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See his 'handler' Jill ushering him away there.🤣

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I should think if he exists he is more worried about being crushed to death in his sleep!

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He got 14 months suspended so 4 months jail time. National hero.

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I think she was going to say 'that filthy piece of shit' but changed it to filthy piece of toe-rag at the last minute which means a contemptible or worthless person. 🤣🤣either way, she is spot on.

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Don't know what kind of cannabis this lady was on but this is not the work of a stoner! Stuck to the couch, an attact of the munchies or finding everything funny maybe but not this.

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Blood on their hands...

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The truth is easy to remember, a lie, not so much.

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Product of his upbringing by pedo Joe and Jill, all of them are disgusting.

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Lord help us. Was hoping he might go off the back of that stage. This is just beyond embarrassing.

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The morning after pill has to be taken within 120 hrs of having unprotected sex This is a very personal experience you have shared. Perhaps too much detail. Sorry for your loss but this bares no resemblance to what happens taking this pill as a precaution to an unwanted pregnancy. Probably will get some downvotes for this but don't care, this is way off topic for this forum.

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Needs to be the same response wherever this evil little man goes for the rest of his sorry ass life.

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