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Sure! Who’s gonna invest in Ukraine if the Us government and media go around yelling that the Russians are on the verge of attacking?

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You must love Biden then. He’ repealed and undone a lot that Trump did!

I know you don’t like Biden, but it’s, unfortunately, true.

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How about Bailey’s Savings and Loans?

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Any sauce for this guys claims other than UK and Czech Republic’s which I found already?

Edit: looks like Scotland has eased restrictions but not removed them entirely.


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I love the ones where he winds up being a starship captain in the enterprise. What a crossover!

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It could or could not.

In other news, it might rain tomorrow

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So confused on this subject. Rumors of KGB involvement. FBI saying things but should I trust the FBI?

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There’s a satancon? What’s next? Cobracon? Cabalcon? Pedocon? Al-QuedaCon? Geez.

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Are they? Beyond trying to attend a rally what are they doing? If we could get these exact same AZ people to protest the fact that nothing is being done in regards to the findings of the Arizona Audit, then we might actually get that change.

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Heh. Haven’t had a slim Jim in a long long time. This Would be pretty good use for one.

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Preparing for President Trumps inauguration /s

Seriously though, last time I heard these questions were right before Joe Biden’s inauguration

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