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Wouldn't it be hilarious if Wray drew a giant cock n balls w/ his private jet, to mimick the Capt. of Evergiven?

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Investigators couldn't pinpoint exactly where the fire started, or how the fire started, or exactly when the fire started, but they for sure ruled out arson.

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Oh this is getting SPICEY!

Just last week remember Gaetz was all "Let them be offended" right? So he's in the frontal lobe of the liberals, gaslighting them.

Now that the "hot button" topic of child trafficking has come up, lets see if the left "forgets" about Gaetz or demands the truth/justice regarding these allegations.

It'll be HILARIOUS if the left completely backs off the Gaetz hate now, just sayin'.

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Not to be a dick, but it's looking like it will be Fast Zombies (28 days later/RAGE types) but probably not super human strength leaper zombies (I am Legend style), so that's not so bad.

Now it's just a matter of if they can open doors and/or troubleshoot once their "infection" takes hold.

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Fauci was prescribed Paxlovid when he was sick with covid for 6+ weeks and admitted it didn't work as they had hoped.

They know it doesn't work yet still prescribed it to Sleepy Joe.

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One can only hope. I strongly believe we've reached the saturation point in the GAW.

Those who can be informed, are. Those who refuse the truth need to be dropped into the deep end. They are willfuly uninformed hypocritical pedophile appologists who perpetuate the lies.

Anyone debating the election fraud at this point is lost. Anyone debating the jabs harm at this point is lost. Anyone who believes the Jan 6th lies at this point is lost.

If not lost, then they've willfully chosen to side with darkness out of their own reasons.

They cannot be saved because they don't want to be saved.

Imagine being offended by Trumps "grab em by the pussy" comment MORE THAN Joe and Hunter BIden's ties to pedo tendencies and treason.

Imagine supporting masks on everyone if it saves just one life, yet being pro late term abortion.

Imagine being more upset that a 10yr old had to travel to another state for an abortion because she was raped, yet not being upset that she was raped in the first place. THEN getting even more upset when come to find out, she qualified for one in her state but the doctors failed to report it.

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OK so they got indicted for ONE charge of each offence.

I would have expected 53 charges of EACH if we are going to be serious about it.

They get PAID PER HEAD, they should be CHARGED PER HEAD.

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Remdesivir is straight merc'ing people. If you aren't strong enough and get that protocol it's over.

I had 2 healthy family members who are now permamently screwed up from it (If asked they'll call it LONG COVID), and we had one 92yr old friend of the family who didn't make it.

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I'm thinking the disclosure that some of them got massive royalty payments and others got nothing might have something to do with it as well.

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Someone will have to dig up the sauce, I'll try to find it later.

I recall it was either Bank of America or JP Morgan that has a MASSIVE SHORT position in PAPER SILVER. We're talking like 600 million oz or something like that.

Dealer premiums on Silver Eagles say that the physical market calls BS. The dealers KNOW what's going on and won't lower their premium. Still charging $31+ for eagles.

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If there's any doubt that Pence was swamp, compare the coverage of Trump in the MSM to Pence.

Barely a peep about Pence. It was always Trump acting alone. Pence got boo'd or some such at a play is about as harsh a treatment he got.

When Pence spoke to 10th Mountain Div, I remember at first no one wanted to shake his hand.

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The fear machine media has been turned up to 11 for so long, these people are begging to be enslaved as long as they are promised it will be safe inside their cell.

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It's all the shills from the PR firms circle jerking each other in an echo chamber.

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PLUS = Pedo

They can't put a P because it's too obvious so they use a PLUS.

Ask normie if they support Pedos, they'l say no, ask if they support LGBT+ and they'll say yes.

Then let them know what the + is and watch them squirm.

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A trash article that ignores reality. Anything written Post-2000 mules that uses language like "imagined fraud" is trash.

These people are going to have a very hard landing.

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Don't trust her.

Look at how she acted during the 2020 nomination process.

She's as swampy as they get. Controlled opposition.

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It's scary to think that the blue pilled as just as firm in their belief as the red pilled.

Biden himself said they assembled the largest voter fraud organisation in history and it was ignored. He said it on camera during a campaign event and its brushed off.

Seems the left has cancelled Hypocrisy.

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I recall UNICEF was huge in the trafficking world. I wouldn't expect anything less from the Security Council.

Thank you for posting this. It's one more thing we "needed to be shown" to believe it.

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One or more of the LA bound flights had no one waiting at the gate for passengers.

A local news crew thought it would be a good story to interview people waiting to receive their loved ones or to hear more news and there was no one to interview.

Between Flight 11 (81 passengers) and Flight 175 (65 passengers) there should have been someone there to pickup a passenger but there was no one.

When airport security realized there were news crews showing up and waiting around, they called some kind of security threat/lockdown and closed/evacuated the terminal.

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I thought it odd he picked Sweeden of all places to flee to, i would not have thought it a safe harbor.

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All of the eye-witness video I've seen, everyone says "plane" but no one says "passenger plane" or "commercial airliner". They ALL say just "plane".

It could be a drone and still fit the description of "plane" but a "commercial airliner" isn't an accurate description for a drone. wasn't 9/11 before drones were really heavily in use? The military used drone aircraft in target practice for example, but I don't think we saw the Predator in full time use yet.

When a news crew in LA went to LAX to potentially interview grieving relatives who were waiting at the gate, they discovered no one waiting at the gates. When airport security realized there were reporters gathering (waiting for people who were never going to show up because there were no passengers??), they cited some security emergency and cleared out the terminal. (it's so old I can't find the sauce, but it's out there)

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This is why lefties will not talk about child trafficking. Will not investigate it, will not educate themselves on its pervailance. It's verbotten.

It eventually leads them to a plateau where there is a definite yes/no right/wrong clarity in moral perspective. (It's impossible to justify live organ harvesting as anything but what it truly is, so anyone who facilites or commits these crimes cannot be forgiven, so the moral high ground is lost in every regard of anyone who is on that side of the events.)

Crimes against children will unite everyone.

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Reads like "over the top" to me.

WIth Twitter unleashed and the recent crap election, real people were genuinely getting pissed in France.

This is antifa going Over the top. Cause a more violent riot to front run the real grass roots movement to justify brutal crack down of legit protestors.

Same shit, different day.

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Exactly, it could be as simple as muling diplomatic bags full of cash back to the US after it's been washed through Ukiraine aid programs.

With the banking sanctions restricting cash flows, filling up diplo bags w/ cash might be the quickest way they re-shore their spoils.

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