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Cliff High has a whole series of posts about doing this and getting the AI involved.

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I find it hard to believe for China Joe, etc. But this is just too obvious.

The only reason to do it is the Senate is so close so every vote matters.

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I usually don't have 3 min to listen to stuff like this but I'm glad I did. This could be a MAGA theme song.

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I'm guessing the Trump indictment isn't one of the sealed indictments Q mentioned.

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I just wish I had the balls to buy more DWACW but iI just don't have the money to lose in case it shits all over me.

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Reichstag fire. Same Nazi playbook this whole time.

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Betcha I have as much authority over the Fed as she does. Betcha there'll be a bailout, or maybe a bail in so people get used to being screwed.

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People wouldn't commit suicide over things like this would they?

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I just hope my DWACW doesn't go down the toilet.

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There was a post a few months back explaining that FED may not refer to the Federal Reserve, but has something to do with international transactions. I just tried looking up the acronym but can't find it anywhere.

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