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I'm going to get downvoted to hell & back for this but just hear me out.

I'm writing this as a point-counter-point to all the pseudo-logical thinkers that always retort with things like "wELL iF tHAt wErE tRUE wHy woULdNt tHey JUsT tELL uS wHeReS yOUr eVIdENcE."

Does everyone here understand the ramifications of what would happen if the alliance were to be openly transparent & reveal publicly that people like Joe Biden or other DS players have already been executed/arrested and there are advanced means to "replace" them that exist within the Mil Ind Compl/Aerospace/Intelligence Apparatus - that is... until this is all "over" and such a thing could be done appropriately & VERY GENTLY?

Seriously, think about the damage and harm this could potentially wreak upon society if it were true. WHY would you have to keep this under wraps AT ALL COSTS, even if you were the good guys? Why would people like Trump have to speak about it in such a bizarre, cryptic manner?

"Joe is SHOT!"

"Joe is missing half his head"

"Joe doesn't even know he's alive"

"Obama hasn't supported Sleepy Joe, which is interesting... He knows something that you don't know, that I think I know, but you don't know"

etc, etc.

I'm not even saying this is what's happened, but suspend your disbelief long enough to kick this can down the road & humor me.


DS 'players A, B & C' are executed/arrested for "______" crimes against humanity by 'white hats'.

White Hats reveal to public (Anons, normie conservative, frothing libs etc alike) through some type of EBS that they have taken action against the traitors of the country, and attempt to present evidence to any unbelievers/Trump haters/non-conspiracy minded folk that the people they supported ACTUALLY were the traitors and the people they hated so vehemently were actually the ones trying to help.

DS immediately responds by covertly replacing said players A, B & C (through whichever method) and begin running hit pieces, smear campaigns & damage control news segments/articles about those whacky conspiracy theorists

the same people that Q team, Trump team, Alliance etc had just claimed to have 'taken care of' are on TV and all over the internet the very next day talking about how retarded it all is and it's all weaponized into another 'domestic terrorist' narrative

this all backfires through a series of consequences and increase of danger depending on which group of the population you're referring to

Anon + Normie Conservative consequence 1 - Anyone conspiracy-minded who believed this to be true and finally gets their "AHA! I TOLD YOU I'M NOT CRAZY!!!" moment takes the ultimate hit in credibility and nothing they ever say again will be taken seriously because the other groups (Normie Conservatives/frothing libs etc) will just write them off forever as being gullible, naïve retards who "believe anything they read on the internet."

Anon + Normie Conservative consequence 2 - a fraction of the Anons not completely deflated after this plus a fraction of Normie conservatives that now believe the 'crazy replacement theory' will now know that the DS players/enemy are either a) not even human (>insert ethics of "is it okay to kill a clone?"<) b) just an actor deceiving the public c) CGI d) (otherwise) - and that the DS has found a way to cover it up and get everyone to just believe their story yet again. This now infuriates & increases the percentage of these small groups having a psychotic break/snapping and hunting these "people" down themselves, which would then, AGAIN, cause another narrative to be spun & weaponized, not to mention (most importantly) increase danger levels for ordinary citizens.

Frothing Lib consequence 1 - Hillary/Obama/Biden voters, BLM activists etc will mostly pander to whatever establishment narrative being spun about the events, be hysterical about conspiracy theorists and dictators "deFrAUdiNg oUR deMOCraCy" and like previously mentioned (in contrast to the Anon/Conservative groups who take action themselves), a portion of these people will conversely begin to start trying to assassinate whoever was involved with the initial white hat "hoax". Additionally, think about the violence already occurring with BLM/Antifa (ex: Summer of Love '20) and then apply the context of these same unhinged lunatics now also hunting down anyone openly supporting Q (which would now be a proxy for all these "conspiracy theories" in their mind), as well as these low-level activists now trying to assassinate 45 himself (instead of the assassination attempts only being conducted by rogue Killary/CIA/DS black-paramilitary agents). The increased threat level to 45 would also then negate any possibility for him to be randomly doing rallies for a year & a half after the '20 election as a way to motivate & encourage while we're deep into The Storm when he hasn't even announced a '24 run.

Frothing Lib consequence + Normie Conservative consequence 2 - Any small percentage of these normie groups that are miraculously awakened by these events to the "truth", a portion of these people would inevitably be susceptible to such a shock in reality that there would be mass suicides on both sides. Not to mention the select Anons/conspiracy minded folk who are so demoralized after this that, they too, take their own life.

There are likely more nuances to these consequences that could be outlined, but I think I've gotten my point across.

Like many of the things revolving around Q, we are talking about National Security at the absolute highest levels you could imagine.

Revealing this aspect of the situation (again - if it were true) would be HIGHLY reckless and incredibly DANGEROUS, and it would be immediately removed from consideration if you were a part of military intelligence running advanced AI statistical, scenario, tactical & irregular warfare strategy based thinking.

Now, what I think is the more grandiose point I'm trying to make in all this, is now think about ALL the OTHER ultra-exotic topics & conspiracies (and there are some that exceed even this post's theme that are very dark and would be very, VERY difficult to accept) that have yet to be disclosed to the public (and could potentially be true) and apply the same logic that I've applied above.

My point is that Q is likely just the smoke to the fire in our world.

A means of elevating your altitude (perspecitve) to at least 30k ft before some truly crazy shit can be comprehended (100k ft) as humanity moves forward in battling this Transhumanist Holocaust, as it were.

"Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes. The end won't be for everyone. That choice, TO KNOW, will be yours."

"This is not another 4 year election."

... Godspeed


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well, that's fuggin' gey.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Idk, fam. I wrote a post out as "text" and it comes up under the title every time for me.

What am I doing wrong? Lol

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I mean, you're not wrong here, however this logic doesn't track seeing as how Obama seemingly did not receive a sword dance, as far as I can find.

Which, if ANYONE should have, it would be him... y'know, seeing as how Alwa-dick-weed Bin Talal was his handler/programmer & all.

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I would really love to think that Trump got some uber-special savior treatment sword-dance from SA, but most of that goes out the window for me when I see that HW got the same thing, as well as Xi. Anyone care to provide some insight here? The only thing I can think of is 45 "being in the middle"... which honestly seems like NBD unless I'm missing something about the culture. If not... it seems like something the Anon community is conflating.

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Exactly this. If a player has lost with 'x' amount of moves still remaining, they can still proceed to take out pieces while simultaneously being mathematically eliminated.

The short answer: this is war.

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I find it curious that no one mentions how bizarre it is that the guy has just been nonchalantly doing rallies all over the country for a year & a half while publicly ducking any opportunity to confirm that he will be running again. Also, you'd think all the public exposure (literally, being exposed in public) would be the upmost concern.

But nope.

Honestly though, when you consider Devolution, most people misunderstand it to that that Trump would still be President if that were activated, when in reality NO ONE would be President. So I think that's more likely. He's probably "keeping up appearances" and trying to maintain the morale until certain landmarks are reached as we move from phase to phase.

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The writers also made it to where Homelander, who's an absolute unhinged psychopath, was accusing Starlight of human trafficking and people at the rallies were lapping it up. The parallel they were trying to make was very clearly Trump. It was an obvious dig on the Q movement.

From what I can see, they make fun of both sides, though.

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Even if this happens, my confidence lies in two facts:

  • the prosecutor from when Epstein went to prison in '08 said that Trump was the only one who took his call and told him anything he wanted to know

  • Trump has probably applied more resources and exercised more powers than any President in history (combined?) towards stopping human trafficking

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Man, I'm really sorry to hear all of that. All I can say is you need to remind yourself that peace isn't something you seek in an external state of conditions; it's already with you. All of that stuff is designed to take your energy in exactly the way that it's doing rn... don't let it win! Learn some breathing techniques and unplug from the current events for as long as it takes. Focus on whatever you enjoy doing. We'll be here when you get back, still fighting the good fight.

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Q openly stated that the autists on the boards were chosen specifically, because they are obsessive thinkers. Sure some of it's ridiculous, but some is gold; take what you can from the shitstorm of analysis and bake your own cake of conclusions.

If everyone thought like you then no procedural trip config + zero delta would have ever been noticed, for example.

If you're just going to toss the baby out with the bathwater and say that none of it has any merit whatsoever because you're tired of it then you're being obtuse and disingenuous.

tldr; cry about it fam, this shit right here is dasting.

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Non issue. Many of the drops read like they're from different writers, and it's common knowledge that Q themselves has admitted it's a team less than 10.

Q+ blatantly speaks MUCH differently than Q but no one bats an eye.

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Why is my reply to this not showing up in this thread, but is showing up in my own archive of comments? Do certain phrases on this site trigger some shadow ban fuckery going on or am I missing something?


Someone educate me on .win mechanics plz

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Am I the only one that thinks it's odd this theory is based largely on Austin Steinbart colluding with Jim Watkins as the masterminds of hacking Q's trip but yet Steinbart is simultaneously starting a Quantum Party in AZ yet will not endorse Jim's son Ron Watkins who's running for political office in the very same state?

That's just one of the things that seems a bit off for me after absorbing this post a number of times. Other than the lack of proof.

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For what it's worth, plenty of people call Quincy 'QTown', as evidenced by a simple search for local businesses playing off that name - also, Mendon is 17 miles away from Quincy per google maps, and Mendon's zip code 62351 added up equals 17.

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INTERDASTING. Great to be here with you all.

Here's some intriguing astrology that matches our beloved Time Poet's reappearance:

Mars now sits at the 22nd degree iicr, the last few times a planetary north node was at 22 degrees there have been significantly tragic events (shootings;riots etc - can post sauce, need time to collect) Mars obviously symbolizing Aries - the God of **War **(?) Mars is also the embodiment of pioneering energies.

Also, noting the first portion of the timestamp '21:26:19', Neptune now sits at the degrees of 26'21" (Think Mirror?) Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces right before the Cancer New Moon on June 28 Neptune in astrology is associated with intuition, dreams, altered states of consciousness, spirituality and all things ethereal and magical

What a beautiful ode to all you autists.

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How do some of you still not realize that 'no outside comms' 'no private comms' was a direct response to Ron Watkins thinking he was getting texts from Q on his cell? That's day 1 information.

Tighten up...

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Your entire reality is one big, sophisticated psy-op.

How do you kill something like that?

... with another, even more sophisticated psy-op.

This obsession that psyops are only malevolent is a lack of understanding on how they actually work.

If society is engineered en masse very diligently through ideological subversion, psychological manipulation & entrainment, then YANKING said society out of that trance through brute force and no consideration for the fragile nature of the psyche, is very dangerous and would mean irreparable damage. No opportunity to heal - which is what Q is all about.

Thus, it's logical to assume the same entrainment techniques used to enslave humanity would also be applied to slowly coax them out of it, only instead with truth as the active ingredient and/or variable in the equation.

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