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The really sad thing is that there may be vaccines available without mercury.

Clif High mentioned in a podcast he had to drive hours to find a mercury free shot for his dog. I had to get rabies for my chihuahua. I'm in L.A. and it's in some creatures around here. She doesn't get any other shots because I pick her up when near other dogs. We're not out there to socialize. TF-3 is thimerisol free, meaning there is no mercury adjuvent. It's a little more money than the regular shot but so what. It lasts 3 years and is just a killed rabies part in DI water. One dose per vial. The regular shot is in bigger vials for multiple customers, using mercury to prevent the solution from deteriorating I guess. Most cutomers aren''t aware of this. It didn't cross my mind until I heard Cliff.

Without getting into the whole vax or no vax debate, I'd bet that some childhood vaccines can be found without mercury, but parents may not be told about the options.

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"Save them from thrmselves..." spoken like a true wannabe tyrant. He needs to grab his rifle and head over to Ukraine.

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Good. Never let this rest.

The nighmare is that when the Fed falls, we're offered a chance to vote on a new system of whatever.

Our freedom is non negotiqble and certainly not to be voted on.

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I remember him speaking out against the clotshot. Few others said anything, let alone stood against it.

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um...in the 16th century Britain was white and normal. You probably had lingering resentment about the Norman Conquest (white people taking over white people). The thing when I was younger in Scotland in the '60's was dark Scots and lighter Scots. That would mean dark haired people of Celtic roots as opposed to blonder people, who were offspring of Viking and Scandinavian immigration. Still white people though.

There wasn't the ease of travel 500 years ago for cultural exchange that we see now, that's all. Nothing to do with discrimination as it's pretended to be now.

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A real war starts when you take out the enemies communications, utilities, and transportation. The SMO did none of these things to Ukrqane. I think this is another warning.

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It's remotely possible that the bad guys know what the Q posts are, and plan trips or events to coincide with the posts just to fuck with people who follow Q. You know, just for fun.

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Healthcare isn't a means to exchange goods and services. Except by barter I suppose. If i want to use crypto and pay fees, fine. But I just want to use currency

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Of course there's other life. Our solar system alone is rife with it. Look at Terra - life from the most arid regions, to in the water. From the Arctic to the Sahara

The Great Awakening, I think, is not just about the election fuckery, the plandemic, and the clotshots.

The real stuff is that we've been lied to about the fundamentals of Western Civilization. Jehovah, Yaweh or whatever you want to call him is just one of many cut from the same cloth. They're addicted to huffing the innards of slain humans. They're cruel, vindictive mass murderers who need to be resisted . They conquered humanity in the past and used what are now the readers of the Torah, and various other religions' priests to keep the cattle - which is us - in line. Those in power in the past corrupted the Bible for their own dictatorial use. These "Gods" were call the Anunaki in Sumeria, and the El in the Bible. THEY ARE NO MORE GODS OR GOD THAN I AM. They think of us as cattle to be slaughtered and used as they wish.

The Torah is the tribal history of Jacob et al and how to survive under the alien conquerors. I found out about Clif High a few years ago. Whatever you may know or think about his views on other things, his reasoning about the El is sound. He pointed me in the direction of Mauro Biglino's "The Naked Bible" and more recently "Gods of the Bible" A direct translation from as close to the source material as is possible today. Read his books. You'll see we've been locked in the same matrix for 1,000's of years.

I don't know who is controlling the extinction agenda. Climate Change hoaxers seek to eliminate CO2 from our atmosphere, kill trees and replace them with wind farms, erect CO2 harvesters for our air, stop farm production, stop crop growth, even block out the sun. It is literally insane. If these things happen all life on Terra will be exterminated. That's no exaggeration.


No CO2 then no plants or plankton so no food chain. No sun - same result. Why are they wanting life on Terra erased? What will our biosphere be replaced with?

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As long as there are fees to use crypto it's not any better than fiat. We rent FERNs. If crypto replaces FERN then there's nothing to stop fees from escalating. Again, we're all fucked. Best thing is gold and silver, and a commodities backed and exchangeable currency, coined by the US Treasury, or whatever's left after the Great Fuckery.. No fees for exchanging goods and services.

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"Friday at 3 pm live from the steps of the supreme court." I love Mike. He's put his whole life into getting the truth out and getting out vote back. Questions, though: I thought cases were on a schedule - is this case scheduled for Fri? Why report from the steps of SCOTUS when the case is being heard inside?

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