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The Book of Were-wolves by Sabine Baring-Gould

You can read it for free here: https://sacred-texts.com/goth/bow/index.htm

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Ancient texts, gotta love em.

I read recently the gnostic library, the nag Hammadi library, the Kolbrin, a 1865 french book on "werewolf psychosis, gouls, vampires, witches, drug use and serial killers" what a fucken eye opening read.

You think people are nuts now?

Wait till you read about people in the past.

You think Elizabeth Bathory was bad?

Wait till you read about Gilles de Rais, nobility of Brittany and close ally to Joan of Arc.

Wait till you read about Tiberius and the other Caesars, child torture-murder was sport to them and Gilles de Rais wanted to outdo them.

He confessed to torture-murdering an average of ~120 children a year for 7 years straight.

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Being gay != Being a pedophile

All pedophiles are spychopaths. You can not gain sexual pleasure, or pleasure alone, from the pain and suffering of another human unless you are a psychopath. "Normal" people become traumatized if they try to do what a spychopath does.

"Normal" people would live with a constant nagging guilt that would eat at them for the rest of their lives.

Being gay is simply a reproductive disorder. Being a pedophile is multiple layers of neurological issues, narcissism and a neurological disability to feal empathy.

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I thought he was a lefty, nope he's a professional based troll

My intro to his online persona was his video on "why all the smart people got it wrong" where he explains why the "smart" people were stupid and for it wrong on the quack-cine

Took a little bit more digging to see that he's actually far right for real

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Here's the thing right: what's the passing grade required to be certified as a nurse?

I've worked in professional fields and I've done professional training. Especially once you get into the work world, you encounter the goodenoughs and itlldoes and before long is not good enough and it won't do.

In the real world people are mostly the same as they were in high school and most people don't push themselves.

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Calling him African-American is like calling me Indian. Mixed race is mixed race, you can't just pick a side you belong to both.

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Yep safety by the numbers:

  • mom + dad = <1% rape
  • dad or mom= ~1% rape
  • dad + dating = ~2% rape
  • mom + dating = >2% rape
  • dad + live-in gf = ~ 4% rape
  • mom + live-in bf = ~5% rape

Basically, for divorced women, when you start dating, roll a d20, if you botch one of your kids is getting raped.

For men.... d25s don't exist, but are you really comfortable with only having an extra 5 sides?

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Yep... I'm so disappointed in a lot of people.

Not all of them are controlled opposition though, a lot of this is bad research and black pills.

Well see if they double down and push harder...

If nothing else, this reveals one of two things about the voices you hear online when they go against this:

  1. They are complicit
  2. They are legitimately bad at doing research and evaluating information
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The thing is: it's not even the whole CIA that's a part of this. What's going on is there's an illegal branch of government that is operating on taxpayer dollars using security clearances to hide themselves.

They get a lot of their funding from black budget operations, but they also get a lot of their funding from human trafficking and drug running.

That illegal branch of government that is running in the United States is actually a transnational organization where the branch that has infiltrated the CIA is just that it's only a branch.

The rest of it stems back to high profile, high scale, high-class organized crime. Essentially there is a mafia that is running under the scene and behind the curtain.

Like that's the best way to think about it, there is a mafia that is covertly operating within the government and using government resources as well as illegal resources to fund itself.

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Said this before, will say again:

Pedophiles are attracted to jobs that give them access to children while simultaneously putting them in a position of trust with children:

  • daycare worker
  • teacher
  • coach
  • priest Etc...

These are careers that are hyper-attractive to pedophiles just from a logical standpoint of them finding and getting access to a steady supply of victims.

I never believed in daycare and I refuse to send my either of my 3 daughters to it, even for one day.

One of my friends wives was an evil psychotic bitch who bragged about hating children and never wanting one. She worked in a daycare.

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It's not gender affirming care, it's heartless, opportunistic sex mutilation.

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I know right, the pedophile elite is busy trying to discredit Sound of Freedom and half the conspiracy community is so black pilled that they think a movie that exposes the public to a mild version of the reality of child trafficking is somehow a controlled opposition propaganda film.

The pedophile elite is trying to demonize the real heroes and the black pills are working.

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I honestly wonder if people are prepared to live in a free world. I wonder if people are prepared to live in a world where there are no safety nets. A world where you stop bitching that you don't have a house because you're actually allowed to build one like it says in your human rights that you're allowed to.

But alas the world cannot be a free world unless one specific core tenant is observed to make it a free world in perpetuity.

I say this as someone who is mostly atheist maybe a little bit agnostic, the actual soil, the actual world itself belongs to God.

You cannot purchase it, you cannot own portions of it, you can work part of it and you can justify keeping people off the portion that you worked on because it's actively being used and other people settling on it would ruin your work, but the planet, the land belongs to God.

You cannot have a free world in perpetuity when you have land ownership in place. Land ownership will always centralize into a few and you will always end up back in the place of lordship and kingdoms.

That's why the land belongs to God. It is literally and legally his, you are a guest on God's planet you don't get to claim parts of it for yourself.

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Can we not do this, if we can infer what the correct spelling is then this kind of correction is silly, especially due to autocorrect, swipe-typing, voice typing etc...

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Also, you are correct, I am advocating for a brutalistic form of justice. I also think that public shaming and corporeal punishment should be a part of the justice system.

I think that a stockade where you get covered in rot and slime and tarred feathered, potentially publicly whipped would be plenty deterrence for crimes like armed robbery and it would be a much shorter and more effective punishement.

It has to hurt enough that they will never dream about breaking into a house in the middle of the night and robbing a grandma at knifepoint again so I think the punishment needs to actually hurt physically and mentally.

I would like to make them have post traumatic stress disorder when someone suggests performing an armed robbery or anything that might get them punished that way again.

A lifetime correction could be made in one day.

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Didn't say I was christian, I'm a polytheist, Jesus said they were reprobate and that with what's coming for them is so bad that it would be better for a millstone to be tied aorund their neck and for them to be dropped into the ocean.

Tell me, how kind of a death does that sound to you and what does it imply god think they deserve?

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Okay, hypothetical question then: Suppose that someone takes your 7 and 5 year old boys and rapes them over the process of 2 days under the guise of foster care and puts one in the hospital and the other in the grave, dead from a bruised liver. (example is from a real court case)

How do you get justice without enacting some form of revenge, locking someone up is revenge, revenge deosn't mean killing them, it can, but it doesn't mean killing them.

How do you do it?

And if your answer is that "when the state does it, it's justice, when you do it it's revenge" then that's called hypocrisy.

Revenge is a component of justice.

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Too true, best actors too, they spend their whole life learning to fake emotions they don't have to blend in.

Silver tongued snakes

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"Being held accountable for your crimes" == revenge

Just because the state decides the scale of the revenge and enacts it itself, does not change that it is revenge, it's just state sanctioned and enacted.

I'm saying the family of the victims should decide and enact the sentence, they should be allowed the option to get revenge personally, the state shouldn't steal it from them.

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I'm a solutions kind of person. The harshest punishment is the best deterrent. Especially because the family will ensure the punishment fits the crime and serves as deterrent for the criminal and potential criminals.

Bleeding hearts are enablers. All you do is make more future victims. When a dog bites a child we put it down, when a Pedophile damages a childs internal organs to the point of needing reconstructive surgery, he gets 10 years in jail, and then he's more careful next time.

If you know that there is a real and serious risk that you will be brutally murdered if you molest a kid and that the perpetrators will be celebrated, you'll think 100,000 times before you ever dare breath in the direction of a child.

You have a sick sense of justice if you think letting, what Jesus himself described as "reprobate" to live to abuse more children

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Who says you should throw out your Bible? I said you should research the sects of early Christianity that the Roman Jews killed and tried to erase from history before declaring the jewish cannon to be the old testament.

Take that however you want, but you should research them and see what they have to say before you decide completely to mix The Son, The Father and The Holy Spirit with YHWH.

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The rock it was in is claimed to be cretaceous rock.

The main point is to show how natural processes of mineralization can do things that you would think would take much longer and that it can do it it places and ways that can be very confusing to archeologists and geologists.

Now think about all the other things that have been buried.

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Yes... The point is to show that processes that encase things can happen fast. Coal is just as easy, you just need a fire under a heavy wooden building that gets buried.

But the most interesting thing is the carbon dating and what it shows/implies.

That wiki article is only a starting point, the rock it was encased in was dated to the Cretaceous period 400 million years ago. https://www.iflscience.com/the-mystery-of-the-modern-london-hammer-found-encased-in-ancient-rock-67095

Fossilisation can also happen fast if the conditions are favorable, in fact industrial mineralisation of wood is possible and can be used to make bone grafts.

The main point is the dating, the stories of dragons are real we call dragons dinosaurs

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Rational wiki is even more cabal controlled than wikipedia, rationale wiki is basically the highschool dropout fact-checker of the research world, you should never use it for anything ever other than entertainment

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