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Time for Thomas, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Alito, & Barrett to move to Palm Beach, Florida. 🏝

P.S. 🤬 Roberts

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He’s just secured a high level promotion if and when Musk takes over.

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Point taken, fren!

Third for us pedes. 🐸

Second for the normies.

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Maybe we should consider that God Himself is putting the choice of these candidates on President Trump’s heart.

God sometimes brings evil people into power for His larger plans that we cannot see or understand.

“Moves And Countermoves”

“It’s Going To Be Biblical”

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Those aggressive mountain peaks are glorious

I’m pretty sure he’s referring to how Trump signed his name on the note he sent to Catturd.

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Christians —> Aliens = Fallen Angels, Demons, Powers & Principalities In High Places

Atheists —> Aliens = Aliens, Extraterrestrials

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I tried to get mine unbanned (again).... aaaaand DENIED. Opened a new one with success... ready, aim....

FIRE! 💥🔥💣🔥💥

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And the reason for yearning to have a twitter account is...??? Genuine question, as I've never had one. (Or fakebook, instagram, youtube, snapchat, tik tok, etc.)

It was a great platform to wake up the normies AND confront the NPC enemy at the same time — with meme warfare — until I got banned using heavy artillery. 💥 💣

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One factor of the paper industry supply chain issue (that most people don’t know about) is not the lack of raw materials or labor, but that many of the paper factories retooled to box manufacturing over the past two years.

Yep, millions and millions of people here in the U.S. (and elsewhere) ordering all those online goods requires millions and millions of boxes.

I’m connected to the paper industry and this is inside-the-trenches information.

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But mostly they’re known for fagFagging.

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