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Well I'm so glad you're here posting a lot!

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Like these musings. Especially re Chapelle. Dumb

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Lets all live in Mexican immigrant clown houses. For Soyence! And Fairness!

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Also, satanic child sacrifice/eugenics angle. Rush always said abortion is their sacrament. They don't value any life but their own.

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Agreed. It's that old school idea that Christian equals "Nice, mainstream, inoffensive." I strive to be none of this 3. well nice, a bit, to fellow pedes!!!!

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"White Woman's Burden." This brand of woke stupidity. Every time

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You're right! I know her pretty well. I believe she believes in Jesus, but has NO IDEA the LIES of "Public Health" experts. I guess as a wife of a mainstream church w older clientele she errs on the side of Mainstream thinking. Thing is the church should be in the world but not of it. Life will teach her I'm sure.

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Thank you fellow Christian. For online I HIGHLY recommend Jack Hibbs at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa- that's where I fled online when my Mainstream lame stream church got Covid psyoped. It's ccch.online.church. He's good. I'm in person now with a small pentecostal fire breathing church and I LOVE it!

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