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Exosomes then to fit your view? The question remains on cause of dis-ease, the symptoms quite specific.

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Shingles (chicken pox) … the dormant virus awakens when your immune system is shot.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is basically ‘chickenpox’ or some variant of the herpes virus overwhelming the immune system, because folks have reached peek vax saturation.

Next up… batpox 😄

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Perhaps a tectonic plate is moving somewhere? Cats or most animals may pick up changes in magnetic fields or something like that. The question is if the birds are acting strange as well.

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Ferrets really don’t give a shit, they’re like a tamer version of the mongoose.

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“Sir, all our participants perished in a span of a month after the administration procedure”

“But did they die from Covid?”

“No Sir, cardiac arrest, brain hemorrhage, and spontaneous combustion”

“Thank goodness Charles, we finally found a cure for Covid! Write this down in the report. Safe & Effective

“It is an honor working for you Sir, we will eradicate this virus once and for all. I stand with Ukraine!

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It’s amazing he’s till alive, considering a few African nation presidents who were assassinated just a few years ago.

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I always found it really frustrating that the cost of school textbooks were like theatre concessions.

Textbooks or materials should be free in schools, imo.

What was your experience, insight?

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That GIFs was included intentionally for your use.

The price was worth it!

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Why do people keep borrowing $200,000 for a college education only to graduate dumber?

Then Big Gov (Dems+RINOs) have you by the balls, the ever lasting promise of ‘student debt’ forgiveness.

The irony! They don’t even have to pay you for the vote, they found a way to have you pay them for your vote.

Pure Marxism!

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Anti-bacterial too, silver.

Makes for a good water purification substance, just drop some silver (pure) coins into your make-shift filtration device.

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Think of the ‘Pope’ as a political figure/actor, then everything will make more sense, or at least the theories will flow better.

Say for example, our dear friend Macron (who obviously stole an election) decided out of nowhere that NATO was partly to blame… how would we read to that? (E.g. trying to get his Senior military officers out of that steel mill?)

If the Pope says something, just know it has nothing to do with Religous beliefs, because as I said before, think of him as a geo-political figure, period.

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I’d characterize that as more of a scale or degree of affect.

I believe it’s just by virtue of our connected society today, and all the modern wonders we enjoy which in affect allows us to prosper as humans.

A ‘healthy’ economy then creates a multitude of additional vocations one can pursue (e.g. employment in some specific skill/field beyond subsistence). Then from there we scale that up and organize around those.

But I do think the ‘selling baby parts’ issue is maybe not so much an economic issue but rather a morality issue at it’s core, so it’s a Good v. Evil item. I do believe though that if we truly had a Healthy Economy, then it would be built on GOOD principles, which would then wither out the bad/evil actors.

Hence why I think the idea of they ‘black market’ is the place of seedy stuff.

The fact that we have institutions (Planned Parenthood) actively engaged in the ‘trade’ of baby parts is a sign that IT IS a ‘black market’ actor = evil!

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I can’t stand this guy - zero principles.

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EVERYTHING is an Economics issue.

The ‘Economy’ is the system in which ‘value’ is created, traded, distributed, flourishes, it’s our way of providing real value to everyone else around us.

For example, when I have something you want/need… that’s an economy.

The Global Elite’s only true weapon is the Economy — wars, subversion, all the bs they have tried to throw at us, is all to destabilize the Economy.

When the Economy goes to hell, our lives are affected … in order of scale.

For example, if your life relies on large-scale economic enterprise (e.g. Gas), then you’ll be affected very quickly.

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In 5D chess, part 2 would be an evolution to 10D chess.

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Stage 1 is LGBT

Stage 2 is LGBTQ

Stage 3 is LGBTQI

Stage 4 is LGBTQIA+++++

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