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They like to get handsy too, there are so many rape cases with the Hispanic community where I'm at.

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No rain and one of the hottest summers I've witnessed in Indiana.

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Get rid of all the agencies, they do nothing but subvert the people's will. We do not need their authority to prosper.

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The Founding Fathers were criminals by definition too, get your head out of authority's ass.

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It seems that way, heck ISIS even stated that was their goal, to usher in end times.

Once the 3rd temple in Isreal is built, then it'll be end times. I think they're psyoping the Christians into being complacent.

by GGRockz
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damn, that's genius.

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I guess we will see, either way our reality doesn't change. He wasn't being extradited yesterday, does this news really change the reality we face? It's hope man.

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Assange and J6 aren't criminals.

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Seth Rich sent the DNC emails (Podesta) to Wiki Leaks, Wiki Leaks then leaked the DNC emails to the public. This is where we all got informed on our pedo overlords. They dropped all of the emails after they did the pussy gate stuff with Trump, all hope looked lost. If it wasn't for Seth Rich, we would be in Hilary's 2nd term right now. Seth Rich saved the Republic.

Assange coming to the US gives me hope that the truth will finally get to the masses, we've known everything going on since Obama admin, but we didn't know truly how corrupt and satanic everything was, at least I did not.

It's all already happened, we just have to get the information to the hoard. Then justice can be served and Seth can be revered for the Patriot he was and celebrated in the halls of our beloved country.

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Treason's punishment is not jail and won't burden the taxpayer in the long run, because they will no longer be in this realm of reality.

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The first public arrest was Epstein.

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