune function is going to be a bit different based on race, gender, age, diet, disease processes, and more. Therefore, certain groups of people are going to be at a higher need for the medication.

If a healthy white male walked in wanting the monoclonal antibodies, then they would be given to whoever is higher risk of needing them first. Period!

If the white man was sick, and a “healthy Hispanic or black guy” requested antibodies, then the white guy would get them first. Of course, taking all other healthcare risks into account.

It’s not that “cut and dry,” and as RACIST, as this man in the video wants us to believe. 😂 Of course, everything is upside down these days.

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The Bible says that your body is your temple. You are to pray to God/Jesus directly. Churches have perverted Christianity.

Once you learn the Truth of the Word, it is amazing! It is life changing!

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I was atheist growing up. Super liberal as a teen. I became extremely spiritual in my early 20’s after having our 1st child. Never felt connected to a Church though.

I studied Christianity on my own and came to know God/Jesus.

I developed epilepsy and had three near dearth experiences/NDE’s. I met Jesus! I floated above my body and saw myself laying on the bed. I did not want to return.

Jesus convinced me to come back after showing me my children’s future without me. Just like a movie…He was so gentle. It’s so hard to explain. I saw colors and heard music that is not earthly.

I have also seen and heard demons..I made the mistake of going on a “ghost hunting event” in Ghettysburg, VA. I believe I am extremely sensitive, as my brother is also.

Word of Advice. Do not ever make the mistake of thinking you’re safe to go on “haunted attractions,” or to “haunted old buildings,”because you have prayed for protection, are a Christian, or maybe don’t believe in it.

God will punish you. I then went through a lot for doing that. He protected me once again. It sounds crazy but it’s very true..

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I’m an epileptic and flashing lights, certain music/frequencies, loud and fast music, and heat/crowded spaces all trigger seizures. I don’t have 5G but my son does, and when I go to his apartment I can feel it. It makes my chest tight, makes me short of breath, jittery and I feel like having seizures.✨🧪🧬

I developed seizures in 2006 after the flu vaccine. Go figure. I think they have been putting graphine in vaccines for a long time. ⚡️⚡️🔥

My brother has been red pilled since he was a teen and he’s 48. 🐸💥🌟

He told me that they have been putting graphine and parasites in vaccines for a long time. They are just accelerating things.🧐🧐

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I was reading some info on it a while ago. There are over 100 people at area hospitals!

They set up a reunification center so that families can find their loved ones. Apparently people are, or were still trying to find their loved ones when the news had reported this today.

I live by Austin and have family in Houston, so I didn’t know that it was this bad. I didn’t hear much about it until today.

This is insane! I grew up going to Astroworld. It slowly began becoming scuzzy and had nothing but thugs that went there. I have no opinion if it was the frequencies or what but very well could have been. I heard people were getting stuck with needles and a firefighter reported they were stuck with a needle and had to be given narcan. Many people had to be given narcan. Who knows?

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Wow! These idiots are screwed. Do you know where I can find their original conversation? I would love to see it. 😂 Reads like a soap opera. Love it!

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😂😂 He is! 😂 That’s why I have never been a fan❗️😂

He ❤️‘s to fence sit while everyone else takes bullets in the fight.

Then, he comes out when it’s all safe.🐸

Not to mention, how did he test positive for COVID?‼️

We all know that test is crap❗️It could have been anything❗️The freakin’ flu, rhinovirus, walking pneumonia, who knows? As long as people keep saying Covid, the lie stays alive and confuses the masses.

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