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This will never pass in MI.

More Bread & Circuses antics from the Michigan GOP RINOs.

Even if it did manage to get passed, Bitchmer would veto it.

Michigan has a Democratic trifecta and a Democratic triplex. The Democratic Party controls the offices of governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and both chambers of the state legislature.

These posts and asks are pointless in any Blue State.

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👉🏻 Anon Layer 👈🏻


  1. 4Chan o7 🐸
  2. 8Chan o7 🐸
  3. Voat o7 🐸
  4. GAW o7 🐸
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A green dot would be more appropriate.

Kek! 🐸

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I've seen this reposted and gaining traction lately. I don't understand did everyone miss when this happened? It's like two years old by now.

@ u/Madeafunny

I’m the OP that posted this, Fren, and I’ve been on GAW since almost day one, VOAT before that, and directly on the chans before that, and I’ve never seen this video posted anywhere inside our boards or outside in normie land.

Just goes to show all of us here that some of us veterans, and most of our new recruits, haven’t seen everything put out there. o7

And if some have seen it, refreshers are almost always a good thing. 🐸

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Sorry, I don't understand the title nor the illustration. On one what? What is the f key

The Pede in the cartoon image represents that u/catchlightning is another Digital Soldier here on GAW saluting u/purkiss80 from his or her keyboard.

I’d like to think that the “F” represents Fren.


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I've worked in the oil industry all my life. This guy doesn't know what he is talking about. Oil is a fossil fuel.

Fren, I will go with the belief that just how God created our water, He also created all the gasses, chemicals, and yes, the oil that we have on our planet. 🙏

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Rockwell was ahead of his time or was warning us about the WHO and IRS.

Michael Jackson too, he is the person singing the chorus in this song, “Somebody’s Watching Me”

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Here’s one reasonable explanation I just posted on GAW:

Cyber Expert Mike Benz Explains How Elon Musk Just Blew Up the "Social Media Censorship Death Star"


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WOMEN are the primary pedo contact with the children.

I would lay odds that these WOKE WOMEN don’t have any children of their own.

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I can see a place for RFK in the administration but not as VP. His war on vaccines is a plus definitely, though.

The article is not about RFK being Trump’s VP pick, but about Trump appointing RFK as Special Council to fully investigate the C-19 Vaccine rollout, the Pharmaceutical Companies, Fauci, and all others connected to its implementation for any criminal or cover-up activity.

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