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California did some redistricting that apparently would make re-election difficult. Plus Trump likely wants people he can trust high up in his company.


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Flynn, Linn, and Byrn?

Oh, no, you mean something else.

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What insider information?

We all know Trump has sued the social media companies, for starters….

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Wish I could read the whole article without a paywall.

OP, does the article indicate that the Dem governor will sign the bill?

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See, you just highlighted your bias.

I’m not on Flynn’s side

I’m not on Linn’s side

Unless they help America return to sanity, I don’t give a damn about either of them.

I was simply pointing out what Q said about Flynn. You don’t trust Flynn, but you trust Q, right?

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They are panicking, yes. Yet they are the ones who kept poking the bear…

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So, comms can be “alluded” and focus on the smallest, microscopic minutiae when you want, but when it’s as big as a house it can be dismissed and ignored as not clear and general. Got it. What a joke lol.

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Nah,brah. GME has been neutralized. No MOASS to come there. That should red pill many though. You might gain a little.

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