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Mustache man was right about everything, ban me for saying this I don't care. he was right everything, everywhere I look there is degeneracy and evil.you dig and find out who is funding and advertising this evil and you too will start to notice a pattern. That doesn't happen over night, we have been infiltrated on every aspect of our society. just like pre world war 2 Germany, same people same problems. I am noticing some patterns here. The world is seeing it, an awakening is happening and nothing can stop it.

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Yet once again hundreds of millions of peoples lives could vanish and what do you know The Chosen ones are right in the middle of it as fucking always. Both wars going on now have a chosen one leading the way. Yes Zelensky is a chosen one.You would think that a Ukrainian would be president. Nope, they get a chosen one that subverts not assimilates. I'll try to stop noticing things before I get called an anti Semite, Can't criticize these people ever, it is FORBIDDEN !

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Why you guys always use NAZI as the evil, the bolshevik communists would be the better analogy. They killed over 100 million people including 40million of my Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters. The Nazi movement (NatSoc) was a direct response to Bolshevism.

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I really like how they are releasing these slowly so we can fully absorb the information and the ENEMY cant call on a false flag to distract them all. it's the same method Elon used on the twitter files. Makes you think :)

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Yeah Oregon has been using mail in ballots for quite some time ever since it started it has been a lopside victory for the left

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Code talk to destroy the AI beast? Ai computers fear magnets and water maybe?

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