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The simple answer? To stay mentally a child. To deny any personal responsibility. Pick an identifiable group and blame them.

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Whatever the case is, I'm really getting tired of all the bullshit from the people who haven't grown up. That's all this really is, a bunch of people who never grew up from being children. They still act like bullies, respond with fear. It's so tiring.

I really hope we bring back hangings in the public square. Each person charged deserves due process, but capital punishment needs to come back so we can cull out all the pedophiles and communists.

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I know. That's why I pray I never get put in the place to actually have to make a decision like that. It's easy to talk tough and say fuck the man. I don't really know what I'll do under pressure. Given how the RCMP operate, they'll probably go door to door... and right through the door weapons hot, in the middle of the night.

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In the background I can see a lot of hope, but at the same time there is still the very real risk it's a false hope.

I'm really tired of this. As a Canadian I'm really not looking forward to when we're ordered to give up our firearms. Then we'll be slaves. I can't believe this shit is happening and I just keep praying that the plan is part of God's plan.

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I do prefer if law takes its time and gets things right... I'm just losing faith that is the case.

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Well we don’t know what it means, or what happens during that period of time. It might be enough time for a team to slip in and out? Ten days of darkness is a long time. If that’s nation wide, that’s almost certainly not going to end well.

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I think we might be missing an angle. What if it’s Star Trek II? Hours instead of days?

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I don’t understand the push for silver. Gold is the only one that makes real sense as currency. It never tarnishes, is made from broken stars, an is a useful conductor.

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Please no. I really, really don't want to live through Revelations. This shit has got to end soon.

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I don’t know anymore. I really don’t.

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Nope. My dad’s wife is a lunatic… he’d rather mope around waiting for death than recognizing he doesn’t actually have a marriage.

I can’t believe God intended us to marry a useless woman that does nothing to help the household.

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Can lead a horse to water but can’t make them drink. Be prepared to accept it.

My Dad keeps claiming he was forced to take it, the reality is that he didn’t want to risk his comfort for his freedom.

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I’ve watched a lot of his content over the years. He seems to genuinely be one of the few that highlights both the hypocrisy and success of both sides.

He has some surprising pro-gun content to go along with anti-gun content.

Orville feels like a genuine successor to TNG, in that humans get over their differences and amplify their strengths.

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Well from the outside looking in, so is the military.

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gme to the moon.

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