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When an asshoe says the right thing, and lately he's been doing that more often, celebrate that a bunch of other asshoes just heard the right message.

We are in a war for humanity. When a general on the other side is committing fratricide there is nothing to be said - simply sit back and smile.

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LIved there a long time ago. When they rebuilt a good sized chunk of downtown it exposed a massive underground area very close to the temple. Didn't think much of it back then, but now that I know what I know now...

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Don - It's my time to be President. Melania - I will agree to it if you let me round up the ped0s. Don - DEAL!

  • NXIVM - epstein (wesner) - maxwell - brunel - novak - all connected to modeling and talent agencies.

epstein's brother owns a large apartment or condo building that had units set aside for models.

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The other possibility is that Musk is being blackmailed into playing a role where he does the right thing.

The threat of DECLAS = control

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Barry ain't go no time for work. Just like the first two terms - valerie jarret is running the show.

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I know that there are people in churches designated to be contacts in a major emergency and that DHS has trained them to use this verse to lead them to follow Goverzilla instead of God.

One of the guys in this position at a church is a dirty businessman who has effectively abandoned his son from a previous marriage.

That's someone I will follow in an emergency /S

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No windows. Massive air handlers. And 33.

And that's just from looking at it for a couple of seconds...

This is a clown show tech hub.

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The king of an "army of locusts"

Also known in the Bible as Pestilence.

And such a thing brings Famine.

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If we produce plastics and other products from hemp instead of oil we might not need to get rid of gasoline. It would be WAY cheaper too!

But don't tell the Rockefellers that I said this...

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"gun free zone" means you are safe.

Oh. So the Assistant Principal brought a gun to school.

Sounds like those offspring are lucky he only harmed himself.

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No idea. Only the direct players know.

And disinformation is necessary.

I am just pointing out a convergence of info related to today's known happenings and a Q post.

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Is this Gematria?

I have a public kind of job. Met this elderly couple, his suit was particularly beautiful. It really caught my attention. Well we ended up doing business together and he told me how he was a psychologist in forward areas WWII.

I used to test him by openly speaking of MK Ultra and watching his body language. He gave little away.

Before he died he gave me a book on Paperclip and winked.

Speaking of I, Pet Goat II. Did you see the version where they reversed the audio? Or how Tool's 'Schism' overlays well and tells a very different story? Disturbing stuff!

I have read accounts of several people telling people "we are in The Matrix" right before their disappearance.

So - we are NOT in The Matrix.


We are in a combination of The Matrix, Edge of Tomorrow, Idiocracy, Demolition Man, Soylent Green, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and the Pedophiles of The Galaxy. Sprinkle a couple of horror movies and alien/demon movies and here we go! 2022

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Sooo - why did the Military and CDC spend our $$$$ on fooling around with Zombie Apocalypse? PedoWeird has been quite prolific with Zombies as well. Just saying - but maybe it's more predictive programming.

What if our friends and loved ones stupidly took an injection, and that there were batches with large amounts of Graphene, and that they can now be remotely controlled? Or harmed to the point of Zombieification due to strong energy sources affecting cognitive ability?

You think Goverzilla and the kneepad media have turned your friends and family against you? Better hope this is me just spitballing 'cause the implications are FUCKED UP!

And the ones that figure out they are being remote controlled or Zombieified? SUICIDE!

Again the implications are FUCKED UP!

But I am hoping Suicide Weekend is just the bad people doing the rest of us a favor for once. Really, really hoping for THAT timeline.

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We beat the German Army in WWII, not the nazis. Then we brought 1500 nazis to America in Operation Paperclip. Installed them in our Government, now Goverzilla.

WWII- 3rd Reich

2022 - The 4th Industrial Revolution (synonymous for 'slavery"). The 4th Reich was supposed to last 1000 years, right?

We are in The Matrix - "same as it ever was"

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Unless we've hit ALL the US bioweapon labs in ALL the countries Goverzilla has done this in...

Don't let your guard down.

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And to insult her they replaced her with one of those ugly jersey girls.


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